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Family Connection Newsletter November 2010

Family Connection Newsletter November 2010

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Published by NASJRBNOLAOmbudsman

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Published by: NASJRBNOLAOmbudsman on Nov 02, 2010
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Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 
Family Connection
is apublication of the Fleet andFamily Support Program.The Navy's Fleet andFamily Support Programpromotes the self-relianceand resiliency of Sailors andtheir families. We provideinformation that can help youmeet the unique challengesof the military lifestyle.For more information aboutthe Fleet and Family SupportProgram, or to join theconversation about deploy-ments and military life, visit:www.ffsp.navy.milwww.facebook.com/Navyffsctwitter.com/Fleet_FamilyIf you have questions orcomments about the contentof 
Family Connection
, pleasecontact Bruce Moody atbruce.moody@navy.mil.
Veterans Day – November 11th
“A veteran - whether active duty, retired, National Guard or Reserve - is someone whoat one point in his/her life wrote a blank check made payable to the United States of  America for an amount of ‘up to and including their life.’”
– Author Unknown.Veterans stand to Form, Establish, Insure, Provide, Promote and Secure, the very principles orwhich this country was ounded. The preamble o the United States Constitution:
We the people,In order to form a more perfect union,Establish justice, insure domestic tranquility,Provide for the common defense,Promote the general welfare and Secure the blessings of liberty To ourselves and our posterity Do ordain and establish this Constitution  for the United States of America.
Representing the ultimate example o commitment, this special day is set aside to acknowledge,salute and honor our Veterans as well as the 200,000 young men and women standing, servingand sacricing NOW! THANK YOU!
Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 
Returning Warrior Workshops (RWW)
 This weekend workshop ocuses on making a successul transition rom the warzone to the homeront. The workshops are expense-paid weekend events, set atour-star hotels, or service members and their spouses or signicant other.For the 2011 schedule, visit the Navy Individual Augmentee website atwww.ia.navy.mil/ .
Month o the Military Family
Each November, the Month o the Military Family celebrates the commitment o amilies o mili-tary personnel. With hundreds o thousands o service members deployed, recognizing the dailysacrices made has never been more important. Appreciation and admiration goes to the sonsand daughters, husbands and wives, and mothers and athers o those who volunteer to serve.Resilience, honor and courage are synonymous to the military amily who continue to rise to theoccasion while providing unyielding support to their service member and our nation. DuringMonth o the Military Family, we honor them. They lead communities through example.For inormation and resources regarding Military Family Month please go to the Armed ServicesYMCA Military Family Month site.http://www.asymca.org/ 
Focusing on Abilities – Supporting Wounded Warriors
Warrior Care Month is a Navy and Marine Corps-wide efort to increase the awareness and un-derstanding o its wounded warrior programs and services. While it is the wounded, ill or injuredservice member who physically endures recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration; it is amily thatserves as a critical support system or healing. Throughout November, the Navy and Marine Corpswill highlight the achievements o service members overcoming their wounds and recognize theamilies and programs that support and oster their success through local events and awarenessinitiatives.For more inormation on Warrior Care Month activities or about the Department o the NavyWounded Warrior Programs, contact Sae Harbor atwww.saeharbor.navy.mil, 1.877.746.8563 oron Facebook and Twitter. The Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Regiment may be contacted viathe Sergeant Merlin German Wounded Warrior Call Center atwww.woundedwarriorregiment.org.or 1.877.487.6299. The Bureau o Medicine and Surgery Wounded, Ill and Injured Warrior Supportmay be contacted at 202.762.3043.
IA Discussion Group Schedule
Go towww.fsp.navy.milto view the Fleet-wide list o classes, support groupsand events specically or individual augmentees (IAs) and their amilies.
Monthly Quote
“Not everyone canbe famous but weall can be GREAT through service.” 
- Martin Luther King, Jr.
Surviving the Holidays Financially!
Having a good spending plan is one o the best gits you can give yoursel. Beore you startplanning your holiday spending, review your current nancial situation and then determine howmuch income you will be able to devote to holiday expenses.Ideally, holiday expenses should be planned or year round. You may want to start by developinga regular spending plan rst. Having a plan provides a map to achieve your goals, lowers stressand gets you more “bang or your buck.”
Reduce your expenses with low and/or no-cost gits.
Be creative and look or ways toinclude the time and talents o your entire amily. Homemade cookies, coupons redeemableor babysitting or dog walking, even an oil change are great alternatives.
Make your list and check it twice.
Once you have prepared your holiday list, only shop orwhat you intended. You will save money by buying only what is on your list and save time byreducing the number and length o trips to the mall.
Do your homework.
Comparison shopping and checking prices online are good ways toensure that you get the best deal. Look or coupons, promotions and shopping codes, whichcan reduce prices even more than the advertised sales.
Know store policies.
When deciding where to make your holiday purchases, check the re-tailer’s policy on exchanges and returns. When purchasing online, conrm shipping rates anddelivery times. Keep your receipts until ater the holidays.Contact your local Fleet and Family Support Center to make an appointment to develop a spend-ing plan or to register or a “How to Survive the Holidays Financially” workshop.
Bullying Afects Everyone!
Extending well beyond the playground, the efects o bullying include experiencing physicalsymptoms and illnesses, poor school perormance, and lowered sel-esteem. And unortunately,bullying has been associated with violence and suicide. Cyberbullying is more prevalent that everand can happen over and over beore a parent becomes aware.Ways parents can help:
Encourage your children to make good choices; treat peers the way they’d like to be treated.
Emphasize that they should never put up with being harassed in any way. 
Promote positive eelings and good sel images. 
 Talk, talk and more talk.Remind your children that you are there to help and that no situation is ever hopeless. Let’sempower our children to stand up or themselves – creating an environment or condence togrow. I you or your amily member needs urther inormation or help, Fleet and Family SupportPrograms ofer short-term clinical counseling or individuals and amilies, group counseling and/ or educational groups, and reerral to other military and community resources.
Supporting the Fleet, Fighter, and Family 

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