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Conquering Chief eBook Word on Tar Ian Hawk

Conquering Chief eBook Word on Tar Ian Hawk

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Published by ontarianh

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Published by: ontarianh on Nov 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 “The Conquering Chief”
Ontarian Hawkins www.ontarianhawkins.com  Email:ontarianhawkins@yahoo.com 1-800-772-9781 ext 40 24/7 automated message Email:Ontarianhawkins@yahoo.com (918)361-5939 Place Orders @ www.ontariankhawkins.com  
“The Conquering Chief”
Copyrights 2002 Joe SchroederHere within these pages is a “secret code.” A way of marketing based on retention, versusrecruiting. I have used this “secret code” to build mega-downline after mega-downline.However, “The Code” will be something here thatyou have to dig for and not easily seen.I did this on purpose, because as they say, “tocast gold amongst fools is foolish.”For those who are true leaders and for thosewho understand that keeping and retaining anorganization is a higher art that simplyrecruiting some folks, for you, I wrote thisdefining order of the Conquering Chief.Enjoy, grow rich and see if you can locate theseventeen (17) locations “the code” has beenlaced.
Page 1www.StarLinkNation.com Recorded Joe Schroeder Message 24 Hrs1-800-772-9781 EXT: 40Chapter 7:
The Alpha CodeThe Alpha CodeThe Alpha CodeThe Alpha Code
The Economy of Riches
The Hidden Order and Secret MarketingDiscipline of The People Who Livea Life That Gives Evidence ToThat Which They Desire
 Never forget this. If hard work made people rich then allconstruction workers would be living in Mansions.What makes those who make insane amounts of Internetincome so diverse from everyone else who struggles tomake even a minimum wage---on-line---beyond theobvious, is one word.The SECRET word is [optimization].
Over 98% of your new traffic is not emotionally readyto buy anything from you. Amateurs do not have a funnel effect set up. That’s why they enter themarket SELLING, thus alienating their futurebuyers and losing all back-ends salesand continued revenue based customers.
The Ben Franklin & Napoleon HillFocus Society of Over Achievers
The Million Mind MarcThe Million Mind MarcThe Million Mind MarcThe Million Mind Marchhhh
Page 2www.StarLinkNation.com Recorded Joe Schroeder Message 24 Hrs1-800-772-9781 EXT: 40

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