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Published by Darko_Ognjenovic

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Published by: Darko_Ognjenovic on Oct 31, 2010
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Considerations X:4
The Dark Moon
 Positions of the mean Dark Moon are now availablein many software programs, such as
Solar Fire
 ,in which it is misleadingly called Lilith or the Black Moon.The following excellent introduction to the subject by Marc Bériault  first appeared in
in 1988 (volume IV: 3).
Marc Bériault’s background seems to have prepared him for everything, which is probably why hehas been a successful practicing astrologer since 1967. Raised partly in Indo-China, he was a stu-dent activist at the University of Montreal, a helicopter pilot in the Canadian Armed forces, a fly-ing instructor, (briefly) a regular teacher, and a student of classical languages. He has taughtcourse on astrology, meditation, and tarot, edited the Canadian journal
, and founded theastrological publishing house
. His book on Lilith,
Lorsque de Lune noire se léve
, was jointlypublished in 1995 by Bxx and editions Shanti.
ORBIDDING IS FORBIDDEN!In May of 1968 this slogan appeared everywhere on the walls of Paris. In the sum-mer of the same year a similar event happened in Los Angeles—the great Watts riots.The same period can be taken as the start of the rebellion against the Vietnam War and of what might be termed the “New Age Movement.” In the previous year the
 had entered Aries and begun a new cycle. In May, June and July 1968 it was
S o
x, D y
, and trine the
i A
. The
is connected with rebellion against the power of the father andthe assertion of one’s independence and individuality. With its feminine overtones, it opens the path to adulthood. It can also become negative and dangerous.
Empty Focus
What is it, in fact? The
is an astrological factor of the same order and types as the
’s Nodes. As we shall see, they are closely related. The Nodes are easily understood as the inter-section of the
’s orbit with the plane of the Zodiac, or the Earth’s orbit around the
. They areconsequently the points by which the internal, subjective structure of the Earth-w system canreach the objective, self-fulfilling values of the
, on the other hand, is a totally internal factor within the Earth-
system. It is the emptyfocus of the ellipse traced by the
in its path around the Earth. As we are taught in elementary
The Dark Moon
astronomy, the path of a planet around the
, or of a satellite around its planet, can be repre-sented ideally as a sort of symmetrical oval called an ellipse. Two points situated on the longer axis of an orbit, the foci, have an interesting property that if you travel in a straight line from onefocus to any point along the orbit, then back to the other focus, you will have covered the samedistance no matter what point on the orbit you chose to visit. In our solar system, the
(or to bemore precise, the center of mass of the whole system) occupies one focus of each orbit, while theother foci are empty.In the case of the Earth-
system, the
is really in orbit around the common center of theEarth and w, which skirts around the upper reaches of our atmosphere. This is the inner focus.The outer, or empty, focus lies about 50,000 km away, in the direction of the
’s apogee—the point on its orbit farthest away from us. An appendix to this article
contains more mathematicalinformation and, for those without access to
Solar Fire
or another source, tables for calculatingthe
’s longitude through the 20th century.A few more facts about the
It becomes conjunct the
every six years (less 1 day, 2 hours 41.7 minutes)
Each conjunction occurs 244° 0.8’ beyond the previous one
It is generally direct in motion but can be retrograde
It makes a full round of the zodiac in 8 years 309 days 13 hours 1.3 minutes.Close to the turn of the century a French astrologer, Don Neroman, became heavily absorbedin esoteric astrology although he was a technician by training and inclination (he was also an en-gineer). His achievements are remarkable. In 1899, he wrote an article predicting that a ninth planet would be found in 1931 and would be called Pluto!
From his studies in alchemy and inthe Bible, Neroman deduced that there should be an astrological factor with the following char-acteristics:1. Its average motion would be about 6’ per day2. It would be related to the Earth-Moon system3. It would not be a physical object. Neroman found two candidates for his new factor: the apogee of the
’s orbit and the outer focus. By some definitions of the
’s orbit these points are identical, but by others they diverge periodically and can be a few degrees apart; in any case they both have a common mean motionof about 6.7’ per day. It has taken nearly a century of research for us to be sure which to use:transits and progressed hits show that the outer focus gives by far the best results. The interpre-tation offered here is based on decades of European use and on a number of years of my own practice, involving more than 2,000 consultations.From the fact that one focus coincides with our planet, while the other is nothing but amathematical point, we can deduce the latter’s basic significance. The lunar forces exertingthemselves on our planet are mainly givers of life, rhythm and form. The other focus possessesthe same energy, but without form. For us it creates a pull towards formless, pure energy andtowards the Life-Absolute. This energy is produced by two bodies, Earth and
, that are both
 Not reproduced here.
George Antares.
Manuel pratique d’astrologie
. Paris: Flandres-Artois, 1972, p.366.
Considerations X:4
 passive and yin. It is a yang energy that comes from within the yin. The
is a call to the non- physical dimensions of life and consciousness, but life all the same—sometimes, dangerous life.
Relationship vs. Self 
It is helpful to consider the difference between the
’s Nodes and the
. The latter is an in-ternal factor of the Earth-
system; but the Nodes, particularly the North Node,
, represent acommon axis shared by this system and by the Earth-
system—hence they also represent ob- jectivity, relations with the outside world, and a path of self-realization in the world. This is whyone is so often involved either with relationships or with personal growth during transits to the Nodes. The
, on the other hand, stands for “that which is involved”, or for what it is that mustgrow or be fulfilled. The
also represents a call towards the absolute of individual form, com- pelling us to manifest this in concrete ways. What happens to an individual who hears the call of the
if he or she has not achieved true individuality? This is when things can get dangerous. Insuch situations we must remind ourselves that any astrological element is present in only onesector of a chart at any given time; we can then breathe out slowly as we understand that wehave to do whatever has to be done in only one twelfth of our life.
The Dark Moon in Practice
The location of the
in one’s chart represents:
the area in which it is essential to manifest one’s true individuality in a big way, regard-less of circumstances (when one fails to do so, things related to that part of the horoscopeacquire bad habits: they never seem to work, sometimes in ways that are totally illogicaland impossible);
the domain where one must become as independent as possible and detach oneself fromany motivation based on self-invalidation or on the need for security (failure to do so isaccompanied by the same negative results as mentioned above);
the destruction of anyone or anything not in harmony with one’s pure individual form.When I mention individuality I do not mean that the
is against the collective, but rather thatshe is for the individual. She is for the absolute form of whatever the chart is about and quireindifferent to anything else. Thus in collective charts—such as charts of cities or countries—sherepresents the drive to incarnate the pure, archetype of whatever country, culture or subculture isinvolved. In an individual chart she represents the call to incarnate and make manifest some-thing like the Absolute Individual Archetype: the precise position tells us in what area of one’slife the call may be most urgently felt and most efficiently answered.Two important keywords for interpreting the
are cut off and penetrate. More of a sculptor than a painter, She does not operate by giving you your true form, but by cutting off what is notyour form. She also penetrates through anything not true to form and so makes you aware: She

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