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Grail: November 2010

Grail: November 2010

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Published by Jody+
The Newsletter of St. Joseph of Arimathea
The Newsletter of St. Joseph of Arimathea

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Published by: Jody+ on Nov 01, 2010
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As we move into the month of Novem- ber we come once more to a time of year where the church calendar putsus at odds with the inclinations of aconsumption driven society. Even now, before Halloween, Christmas kitschis nding its way into more and morestores. Before long we will begin tohear the accompanying music as weshop at malls, or even grocery storesand gas stations. The practices of our society make it difcult to follow theancient rhythms of the church calendar throughout the year, but at no other time is the disjuncture between secular and sacred felt so keenly.For those traditions that follow theliturgical year, such as Episcopalians/Anglicans, Lutherans, Roman Catholicsetc., the end of November (November 28 to be exact) will usher in the seasonof Advent. For the broader society theholidays and the season of Christmasare often seen as taking place betweenThanksgiving and Christmas day with New Years Day serving as a sort of  backstop to holiday revelry. To un-derstand the difference in the way theChurch looks at the season, it might be helpful to consider that the scenariodescribed above is almost completelyreversed. The Christian year beginswith the rst Sunday of Advent (Happy New Year!) which ushers in a seasonof anticipation that calls us to reecton and prepare for two things: thecelebration of the birth of Our LordJesus Christ all those centuries ago inBethlehem, and his coming again in power and great glory. The season of Christmas that follows Christmas daylasts until January 6th (remember the12 days of Christmas?) on which wecelebrate the feast of Epiphany or theRevelation of Christ to the Gentiles.So, just when everyone else is gettingtired of Christmas (and who wouldn’t
 be after dealing with it for three months)we’re getting started. You can see how
this is somewhat counter cultural.But what about Advent itself? What canwe expect from this season? BecauseAdvent is a season of anticipation, youwill not hear Christmas music in theChurch, and you’ll notice that many of the scripture readings and prayers— especially those earlier in the season— focus on the second coming and God’s judgement of evil. At times you mightexperience quite a disconnect between
St. Joseph of Arimathea 
103 Country Club Dr. Hendersonville, TN 37075 | stjosephofarimathea.org | T: 625-824-2910 |info@stjosephofarimathea.org 
Our Mission: 
“To encourage and equip one another as the baptized peopleof God, to witness to the transforming and reconciling power of  Jesus Christ.” 
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the secular holiday music or those songs that evoke“baby Jesus meek and mild” that you hear in some places, and the more somber music and reections thataccompany our worship in this time of year.The reective spirit of Advent should not be confusedwith the penitential character of Lent, despite the factthat they share seasonal hangings in many congrega-tions. While Advent does have some penitential ori-gins (see the note on the origin of Advent in this issue)the overall character of the season is one of prepara-tion: a time to prepare joyfully for Christ’s return andhis reign. Penitence has a role in Advent to the degreethat it brings us to repentance and helps us to prepareto meet our Lord.In taking the time to reect on our lives in the lightof God’s Word, we can recognize the degree to whichour lives are out of conformity with God’s will for us.In recognizing this, we are confronted with the real-ity that only God’s action can bring us lasting change.As the Collect for the First Sunday of Advent puts it,God enables us “to cast away the works of darkness,and put on the armor of light” (The Book of CommonPrayer, page 211).Advent is dened by contrasts: light and dark; joy andsorrow; beginning and end; and, the contrast betweenchronological time and God’s time. Our time is mea-sured in hours and minutes, while the eternity of Godis measured in terms of fullness and being at hand.Part of Advent is learning to see history in God’s time;this is why we can celebrate the incarnation and rstadvent of God while awaiting and preparing for thesecond advent.
Because of the particular focus Advent brings to our worship you will notice several changes to our liturgyduring this season. For example, even though the useof “Alleluia” continues during the season, the Gloriais suppressed and we will be using the ancient prayer known as the
or “Thrice Holy” in it’s place.The Trisagion is used most often in the liturgy of our Eastern Orthodox brothers and sisters and the musicalsetting we will be using at the 10:30 service (s 102)was written by Russian composer Alexander Archan-gelsky. In addition, we will transition into the longer Eucharistic prayers for the respective Rites, Prayer I for Rite I (BCP 333) and Prayer A for Rite II (BCP 361).Rather than being distracting, it is our prayer that theseseasonal changes will enable us to better appreciate thereections to which Advent calls us.
Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a child or children at the school of our sister church, Jesús el Se-ñor. All of the children have been sponsored. It meansso much to the children and to their parents to havea connection with someone in Tennessee. Our caringhelps bridge a gap and lets them know that they have brothers and sisters in the United States who care for them and pray for them.
During the month of November, we will be collectingChristmas cards for the children at the school Jesús elSeñor, which is run by our sister church in Ecuador.Each sponsor is asked to provide a Christmas card for each child he or she has sponsored and write a shortgreeting in the card. It may include information aboutyourself, your family, profession, interests, hobbies,etc. You may even include a picture of you and your family. This allows you to make a connection withyour sponsored child. Please leave the envelop un-sealed so that the note can be translated into Spanish.All cards should be turned into the church ofce or toSarena Pettit by the last Sunday in November, makingit possible to send them in time for a Christmas arrival.May God continue to bless us through our companionrelationship,Sarena Pettit
Michael, you were a soldier, ghting on a foreign shoreDefending Freedom, and our way of life.For your meritorious service, you won the Bronze Star, and Purple Heart.You were too young to die!But you gave the ultimate sacrice…For us, it was a sad day.We listened, as the speakers eulogized you, with heavy hearts.And tears streamed freely upon our faces, as weLearned about your life story, and your commitment,As an American Soldier—to go wherever you were sent.Our hearts went out to your family, and we felt their pain.Those of us, gathered there, to celebrate your life, were movedBy your love for GOD, and COUNTRY.Some of us, who are Veterans, saluted your Flag-draped casket, as it passed.You were very brave, Michael!We will remember you.
 Johnny Townes
(written in memory of Michael Lane Stansbery, Jr., who died July 30, 2010,in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, while serving his country)
Nursery Worker
Do you know someone who loves to work with children? We are hiring a nursery worker for Sunday mornings, preferably someone who is not already a member of St. Joseph’s. This is a paid position. A background check will be done, and the employee will have to attend the 3-hour class “Safeguarding God’s People.” ContactFr. Jody for more details.
Volunteers to Help with Pageant
We are looking for volunteers to help with this year’s Christmas Pageant. Please contact Adam Waltenbaugh(adam.waltenbaugh@gmail.com) to discuss the ways you can help.

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