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Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

Cloud Computing in the Public Sector

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Published by: mildoooo on Nov 03, 2010
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CloudComputing inthe publicsector: rapidinternationalstocktaking
Strategies andImpact
August 2010Prepared for the Netherland’s Ministry of InternalAffairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK)
RAND Europe was commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Interior andKingdom Relations to undertake a rapid international stocktaking exercise of different national public sector strategies regarding cloud computing. This isthe first phase of an initiative commissioned by the Dutch Parliament toinvestigate the applicability of Cloud Computing for public administrations andexplore a national strategy.This report thus provides a snapshot of different national strategies regardingthe domains of interest and drivers for deployment of cloud computing across anumber of countries: Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Japan, the United Kingdomand the United States. We also reflect on other countries where there is lesspublicly available data or where implementations of cloud computing are lessmature. We begin by outlining a definition of cloud computing and models of serviceand deployment and also characterise the unique characteristics and scope of the use of clouds in the public sector context, reflecting on the benefits andrisks. We then present an indicative overview of each national strategy andinitiative regarding cloud computing based on our literature assessment. Brief case study style ‘vignettes’ to illustrate these strategies in practice are alsopresented. Our analysis of national strategies is undertaken according to aframework where we identify areas of public sector interest in cloud computingand also more discrete drivers for deployment. We then present an indicativeanalysis of where each country’s national initiatives sit on this matrix. Weconclude with some thoughts on future policy challenges and a high levelindication of the ambitious possibilities of cloud computing to support themove to the unbundling of government services.RAND Europe is an independent not-for-profit policy research organisationthat aims to improve policy and decision making in the public interest, throughresearch and analysis. RAND Europe’s clients include European governments,institutions, NGOs and firms with a need for rigorous, independent,multidisciplinary analysis. This report has not been peer-reviewed inaccordance with RAND’s quality assurance standards.For more information about RAND Europe or this document, please contactNeil Robinson:RAND Europe Westbrook CentreMilton RoadCambridge CB4 1YG United Kingdom

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