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Dua Kumail

Dua Kumail

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Published by Wilayat Mission
Dua Kumail from Mafatih al Jinan
Dua Kumail from Mafatih al Jinan

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Published by: Wilayat Mission on Oct 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws)
 Dua'a E Kumayl 
 As Taught by Moula
 Ali (asws)
Kumayl Ibn Ziyad Nakha'i was a confidant amongst the companions of Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib (asws.) and this sublime Du'a was first heard from the beautiful, thoughanguished, voice of Imam Ali.According to Allama Majlisi Kumayl had attended an assembly in the Mosque at Basra whichwas addressed by Moula Ali (asws) in the course of which the night of the 15th of Shaban wasmentioned. Moula Ali (asws) said-"Whosoever keeps awake in devoutness on this night andrecites the Du'a of Prophet Khizr, undoubtedly that person's supplication will be responded toand granted. When the assembly at the Mosque had dispersed, Kumayl called at the housewhere Moula Ali (asws) was staying, and requested him to acquaint him with Prophet Khizr's"Du'a". Moula Ali (asws) asked Kumayl to sit down, record and memorise the "Du'a" whichMoula Ali (asws) dictated to Kumayl.Moula Ali (asws) then advised Kumayl to recite this "Du'a" on the eve of every Friday, or oncea month or at least once in every year so that, added Moula Ali (asws), "Allah may protect theefrom the evils of the enemies and the plots contrived by impostors. O' Kumayl! inconsideration of thy companionship and understanding, I grant thee this honour of entrustingthis "Du'a" to thee."
Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws)
ِٞِ شى ِَ ْ شى ِٔ يى ِْ غِ ث
bis-millahir-rahmanir-rahemIn the Name of Allah, the All-merciful, the All-compassionate
ٜِ ز ى َلِ زَ ْ َشِ ث َلُ ىْ عَأ ٜ ِئ ُ ٖ يى ءٍْٜَ  وُ م ْذَ ِ عَٗ
allahumma in-ne as-aluka
bi-rah-matikal-late wasi`at kul-la shayO Allah, I ask Youby Your mercy,which embraces all things;
وُ م بَ ٖِ ث َدْشَ ٖَ  ٜِ ز ى َلِ ر٘ُ ِ ثَٗ ءٍْٜَ 
wa bi-qu-watikal-late qahar-ta bihakul-la shayAnd by Your strength, throughwhich You dominatest all things,
ءٍْٜَ  وُ م بَ ٖَ ى ََ َ َٗ
wa khaza`a laha kul-lu shayAnd toward which all things arehumble
ءٍْٜَ  وُ م بَ ٖَ ى هََٗ
wa dhal-la laha kul-lu shayAnd before which all things arelowly;
وُ م بَ ٖِ ث َذْ جَ يَ  ٜِ ز ى َلِ رٗُشجَ ِ ثَٗ ءٍْٜَ 
wa bi-jabarutikal-late ghalab-tabiha kul-la shayAnd by Your invincibility throughwhich You overwhelmest allthings,
ٌءْٜَ  بَ ٖَ ى ُ٘ُ َ ٝ  ٜِ ز ى َلِ رضِ ِ ثَٗ
wa bi`izzatikal-late la yaqumu lahashayAnd by Your might, which nothingcan resist;
ءٍْٜَ  وُ م ْدََ  ٜِ ز ى َلِ زَ َ َ ِ ثَٗ
wa bi`a¨amatikal-late mala-at kul-lashayAnd by Your tremendousness,which has filled all things;
ءٍْٜَ  وُ م ََ  ٛِ ى َلِ بَ ؽْ يُ غِ ثَٗ
wa bisul-tanikal-ladhe `ala kul-lashayby Your force, which towers overall things;
وُ م ِءبَ َ  َْ َ ث ٜِ بَ جْ ى َلِ ٖْ َ٘ِ ثَٗ ءٍْٜَ 
wa bi-waj-hikal-baqe ba`da fana-ikul-li shayAnd by Your face, which subsistsafter the annihilation of all things,
َبَ مْَ ْدََ  ٜِ ز ى َلِ بَ ْ عَِ ثَٗ ءٍْٜَ  وُ م
wa bi-as-ma-ikal-late malat ar-kanakul-li shayAnd by Your Names, which havefilled the foundations of all things;
ءٍْٜَ  وُ نِ ث َ بَ َأ ٛِ ى َلِ ْ يِ ِ ثَٗ
wa bi`il-mikal-ladhe ahata bikul-lishayAnd by Your knowledge, whichencompasses all things;
ُٔَ ى َءبَ َأ ٛِ ى َلِ ٖْ َٗ ِ٘ُ ِ ثَٗ ءٍْٜَ  وُ م
wa bi-nuri waj-hikal-ladhe aza-alahu kul-lu shayAnd by the light of Your face,through which all things areillumined!
ُطٗُ  بَ ٝ ُ٘ُ  بَ ٝ
ya nuru ya qud-dusO Light! O All-holy!
َٞِ ىٗَ َهٗَأ بَ ٝ
ya aw-walal-aw-walenO First of those who are first
َٝِشِ ٟ َشِ آ بَ ٝَٗ
