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Published by check this out dude
I'm passion is to sing,danseand music.Bot the thing is i need a place to record songs.If y'all know ere i could maybe recorde tell me and i'll go try.i also love animals.I thinging to be a doctor spealicing in kids.that is what i would like to be when i'm older. If i had to discribe my sefl would be
and mayny more>

Bye Love Y'all
I'm passion is to sing,danseand music.Bot the thing is i need a place to record songs.If y'all know ere i could maybe recorde tell me and i'll go try.i also love animals.I thinging to be a doctor spealicing in kids.that is what i would like to be when i'm older. If i had to discribe my sefl would be
and mayny more>

Bye Love Y'all

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Published by: check this out dude on Jul 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Belly, Butt & Thighs: Belly Workout VideoA 3-minute ab workout can help you get your belly in shapeBy Einav KeetJoin Prevention fitness expert Chris Freytag in this 3-minute ab workout routineand learn moves that will help you get a flat belly and strengthen your core. Inthis segment of Belly, Butt & Thighs: Belly, find out how to transform and reshapeyour belly just the way youve always wanted with a simple ab workout routine you
 can do every day. Chris leads you through an ab workout that begins with deepbreathing and a warm-up to loosen your spine and stretch your upper body. Thenpull in your abdominal muscles for moves that will give you a flat belly as wellas a stronger back. With your back straight, pull your knees to your waist forstanding crunches to strengthen your core. Next, lift your knees to your sides foran ab workout that will work your oblique muscles and slim your waist. Followalong with this quick ab routine as part of the complete Belly, Butt & Thighsseries for a workout to help you get flatter abs, slimmer thighs, and a shapelierbutt. Youll be amazed with the results.
 Researchers from the La Crosse Exercise and Health Program recruited 12 young menand women (ages 18 to 25) to test the efficiency of eight exercises designed towork butt muscles. These exercises included traditional squats, single leg squats,vertical leg presses, quadruped hip extensions, horizontal leg presses, step-ups,lunges, and four-way hip extensions. Electromyographic (EMG) analysis measuredpeak gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and hamstring activation by each exercise.Some of the exercises were at least as effective as traditional squats for eachmuscle--the best exercise varied from muscle to muscle--but leg presses (eithertype) were significantly less effective than squats for all three muscles. Theresearchers suggest that mixing up the exercises can help relieve boredom whilestill giving your bottom a good workout. More Fitness News Move to Heal FasterSugar Sweetens Athletic Performance Winter Cross-Training OptionBurn More CaloriesYour exercise sequence can make workouts more efficientBecause of time constraints and convenience, cardiovascular and strength trainingprograms are often combined, even though it's not been clear how one exerciseaffects the performance on the other. An article in the May 2005 issue of Journalof Strength and Conditioning Research looks at the effects of aerobic andresistance training and the combination of the two on excess postexercise oxygenconsumption, a measure of energy expenditure.The journal article described a study in which 10 men underwent four trials: Onefor resistance, another for running, a third for resistance and then running, andone for running and then resistance. Researchers found that resistance trainingproduced greater postexercise oxygen consumption than aerobic exercise.In the combined sessions, postexercise oxygen consumption was greater when the menran before doing resistance training. The study concluded that if people want toburn more calories, they should do resistance training. In a combined session,they should start with aerobic exercise followed by resistance training. MoreFitness News Mix It Up Safety First Everyday AerobicsLearn to burn calories and shrink your waistline--the easy way.By Selene Yeager , Selene Yeager is a health journalist and author/coauthor ofmore than two dozen book titles.
