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Published by Andy Brown
Four college friends reunite for a camping trip after a twelve year separation. Through the course of the evening, the audience finds out what has brought them together and the event in college that fractured their friendship.
Four college friends reunite for a camping trip after a twelve year separation. Through the course of the evening, the audience finds out what has brought them together and the event in college that fractured their friendship.

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Published by: Andy Brown on Nov 03, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ACT ONEThe play takes place at night. There is a campfire set at stage Center. There are threelarge logs that GARRETT arranges in a semi-circle around the campfire. At UR, there isa tent that GARRETT has pitched. A large cooler sits on the downstage side of the tent,full of beer and some wine. A stack of firewood sits at L of the semi-circle. There is atrail at DL, where most of the characters will enter. Behind the campfire and tent there isa raised bluff. Small pines are interspersed around the edge of the campsite, the entranceat DL, and at the base of the bluff.As the act opens, WIL GARRETT emerges from the tent. He secures the flaps andinspects to make sure that all the stakes are firmly in the ground. All the while, a melan-choly
flute melody plays in the background. This is “CLAUDIA’S THEME.”
GARRETT positions the large logs around the campfire in a semi-circle and makes onefinal check of the area and goes to the cooler as the music fades and the lights make a
distinctive shift to some surreal hue that signals CLAUDIA’S presence. The lights shift
 and the music fades as CLAUDIA enters the stage from DL. CLAUDIA is wearing alow-
cut blouse, a flowing skirt, and sandals. GARRETT doesn’t notice her 
at first.CLAUDIAI remember the first time you pitched a tent for me.GARRETT
Claudia. I wasn’t expecting you so soon.
You know me. Always early. I like what you’ve done with the place, Wil. All for me?
 GARRETTAlways. This log has your name on it. Please, make yourself at home.CLAUDIA sits on the log at L of the campfire.CLAUDIAHow much time do we have?GARRETT
That’s a strange question for you to be asking.
I just didn’t know if I had y
ou to myself for the whole night or not. If you remember, the last time we didthis we were rudely interrupted.GARRETT(laughs)The last time we did this we were in a college dorm room!
CLAUDIAAnd you were a virgin. Well, at least for part of the evening.GARRETTAll good things must come to an end.CLAUDIAYou were surprisingly sweet. All things considered.GARRETTHow can you say that?CLAUDIAWhat do you want me to say?GARRETTThe truth. We agreed you would be nothing but honest with me.CLAUDIA
Wil, honey, I don’t want to hurt you. You’ve got enough on your plate as it.
And you’re the only thing that’s helping me keep it together. I don’t want to have to ask you to leave, but
I will
if you don’t play it straight with me.
You’re the boss.
GARRETT pokes at the fire to keep himself occupied. He doesn’t know how to
 navigate the moment.
So, they’re all coming?
I think so. I didn’t get confirmations, but there’s no reason they shouldn’t. It’s been twelve years.
I can think of a reason. I wonder how much they’ve changed? Or haven’t. Do you think people still callVince Dellicata……
VD? I can’t believe you
remember that!CLAUDIAHow could I forget? It grossed me out every time that Tara called him that. Seriously, his own girlfriend!GARRETTNicknames are a hard thing to shake sometimes. Take Jason Vermillion, for example.
You don’t have to tell me.
I dated Saint Fermentus. My parents wanted to adopt him.GARRETTMakes sense.
Whose parents wouldn’
t want their daughter to marry a future doctor?CLAUDIA
They didn’t want me to marry him. They just thought he was a sweet, goofy kid and
he’d make a
good brother.GARRETTI hate that I never got to meet them. Your parents.CLAUDIA
They would’ve liked you.
It’s good to see you, Claudia. I’d missed your face so much. You’re the only girl I ever knew who could
make me feel at peace and like a bundle of nerves all at once.CLAUDIA
Little old me? Don’t you dare try to sweet
-talk me, Wil Garrett!GARRETT
I’m serious! I don’t think a day has gone by when I haven’t thought about you.
 CLAUDIAI believ
e that’s called guilt. But thanks.
Do you think we would’ve had a shot? If things had turned out differently?
Maybe. But we’ll never know. I personally blame Cameron for that.
Cameron. He’s the wild card in al
l of this. VD and Jason will come tonight. No questions asked. ButCameron was always really good about cutting ties.CLAUDIA
Don’t underestimate the power of the human ego. Cameron always felt he was destined for greatness. If 
he achieved half 
of what he set out to, he’ll come for the simple pleasure of rubbing it in.
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