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Family of the Mind

Family of the Mind



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Published by samvit
Looking the family photograph of us all.
Looking the family photograph of us all.

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Published by: samvit on Jul 25, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Family of the mind
There has been many mornings and there has been many moments whom I can callmorning but all of them were in fact not mornings, not in the true way there were morelike the lightning, when there was a flash of light, a flash of awareness and its gone and before I even realize there used to be the same illusion the same desires and the samemind games.As I have been saying for a long time now, there is not much of a difference between allof them, the mind, confusion, desires and also dreams. Or I can say if I try to soundreligious and try to remember what I have read in place of thinking and using my ownmind then there is the
who is the father and he has got many sons and daughter. 1
daughter I must say is the thought and I will have to start it with a woman,
which is there it has to be feminine as what I can remember about very 1
of my ownmemories is that of my mother and so thoughts should be feminine. And these thoughtsare then converted into desires as we are repressed and this is not the guilt which we haveto carry not even when we realize that we are repressed in what ever we do and evensome times when we are thinking, even there this repression some times comes but this isnot our fault, this is how we have been taught by our own society.I some times think that the society is ageist our salvation, as it knows, as the mind knowsthat if we are free there is no society, there are no rules. Rules are only for the one who isnot aware; there is no danger of the thief when we are awake. And so when we sleep wedon’t realize that our dear daughter is now pregnant, she is in labour and we have to bear the pain and before we even realize the son is born. The
and the
are therehand and hand O dear we have a twin brother who are going to work hand and hand tofind there love and soon there will be
as a part of the family , both arelovely and most are the daughter of the
.Where is the morning then? Where is the sanity then? And where is the sun? All whatseems real to me are these fatal members of the furious and disastrous family, where isthe day? All seems real is this darkness.
Young brothers of themind I can see but where is the calmness of the morning? Where is the music and whereis the melody?Well I think there is nothing wrong in the family of the mind, its just that mind has to tellthem and train them, mind has to mind it when he is choosing there names and so
thoughts can be thinking
, so that its not the past memories in the mind and so that theyhave been like running water making us fresh and fertile. All what is needed is to trainthem and name them right and “
want will be willingness”
and “
needs named asneedful
”. Then that would be the family of the humans, family of the man, that of the beautiful mind.
No realm of the dream
desire will be a satire
. Rise the mind and sowill be the morning, mind is sun the only difference is that of the body, one lighten theearth and other enlighten the heart. Heart and earth are the same, the same alphabets

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