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5 optimization q and a

5 optimization q and a

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Published by mplukie

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Published by: mplukie on Jul 24, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Optimization Problems (min/max problems)
In these problems you are asked to find the absolute maximum or absolute minimum in a verbal setting.Usually you must provide the formula and the domain for the problem.
General Procedure
1. Draw a diagram2. Write a formula for what is to be optimized3. Write this formula as a function of one other variable.(This is the key step in the solution of these problems.)4. Differentiate with respect to this one variable.5. Solve for the critical value(s) of this variable.6. Check for absolute maximum at critical value(s) and endpoints. (In another problem youmay be checking for an absolute minimum.)7. Answer the question. (Be sure to state correct units!)
You need to fence a rectangular area. One side does not need to be fenced, since a long fence isalready in place and can be used for one side. You have 400m of fencing. What is the largestarea which can be enclosed?
A rectangular field adjacent to a river is to be enclosed. Fencing along the river costs $5 permetre, and fencing for the other sides costs $3 per metre. The area of the field is to be 1200 m
.Find the dimensions of the field that is-least expensive to fence.
You are to design a semicircular glass window 3m in radius with a clear rectangular insert. Clearglass lets in twice as much light as colored glass. Find the dimensions of the insert so that thewindow lets in the maximum amount of light.
A rectangle has its base on the x-axis and its upper vertices on the parabola y = 9 - x
, as shownin the figure. Find the maximum possible area of the rectangle.
A pipeline is to be built to cross a 0.5 km wide river, and reach a point which is 6 km down theriver on the opposite bank. It costs 50% more to build across the river than on land. How shouldthe pipeline be routed in order to minimize the cost?
Find the minimum distance from the origin to the graph of x
- y
At 1:00 PM ship A is 25 miles due south of ship B. If ship A is sailing west at 10 miles/hour andship B is sailing south at 20miles/hour find:
the rate at which the distance between the ships is changing at 1:30 PM.
the time at which the two ships are closest to each other. What is this minimum distance?
Optimization Problem Solutions

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