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Published by miorizza

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Categories:Types, Research, Science
Published by: miorizza on Oct 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"Those conspiracies that are too incredible to be believed, are by thesame right those which most often succeed."
The following article comes from the 'TC TECHNICAL CONSULTANT',Nov.-Dec., 1991 issue: "The death of a journalist in West Virginia, plusthe jailing of an alleged CIA computer consultant in Washington Statemay be elements of a much wider scandal that could have seriousimplications..."What started out as an investigation of an apparent case of piratedsoftware has grown to be a project involving hundreds of journalistsall over the world."The dead journalist, Joseph Daniel 'Danny' Casolaro was found deadAugust 10th in a motel room in West Virginia. His wrists were slashedseven times on each wrist and a suicide note was found nearby. Theonly manuscript of his book, with accompanying notes, WAS MISSING."The book, provisionally titled 'The Octopus', was meant to be anexplosive expose of misdeeds by the Justice Department under theReagan administration. Time Magazine also reported that Casolaro'sresearch centered on gambling and attempted arms deals at the Cabazonreservation near Indio [California]. "Indeed, the scope of Casolaro'sinvestigation was so large that any one of a large number of areas ofresearch could have been the trigger for a possible hit."While authorities declared his death a suicide, his relatives definitelystated that Casolaro's mental state was sound, indeed upbeat, afterthe completion of his book. "Casolaro started his work nearly two yearsbefore, investigating the bankrupting of a small computer softwarecompany called Inslaw, allegedly by the U.S. Justice Department.INSLAW, a company headed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton of WashingtonD.C., (no connection to researcher Bill Hamilton, whose writings on theDulce enigma appear later in this volume. - Branton) had developed apackage known as PROMIS -- short for Prosecutor's ManagementInformation System -- to act as a case management tool for the JusticeDepartment's unwieldy work load. "Inslaw President Bill Hamilton hasclaimed that Ed Meese associate EARL BRIAN was given control ofpirated versions of the PROMIS software by Meese to sell back todifferent U.S. government agencies for great profit. Two courts haveso far agreed with Hamilton, awarding an 8 million dollar judgment, buta
Page 2.higher ('Justice Dept.'? - Branton) court of appeal has quashed the award and theverdict, declaring that it was not the jurisdiction of the lower courts. As of October9, the case has moved into the realm of the Supreme Court.
"According to a Washington man, who claims to have modified the cobol-basedsoftware for the CIA and other intelligence agencies, the software was a rewardfor Earl Brian's role in arranging the so-called 'October Surprise' gambit, the allegedconspiracy to withhold the American hostages in Iran until after the 1980 electionwhich saw Carter removed from power. The 'October Surprise' scandal has takensome time to emerge. "In a Paris meeting, President Bush is alleged to have metwith Ali Akabar Hashemi Rafsanjani, the speaker of the Iranian Parliament,Mohammed Ali Rajai, the future President of Iran and Manucher Ghorbanifar, anIranian arms dealer with connections to Mossad, according to Navy Captain GuntherRussbacher who claims to have flown Bush, William Casey -- the CIA chief -- andDonald Gregg, a CIA operative to that location. Russbacher, who made theseallegations in May is now in jail on Terminal Island, convicted on the charge ofimpersonating a U.S. Attorney. (Note: Russbacher 'defected' from the CIA with 12Navy Seals under his command, and was on at least two occasions the target ofattempted CIA hits. The would-be assassins attempted to drive Gunther and hiswife off of roads and down the side-cliffs to their deaths, however according toRussbacher his SEAL-teampackage known as PROMIS -- short for Prosecutor's Management InformationSystem -- to act as a case management tool for the Justice Department's unwieldywork load. "Inslaw President Bill Hamilton has claimed that Ed Meese associateEARL BRIAN was given control of pirated versions of the PROMIS software byMeese to sell back to different U.S. government agencies for great profit. Twocourts have so far agreed with Hamilton, awarding an 8 million dollar judgment,but a higher ('Justice Dept.'? - Branton) court of appeal has quashed the awardand the verdict, declaring that it was not the jurisdiction of the lower courts. Asof October 9, the case has moved into the realm of the Supreme Court.
Page 3.CIA with 12 Navy Seals under his command, and was on at least twooccasions the target of attempted CIA hits. The would-be assassinsattempted to drive Gunther and his wife off of roads and down the side-cliffs to their deaths, however according to Russbacher his SEAL-teamGermany just before mass-production began, many of the prototypes andplans of the Nazi military machine were captured. However most of themost sophisticated prototypes, plans and even scientists mysteriouslyturned up missing following the war. We will reserve further discussion onthis subject until later in this volume. After the war had ended several ofthe Nazi scientists who WERE captured -- and who had helped to developthe revolutionary aircraft -- were recruited by the CIA as a result of a secretdeal that had been made between Allen Dulles, a member of the BavarianIlluminati; and Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen, a member of the BavarianThule Society. The deep connections between the Bavarian Illuminati whichsponsored the CIA and the Bavarian Thule society which sponsored theNazi's allowed for the upper covert-ops levels of the CIA to be manned bynothing less than the core of the Nazi S.S. itself, with the help of fascistsympathizers and fifth column double-agents working within Americanintelligence, although some leading Nazi's were 'sacrificed' to the Nurembergtrials to appease the Allies and establish the illusion that Europe had beende-Nazified. Fred L. Crisman incidentally was a 'witness' to the MaureyIsland event and had helped two Army G-2 agents acquire 'slag samples'which fell from one of the six DONUT-SHAPED ships observed. On theirway to deliver the samples to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, their planecrashed and both G-2 agents were killed. Some people at the time insistedthat the plane had been sabotaged. Two of the reporters who investigatedthe incident lost their lives, and Kenneth Arnold who investigated theincident after being commissioned by AMAZING STORIES editor Ray Palmer,claimed that his conversations with a high Air Force official concerning thesubject were electronically monitored. Also, strange government agentsin dark suits were seen in the area. Shortly after his investigation KennethArnold, during an air-search for a crashed plane over Mt. Rainier, saw 9crescent-shaped discs which he called 'flying saucers'. The news mediapublicized the incident and the term stuck and became a media catch wordever since.Also around this same time -- 1947 -- Arnold escaped a near-fatal crashwhen his airplane mysteriously lost power. The connectionsdo not end here. Fred L. Crisman was a close friend to Clay Shaw, whomLouisiana District Attorney James Garrison -- see the movie 'JFK' -- accused

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