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Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven

Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven

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Published by EmbassyGallery
Handout produced for the Alex Hetherington solo show 'Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven'
Handout produced for the Alex Hetherington solo show 'Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme Antennas To Heaven'

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Categories:Types, Graphic Art
Published by: EmbassyGallery on Nov 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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New Work by Alex Hetherington16.10.10 - 31.10.10Thursday Sunday 12-6pmEMBASSY presents
    W    Ø    R    K    S
 Windscreen 1
Cody M. Walker/RichardHoyt/Joe Sheridan/ClipperNeptune/Tomas G. Plaskett/Russell Ray, Jr./ Feu Térèse.
 Windscreen 2
A Standard Nomenclature orMarbled Paper/Fat Malboro/L.A. ool & Die/PeaceableLake Rehabilitation Center/Ibaraki Preecture.
Lit yr skinny st, Mark Pullin, known as Mr Pearl,lapping up the _____ & Cocaine at Studio 54 _____grease alloy, and MargueriteIda & Helena Annabel, VS.adore Diana Dors, skinny boy/rouge Skate’78 lips Te PinaBausch sequence.
Two sheetsthick (framedimages)
1. Van Clee and Arpels,Boucheron, Chanel, Chopard,De Beers, Dior, Cartier, H.Stern, Teo Tenell, Vertu,Harry Winston, Leviev,Asprey.2. “Chick” Austin/ gas, ass, orgrass, no one rides or ree/Satin Operator3. Te Eagle: Gold Standard(hysteric, melancholic,degraded, rened)4. Peter Weir: From Picnic atHanging Rock to Te Cars Tat Ate Paris
Black Glass
Canadian Rain. in the videoprojection canadian rain,_______ (sic) appears againsta blank background wearing atrench coat. her hair is blowingin the wind. she executes aseries o stylized gesturesrom an entirely inventedsign language to bring abouta/pluie canadienne/RobertSaint George Dy’renorth(1844–1910) was an Americansoldier and lawyer.
Street sign
Robert Opel/Caddo Nation o Oklahoma/”Te West is theuture”/Aaron Curry/Black Inches.
3 editions
A completed screenplay by Erim Menuck plus celebrities with ourette’s or Epilepsy/NSC and PAL comparisonsGodspeed you Black Emperor& Fluxus WhoreVan Clee & Arpels (black) & Crawl Worm!
Gold Text
Placebo landscape. “Note thatI use the term ‘spelunker’ todenote someone untrained andunknowledgeable in currentexploration techniques, and‘caver’ or those who are.”Grotte des Faux-Monnayeurs,Mouthiers-Haute-Pierre(France).
Apple Mac onmirror
“Charles Baudelaire Peint”,1972/”Dites Partout Que JeL’Ai Dit”, 1974/Pink No/Sissy Spacek in rash/Studfix/Steve Jobs Suicide
 f  ou
 f ve
s     i        x     
   s  e   v  e   n
e g h
   n     i   n  e
Sam Stead  Mick ReillyRoot Creative Edinburgh SculptureWorkshopLorna Shields McRostie of GlasgowNathalie de BrieySara Sinclair Te Embassy CommitteePremier Windscreens EdinburghVictor Boullet  Alex Hetherington would like to thank:
…Johnny RottenBegat Bruce LaBruce.Bruce LaBruce BegatBuck Angel. BuckAngel Begat Dee DeeSharp. Dee Dee SharpBegat C.C Peniston.C.C Peniston BegatPete Shelly…
 ~rom Sarah Winchester Made Me Hardcore, Printedition by Alex Hetherington
Alex Hetheringtons practiceis rooted rmly within the milieu o contemporary late capitalist culture.Known primarily or hisperormative video works exploring notionso identity and sel through complexappropriations and reerences to theatre,literature, visual art, mass media and spamemails.
Levez Vos Skinny Fists Comme  Antennas To Heaven
marks a new step orHetherington in an installation in whichperormance is hinted at but ultimately denied.A dead set in the best possible way.Conceived by Hetherington as :
a result of a dramatictreatment or scriptedscenario basedon the idea of theGerman artist IsaGenzken listening tothe Canadian bandGodspeed! You BlackEmperor and devising works formed fromher response to theseaudio works.
A violent remix o the world,pulling in aspects o queer culture, high art,mass production and the prolieration o the image. Te resultant work acts in some way as a spatial representation o the ragmentedsel.
Does a society thatencourages thesearch for the realself make us ‘aware of our essential separateunique identity’ ordoes it afford uspractice in the actingout of Siamesedidentities?
 ~Hillel Schwartz - Te culture o the Copy p.84
In this quote we nd the root o the problematic logic that lies at the hearto Hetheringtons practice. At once we aretold that to be ‘original’ and ‘real’ is the goalo our society however this task purely seeksto underline the contradictions o a post-romantic landscape.In a society in which individuationis presented as the oundation o meaningHetherington creates an inversion denyingthe sel and making open the process o theconstruction o identity.
 We know of nopeople withoutnames, no languagesor cultures in whichsome manner of distinctions betweenself and other,
we andthey, are not made .. . Self-knowledge –always a constructionno matter how muchit feels like a discovery – is never altogetherseparable from claims
to be known in specifc
 ways by others.
 ~Manuel Castells - Te Power o Identity 
 Te construction o identity isat best a ragile process in which we takerom the extant signiers, an accretion o reerencesIs this not the root o allperormance?A mask denying the inner sel andprojecting an idealised representation?Art shares the same ate, attemptingto break out o itsel but undamentally dead.Only possible o a muterepresentation.

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