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40 Ahadith Series - Completion of Islam - Ghadeer

40 Ahadith Series - Completion of Islam - Ghadeer



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Published by Syed Iktishaf

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Published by: Syed Iktishaf on Jul 25, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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40 Ahadith Series
Completion of Islam - Ghadeer 
~40 Ahadith 
British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication DataA catalogue record for this book is available from the British LibraryISBN 1-898449-82-1
Copyright 2005 the World Federation of KSIMCPublished byPublished byPublished byPublished byThe Islamic Education Board of theWorld Federation of Khoja Shia Ithna-Asheri Muslim CommunitiesRegistered Charity in the UK No. 282303Islamic Centre - Wood LaneStanmore, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA7 4LQ www.world-federation.org/iebieb@world-federation.orgNorth America Sales and DistributionNorth America Sales and DistributionNorth America Sales and DistributionNorth America Sales and DistributionIsl{mic Humanitarian Service · 81 Hollinger Crescent · Kitchener, OntarioCanada, N2K 2Y8 · Tel: 519-576-7111  Fax: 519-576-8378ihs@primus.caihs@primus.caihs@primus.caihs@primus.ca · www.alwww.alwww.alwww.al----haqq.comhaqq.comhaqq.comhaqq.comAfrica Sales & DistributionAfrica Sales & DistributionAfrica Sales & DistributionAfrica Sales & DistributionTabligh Sub Committtee - K.S.I. Jam{`at – Dar Es Salaam · P.O. Box 233Dar es Salaam, Tanzania · Tel: 255-22-211-5119 Fax: 255-22-211-3107tabligh@raha.comtabligh@raha.comtabligh@raha.comtabligh@raha.com · www.dartabligh.www.dartabligh.www.dartabligh.www.dartabligh.orgorgorgorgPrinted in Canada by Webcom Limitedwww.webcomlink.com
In the Name of All¡h, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful
The Noble Prophet (prayers of All¡h be upon him and his family) has said:
<莂{{ÿu<ÿ°{{ŽÃÿ…ş_<ê{{{ŽÚ₣_<î{{{×{ÿÂ<şÀ{{ŽËÿu<łà{{ÿÚŽí{{ÿÚ^ÿéŽÏĞÖ]<ÿÝłç{{ÿè<₣]<Łäÿ n{{{ÿÃÿe<^{{ÿãŽe<ÿáçŁÃŽËÿß{{{ÿè<^⁄ n  ğ^Û{ŽÖ^ÿÂ<ğ^ãéŽÏşÊJ<
“The person from my nation who memorizes forty traditions pertaining to those issues of religion which one is in need of, will be resurrected by All¡h on the Day of Judgement as a person with deep insight into the faith and as a scholar.” 
In following the above °ad¢th, The Islamic Education Board of The World Federationof KSIMC (IEB - WF) has decided to publish a series of booklets of 40 A¦¡d¢th ondifferent subjects. The A¦¡d¢th that have been selected from various sources, are shortand simple and therefore easy to understand and memorize. It is envisaged that thebooklets will not only be useful for Zakireen, Madrasah teachers and students, but willbe of benefit to the Ummah at large.The collection of the A¦¡d¢th and introduction of this present work was done byMa
d Shar¢f¢ [as found on the InterNet athttp://www.hawzah.net/Per/K/Qadir/Qadir.htmhttp://www.hawzah.net/Per/K/Qadir/Qadir.htmhttp://www.hawzah.net/Per/K/Qadir/Qadir.htmhttp://www.hawzah.net/Per/K/Qadir/Qadir.htm], while the translation in English wascarried out by Shaykh Saleem Bhimji. IEB - WF would like to thank Shaykh Saleem forhis efforts in the translation of this work. May All¡h (Glory and Greatness be to Him)accept this work as a further attempt by IEB - WF to propagate Isl¡m.

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