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#95 The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond

#95 The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond

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Published by Chuck Weiss
From Page 198–200 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss
From Page 198–200 of Abducted by Aliens, By Chuck Weiss

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Published by: Chuck Weiss on Nov 02, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Abducted by Aliens
Or How I Learned to Cope With High Strangeness, Government Harassment, and My Mother (a True Story)by Chuck Weiss
Available as a FREE e-Book at AbductionSite.com.368 Pages, Color Photos & Fully Indexed
Contact Chuck at AlienAbductionTheBlog@mail.com.
95: The Missing Pillowcase & the Beautiful Blond
(From Page 198 – 200 of 
 Abducted by Aliens
, By Chuck Weiss)In May of 2006, Arian took me to task for not finishing my book about my ET experiences. She said that Ihad vegetated all that time and that I needed to get back to doing what I was born on Earth to accomplish,namely to help other Experiencers. I admitted that, although I didn’t know what my purpose in life was, shewas right about the state of stagnation I had fallen into, and I vowed to end my self-imposed exile from theUFO community and to finish my manuscript, which finally became the book you’re now reading.Since the conversation took place in my apartment, I knew Majestic was listening in and, sure enough, onlyfour nights later when I went to bed I discovered their “calling card.” My pillowcase was missing. When Iflung back the covers, my naked pillow stared up at me – a simple but obvious way to signal that Majestichad been there. They wanted to make it abundantly clear that they could get back in my face again, anytimethey chose. This was their first warning. The second came ten days later, after a lot of furious writing inmy journal.I always have my lunch at the same eatery, a small establishment not too far from where I work that serves ahearty chicken chili. There is seating for a couple of dozen people outside with metal tables and chairs and,weather permitting, that is where I usually choose to sit and read while I eat.On that day I had to take my lunch later than usual, so I had the place to myself as I took my seat outsidewhere I could enjoy the fresh air. There was no one else in sight, as I scooted the chair back from the tableand sat down. I took a bite of my chili and read a couple of pages of the book I had with me, beforeinserting a marker and putting it down to take another. As I looked up, I saw a beautiful young woman in business attire, with long flowing blond hair, wearing big dark sunglasses and sitting about thirty feet or soin front of me. She kept staring in my direction.She wasn’t doing anything else. She didn’t have anything to eat in front of her. She wasn’t looking throughany papers, like some business people do during lunch. She had no obvious purpose for being there. Shewas just staring. With her sunglasses, it was hard to determine if we were making eye contact, but there wasnothing behind me of any interest for her to look at and I was the only one seated there. I returned to my book and as I continued to eat and read, she continued to stare.

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