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Stanford Hospital & Clinics 2009 Year in Review

Stanford Hospital & Clinics 2009 Year in Review

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Learn more about Stanford Hospital & Clinics today, and our vision for the future.
Learn more about Stanford Hospital & Clinics today, and our vision for the future.

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Published by: Stanford Health Care on Nov 03, 2010
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   S   T   A   N   F   O   R   D   H   O   S   P   I   T   A   L   &   C   L   I   N   I   C   S   H   A   S   T   O   u   C   H   E   D   T   H   O   u   S   A   N   D   S   O   F   L   I   v   E   S   T   H   R   O   u   g   H   O   u   T   I   T   S   5   0  -   Y   E   A   R   H   I   S   T   O   R   Y ,   u   N   D   E   R   S   T   A   N   D   I   N   g   T   H   A   T   E   A   C   H   P   A   T   I   E   N   T   I   S   A   u   N   I   Q   u   E   I   N   D   I   v   I   D   u   A   L   W   I   T   H   S   P   E   C   I   A   L   N   E   E   D   S   A   N   D   C   O   N   C   E   R   N   S .   I   N   S   I   D   E   A   R   E   T   H   E   I   N   S   P   I   R   I   N   g   S   T   O   R   I   E   S   O   F   E   I   g   H   T   P   A   T   I   E   N   T   S   W   H   O   C   A   M   E   T   O   u   S   S   E   E   K   I   N   g   T   H   E   R   I   g   H   T   C   A   R   E   A   N   D   T   H   E   D   E   D   I   C   A   T   E   D   P   H   Y   S   I   C   I   A   N   S ,   N   u   R   S   E   S   A   N   D   S   T   A   F   F   I   N   W   H   O   S   E   H   A   N   D   S   T   H   E   Y   P   L   A   C   E   D   T   H   E   I   R   T   R   u   S   T .
On behalf of the Stanford Hospital & Clinics Board of Directors, I am pleased to share this Year in Review with all who arecommitted to assuring the future of health care in our community, in our nation and around the world. As we standtogether on the threshold of a transformative era in medicine and biotechnology that will bring advances unimaginabletoday, we are creating an environment in the New Stanford Hospital that will redefine the hospital experience forpatients, families and caregivers. It will also ensure that the pioneering research Stanford is known for worldwide issupported by a clinical facility that will accelerate translation of laboratory breakthroughs into patient care.There is no better place to do this than at Stanford, in the heart of Silicon Valley, and no better time than now, whenthe urgent need to replace a 1950s facility presents this unprecedented opportunity. If we apply the same creativity,resourcefulness and generosity that generations have before us, we can make this bold vision a reality.Today, Stanford Hospital is strong financially and well prepared to take the next critical steps ahead. We are tremendously grateful to Martha Marsh for her leadership over the past eight years and are conducting a national search for a successorwho will continue the outstanding progress she has helped make possible.The New Stanford Hospital will build on a proud legacy of innovation and discovery that has benefited patients everywhere.In our own community, it will ensure that our families, friends, neighbors and colleagues will have the finest medicalresources available anywhere just minutes from home, matched by patient experience and service commensurate withStanford’s quality of care.None of us can predict when a personal need, regional disaster or emergency will occur, but we do know that being in theright place when it matters most will make all the difference. That is why I hope you will join me and so many others increating the future as we know it can be — an era of hope, healing and health that enriches life for everyone.
Mariann Byerwalter
Chair, Board of DirectorsStanford Hospital & Clinics
to create the hospital of the ftre
With its medical innoations, exqisite aesthetics and expanded capacity, the New Stanford Hospital willmeet this commnity’s needs well into the ftre. The state-of-the-art Andreessen Emerency Departmentwill be sinificantly larer than the existin one. Intensie care capacity will also sbstantially increase. Theinterentional sites—hybrid platforms capable of srery, catheterization, adanced imain, and otherdianostics and treatments—will reoltionize the deliery of acte care. With its atrim desin, garden Floorand Patient Care Pailions, the bildin will be infsed with liht, art, msic, beaty—and the most pliftin,restoratie patient experience possible.
For more details about the New Stanford Hospital, please see page 24.
On an intersection adjacent to the existing Stanford Hospital, atransformational, new community asset is being created. The New StanfordHospital—technologically advanced, patient-centered, and filled with beautiful,healing-supportive spaces—will significantly expand the capacity of the existinghospital and redefine what a hospital stay can be.
when it matters most
   D   I   D   Y   O   u   K   N   O   W   ?   T   H   E   E   x   I   S   T   I   N   g   S   T   A   N   F   O   R   D   H   O   S   P   I   T   A   L   W   A   S   B   u   I   L   T   I   N   1   9   5   9 .   u   P   D   A   T   I   N   g   T   H   E   E   I   S   E   N   H   O   W   E   R  -   E   R   A   F   A   C   I   L   I   T   Y   T   O   M   E   E   T   T   H   E   N   E   E   D   S   O   F   2   1
   S   T
    C   E   N   T   u   R   Y   M   E   D   I   C   I   N   E   A   N   D   T   E   C   H   N   O   L   O   g   Y   I   S   A   P   R   I   M   A   R   Y   g   O   A   L   O   F   T   H   E   S   T   A   N   F   O   R   D   M   E   D   I   C   A   L   C   E   N   T   E   R   R   E   N   E   W   A   L   P   R   O   J   E   C   T .   F   O   R   M   O   R   E   I   N   F   O   R   M   A   T   I   O   N ,   v   I   S   I   T   S   T   A   N   F   O   R   D   P   A   C   K   A   R   D .   O   R   g .
Providing the right care, at the right time, in the right setting, by the right team, is at the heart of our commitmentto every patient at Stanford Hospital & Clinics. In this Year in Review, we are proud to highlight how thatcommitment is being fulfilled and how it is making a real difference in the lives of our patients.In these pages, you will meet people who came to Stanford Hospital when it mattered most. We are truly gratefulto them for sharing their stories.Just over a year ago, we opened the Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center in Redwood City. This beautiful newfacility has demonstrated that the inspiring vision to create new environments and service commensurate withStanford’s quality of care can be realized.Four years ago, we set an ambitious goal to lead the nation in bringing the benefits of a fully electronic medicalrecord system to our patients. Stanford Hospital is now among only a handful of institutions to have achieved thehighest-level designation for such systems, a milestone that sets the stage for a future of unlimited opportunities.Stanford Hospital is the right choice today — for patients needing the latest advances in diagnosis and treatment,for generous donors seeking to make a lasting difference, and for a community wanting to ensure that the finesthealth care available anywhere will be here when they need it.It has been a privilege to lead this organization for the past eight years, and I am very proud of what we haveaccomplished. I have been honored to work with so many individuals who are truly committed to our patients.As I look ahead to my retirement at the end of this fiscal year, on August 31, 2010, I want to express my deepestappreciation to everyone for the dedication that has made so much possible and my great confidence that an evenbrighter future lies ahead.
Martha Marsh
President & CEOStanford Hospital & Clinics

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