wa ya a-khiral-a-khirenAnd O Last of those who are last!
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ 
ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  َُ ٖ يى ََ ِ ْ ى ُلِ زٖَ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late tah-tikul`isamO Allah, forgive me those sinswhich tear apart safeguards!
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  َُ ٖ يى ََ  ى ُهِضْ ُ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late tunzilun-niqamO Allah, forgive me those sinswhich draw down adversities!
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  َُ ٖ يى ََ  ى ُش ٞُ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late tughy-yirun-ni`amO Allah, forgive me those sinswhich alter blessings!
Spreading the true religion of Allah, Wilayat e Ali (asws)
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ 
ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  ُ ٖ يى َءبَ ى ُظِ جْ َ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late tah-bisud-
 O Allah forgive me those sinswhich hold back supplication!
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  ُ ٖ يى َءبَ شى ُَ ؽْ َ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late taq-tau'r-rajaO Allah forgive me those sinswhich cut down the hopes!
ٜِ ز ى َة٘ُ ى ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  ُ ٖ يى َءَ جى ُهِضْ ُ ر
allahumma-igh-fir liyadh-dhunubal-late tunzilul-balaO Allah, forgive me those sinswhich draw down tribulation!
ُٔُ زْ جَ ْَأ ٍتْ َ وُ م ٜِ ى ْشِ ْ  ُ ٖ يى بَ ٖُ رْ َ ؽْ َأ ٍخَ ٞِ ؽَ  وُ مَٗ
allahumma-igh-fir liya kul-ladham-bin adhnabtuhu wa kul-lakhate-atin akh-tatuhaO Allah, forgive me every sin Ihave committed and every mistakeI have made!
َكِشْ مِِ ث َلْ ٞَ ىِئ ُةشَ َ رَأ ٜ ِئ ُ ٖ يى
allahumma inne ataqarrabu ilaykabi-dhik-rik O Allah, verily I seek nearness toYou through remembrance of You,
َلِ غْ َ  ٜَ ىِئ َلِ ث ُِ ْ َ زْ عَأَٗ
wa as-tash-fiu' bika ila naf-siAnd I seek intercession from Youwith Yourself,
ِ  ٜِ َ ٞِ ْُ ر َ َكِ٘ُ ِ ث َلُ ىْ عََٗ َلِ ثْشُ 
wa as-aluka bi-judika an tud-ni-yane min qur-bik And I ask You through Yourmunificence to bring me near toYour proximity,
َكَشْ نُ  ٜِ َ ِص٘ُ ر َأَٗ
wa an tuzi`ane shuk-rak And to provide me with gratitudetoward You
َكَشْ مِ ٜِ َ ِ ٖْ يُ ر َأَٗ
wa an tul-himane dhik-rak And to inspire me with Yourremembrance.
ٍِ بَ  َهَإُ ع َلُ ىْ عَ ٜِئ ُ ٖ يى ٜِ َ ِ بَ غُ ر َأ ٍِ بَ  ٍو ىََ ز  ٜِ َ َ ْشَ رَٗ
allahumma in-ne as-luka sualakhazii'm-mutadhal-lilin kha-shii'nan tusamihane wa tar-hamaneO Allah, verily I ask You with theasking of a submissive, abased andlowly man to show me forbearance,to have mercy on me
،ًبِ بَ  ًبٞِ َ َلِ َ غَ ِ ث ٜِ َ يْ َ رَٗ ًبِ َ٘َ زُ  هِَ٘ْ َ ِٞِ َ  ٜِ َٗ
wa taj-`alane bi-qasamika raziyanqani`n wa fe jamei'l-ah-walimutawazi`aaAnd to make me satisfied andcontent with Your appointment and[make me] humble in every state.
ِَ  َهَإُ ع َلُ ىْ عََٗ ُ ٖ يى ُٔُ زَ بَ  ْدَ زْ 
allahumma wa as-aluka sualamanish-tad-dat faqatuhO Allah, I ask You the question of one whose indigence is extreme,
ُٔَ زَ بَ  ِِ َ ى َْ ِ  َلِ ث َهَضَأَٗ
wa anzala bika i'ndash-shada-idihajatahuAnd who has stated to You indifficulties his need
ُٔُ زَ جْ َ َكَْ ِ  بَ ٞِ  َُ َ َٗ
wa `a¨uma fema i'ndaka ragh-batuhuAnd whose desire for what is withYou has become great.
ُ ٖ يىََ َٗ َلُ بَ ؽْ يُ ع َُ َ  َلُ بَ نَ 
allahumma `a¨uma sul-tanuka wa`ala makanuk O Allah, Your force is tremendous,Your place is lofty,
َكُشْ َأ َشَ ٖَ َٗ َكُشْ نَ  ٜِ َ َٗ
wa khafiya mak-ruka wa¨ahara am-ruAnd Your deception is hidden,Your command is manifest,
َلُ رَْُ  ْدَشَ َٗ َكُشْ ٖَ  َتَ يَ َٗ
wa ghalaba qah-ruka wa jarat qud-ratuk And Your domination isoverwhelming, Your power isunhindered

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