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Eating Grasses Food for Surviving Codex

Eating Grasses Food for Surviving Codex

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Published by Moseyspeed

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Published by: Moseyspeed on Oct 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Why are people starving in a world of plenty?1.Government failures2.Government success at population control3.Governments need a reason to beg money from their ‘rich’ neighbors4.IgnoranceConcerning ignorance:Through disruptions, natural and/or, but usually, government failures andineptitudes many people lose their backgrounds. Through early death and separationof children from their parents and their people, children are not taught the oldfoods.Through the latest fad or the latest politically correct education people areweaned from the old foods and self-sufficiency.First, you cannot digest grass fibers!Here is how you eat grass:1.If fresh and green:a.Put some in your mouth and chew vigorously. Swallow only the juice and pulp.Spit out the grass fibers.b.‘Rot the grass’. Place fresh grass in a pot, not metal, with just enoughwarm, not hot, water to cover. Let soak, depending on your climate, for a fewhours to many days.Using your thumb and forefinger strip the green slime off the grass fibers.Use this slime as the moisture for your sprouted grains, tomakeyour bread, or more accurately, to make your crackers. Eattheslime straight or mix with foods already cooked.Note:You can cook the grass slime but you will lose some nutrition, vitamins, etc.Note:Strain off the grass fibers and use the soak water for drinking or cooking.c.A wheat grass juicer, electric or hand powered, will work at removing thejuice and pulp from any of the grasses. The problem with wheat grass juicers is there are not enoughofthem to go to every family in the world, immediately.Note:It is possible that there may be a poison grass. Do the mammals eat the grass? Ifyes, you are probably safe using it.
Note:Has this grass been poisoned? If yes, do not use that grass for food or for mulchand definitely not for compost. It is toxic and should be disposed of with fullbiohazard care.2.If the grasses are dried, naturally or gathered and dried, pound them, don’tworry about the chaff, the fibers will loosen and separate.Put everything, dried pulp, chaff and fibers in warm water. Let soak for a fewminutes. Use a loose, big hole, strainer and strain off the bigger fibers.Note:Drying the grasses makes it possible for us to digest the small sized fibers.Remove the fibers longer than ½ of an inch. The chaff is edible, rinse the fibersto get all of the edible food from the grasses. Use this for drinking and forcooking, etc.Do not spurn the grasses, the grass slime and water from, most grasses, a doublehand full of fresh grass can keep a person alive for another day, a singlehandful, if the grass is dried.Note: A bale of non-poisoned Indian hay or salt grass hay would be a greatpreparedness item.Warning:The only proteins are plant based and inferior to meat proteins, but they willhelp.Warning:The only salts you will get, will be the salts found in the soil where the grassesgrew. You need whole salt to live.Warning:There is no fat in grasses. You must have fat to live, Olives, avocados, meat,etc.Use grasses in your everyday cooking, when/if you must use them to survive youwill already appreciate them and know how to use them to the best advantage.Note:Clover and such can be eaten and digested by humans.A word about leaves of trees.Most of the leaves of trees are edible.Use a maple leaf, fresh and green or flexible and fall colored or dried and thensoaked in water for a bread substitute.Pine needles and most of the other evergreens make a great drink, with hugeamounts of vitamins, etc, to keep you from scurvy and other starvation illnesses.

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