For the biggest body-shaping benefits, you can't beat strength training. But toboost your weekly calorie burn even more--and lose fat faster--add a littleaerobic exercise.Before you shake your head and say, "Not for me," consider that the ideas of whatconstitutes "aerobic" exercise have come a long way. Gone are the days of havingto squeeze into a pair of Lycra tights and sweat up a storm in an exercise class(unless you want to!). You can get all the aerobic benefits you need from everydayactivities like walking or even gardening.Once you start adding some cardiovascular exercise into your routine, you'll findthat a little goes a long way. If you do nothing more than take two brisk 10- to15-minute walks a day, you can drop one or two dress sizes over the course of ayear--even without dieting. Some researchers also believe that aerobic exercisespecifically targets the layer of fat in your abdominal area, which is good newsfor stubborn belly bulges.What's more, the benefits of aerobic exercise extend well beyond a shrinkingwaistline. Exercise burns calories, and study after study shows that the morecalories you burn, the less likely you are to get cardiovascular disease, stroke,diabetes, depression, Alzheimer's disease, and even certain You may be wonderingwhat your ideal body weight is. If you've surfed the Web to find out, you may
 have come across suggestions that you need to lose a seemingly impossible numberof pounds to reach an ideal body weight. If you are very overweight, this figurecan reach 50 to 100 pounds. Even if you look at target body mass index ranges, itmay take a lot of weight loss to shift from the obese to normal category.
� �
Ideal body weights are often determined based on height. Doctors used to advisepatients to lose enough to reach their ideal weight. So a person who was 5-foot-eight-inches and 200 pounds might be advised to lose 50 pounds25 percent of their
 body weight. Because such large losses were the goal, patients were often put onextremely strict, very low-calorie diets. Although massive amounts of weight couldbe lost for a short time, it often came back as soon as a person stopped theliquid diet or other extreme regimen that they were following.Aiming for dramatic weight loss is problematic. First, its a little self-
defeating. If its tough to dropand keep off10 pounds, how does your psyche wrap
 itself around a goal of losing 50 or 100 pounds? Second, it may not be realisticto lose large amounts of weight right now. It takes a full-fledged commitment tochanging your lifestyle long-term to lose the weight, then maintain that loss. Ifyou dont have the time or motivation for an all-out effort, you may make a feeble
 attempt and then quitand feel less motivated than ever.
Today, thankfully, more conservative and healthier approaches are popular. Babysteps are the way to go. A small, short-term weight-loss goal is realistic andachievable: You will get the results you aim for. And once youve lost a little,
 you can set a new, but still realistic and achievable goal. Over time, it ispossible to lose large amounts of weight.Rethink your expectationsWhen planning a weight loss program, the first step is to set a goal. But beforeyou can do that, you may need to readjust your expectations. Some people who wishto lose large amounts of weight find small losses a disappointment.
A 1997 study in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology by obesityresearchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that 60 obese women whounderwent a weight-loss program hoped to lose around 32 percent of their bodyweight. (A 220-pound woman might aim for a 70 pound loss, for example.) Thewomens goal weights were nearly three times what they were actually able to lose
 over nearly one year on the program. Even though the women lost, on average, about35 poundsno small featthey reported feeling like losing this amount of weight
 loss was not a success. They were even disappointed and unhappy with a 50-poundweight loss.But any weight that is lost and maintained should be considered a bigsuccesslosing weight is not easy to do. Most people gain year after year, so even
 just maintaining current body weightand preventing gradual weight gainis an
 accomplishment.So throw out your visions of a Barbie doll figure or a Sylvester Stallone physiquefor now. Thats not to say that you cant get there, but first you need to learn
 how to make healthful lifestyle diet and exercise changes fit into your daily lifeforever.Various research bodiesincluding the American Dietetic Association, the American
 Heart Association, and the National Institutes of Health, with its nationalobesity guidelinesrecommend aiming for conservative weight loss of 5 percent to
 10 percent of your current body weight. Not only is this achievable, overweightand obese people who can lose up to 10 percent of their body weight can seesignificant improvements in their health risks. For example, the American HeartAssociation 2006 Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations point out that even modestweight loss of just 5 percent to 10 percent can have a positive impact in diabetesrisk and management.Check out the charts below for examples of what it means to lose 5 percent to 10percent of your current body weight:Goal: Lose 5 percent of your body weightYou weigh
your target weight is
so to reach your goal you need to lose:
 170 lbs.161 lbs.9 lbs. 195 lbs.185 lbs.10 lbs. 232 lbs.220 lbs.12 lbs. 285 lbs.271 lbs.14 lbs. Goal: Lose 10 percent of your body weight

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