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Published by jmeyers7957
Plano ISD Academy Visioning Committee Meeting; 10/27/10
Plano ISD Academy Visioning Committee Meeting; 10/27/10

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Published by: jmeyers7957 on Nov 03, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Meeting began at 6:00 p.m.
Community Meeting Process
Deputy Superintendent Danny Modisette called the meeting to order and outlined theprocess for the community meeting to be held November 3. There will be a large grouppresentation with an overview of the process and the work the committee has compiled tothis point. The meeting will be setup in table groups with one committee member andone staff member. One committee member will facilitate the discussion and the otherwill take notes for the table group. The idea of the table groups is to get community inputand engage their thinking. A presentation outline and ice-breaker activity will beprovided for the tables prior to the community meeting.
UIL Participation
Mr. Modisette facilitated a discussion about the access/accommodation of extracurricularactivities in the Plano ISD academy. The committee engaged in discussion and theirfeedback was saved to the wiki workspace and will be shared at the community meetingfor input.
Academy Focus
Group facilitator Roz Keck consolidated focus areas the committee previously worked onand asked the committee to reach a consensus on the focus of the academy.The four areas of focus were consolidated to include:Project Based LearningTEAMS - Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math, Science with PBLGlobal Health/Medical/Personal Services with PBLInternational Studies with PBLAfter review and discussion, the committee recommended the areas be presented as:Project Based Learning
Broad focus/classical/core academic/comprehensive
Global Health/Medical...
International...Include clusters that would be involved in each in presentation.
Consensus on Mission Statement
After discussion, the committee decided to leave their mission statement as is and getcommunity input before making further changes:The mission of (the, a) Plano ISD(___________) academy is to engage 9-12 gradestudents in a non-traditional, rigorous, project-based curriculum inspiring collaborationand creativity to empower them to compete, contribute and connect in the globalcommunity.
Instructional Spaces
Trey Laird gave a presentation on designing space for the academy program by showinglayouts of some of the academies recently “toured” via the Internet.Ms. Keck asked a group of committee members to begin discussing and brainstormingthe questions outlined below with Mr. Laird and to write findings and directions in thefollowing areas: organization of instructional spaces, teaching spaces and teacher work spaces. The group worked collaboratively and began to formulate their recommendationin preparation for presentation at an upcoming meeting.How should the core instructional area be organized spatially? By discipline ordepartment? In multi-disciplinary groups? By focus areas?
How should other school functions relate to this organization of core spaces?Administration? AP’s? Counselors? Library? Food Service? Electives? Focusareas?
What kind of special education programs should be offered and what kinds of facilities should be provided?
What types of spaces will be required to support different teaching methods?Large group lecture spaces? Classrooms? Seminar/small group spaces?Laboratories?
Should the configuration of the building provide natural light in most or everyinstructional space? Only in spaces where natural light is required for instruction---science? Art? In circulation or corridor spaces?
If the school is to contain assembly spaces, what are the required seatingcapacities? Auditorium? Gyms? Lecture halls? Cafeteria?
What should teacher work spaces look like?
How should the nature and location of teacher work stations relate to instructionalmethods, schedules and technology?
Revisions to Findings and Directions
Ms. Keck shared a draft of the consolidated findings and directions from the committee’sprevious work. Topics included: teaching/learning/expectations, technology, time, schoolsize and counseling and advisories, performing and visual arts, career and technicaleducation, physical education, athletics and intramurals, college and work forceconnections, clubs and student activities and school and community.She asked the committee to review the information to ensure that their work was capturedaccurately and to save edits and additional information about the topics to the wiki. Thedraft of the findings and directions can be found in the attached document entitled
“Plano Academy Findings and Directions Draft# 2”
(Attachment #1).Questions the committee discussed regarding these topics included:Teaching/learning/expectations
What should learning look like at an academy?
How can learning become engaging, real-world work that students perceive asrelevant, interesting and motivating?
How can students take responsibility for their own learning?
Should learning in a focus area be integrated with learning in core areas, and if so,how?
Should all teaching and learning take place at school? Should some learning takeplace in the community?
How should students demonstrate their learning?
What types of learning will help students to be successful in college, and howshould that be integrated into instruction at the school?
Should the graduation requirements for students at the academy be identical tothose at other schools? If not, what should be added?Technology
How should technology be integrated into learning in an academy?
How will technology impact the library?
Will there be a need for general purpose computer labs? Will there be a need forcomputer labs for subjects that require special software, processing capability,peripherals?
How should the building be planned now to respond to what is anticipated orimagined in the future?Time
How should time be utilized to allow for individual student learning?
Should the entire school day for both teachers and students be fully scheduled orshould both teachers and students have some unscheduled time to work togetherand independently—to allow students to obtain help as needed, to pursue areas of interest? If so, how can time be used in order to help students know how toeffectively use unscheduled time?
Should students be able to earn credits outside the typical school day? Schoolyear? If so, should the school day be extended to allow students to take additionalcourses?School Size and Counseling and Advisories
What is the optimum maximum size for an academy? Conversely, is there aminimum size below which important programs or instruction cannot be offeredor costs become prohibitive?
What should the role of the counselor be at an academy?
How should counselors interface with students? When? Where?
What kind of advisory services should be provided in an academy?Performing and Visual Arts
If the focus of an academy is not on performing and visual arts, what kinds of PVA programs should be offered at an academy?
Should students be allowed to go to an alternative site to participate in performingand visual arts?Career and Technical Education
If the focus of an academy is not
on career and technical education, what kinds of CTE programs should be offered at an academy?
Should students be allowed to go to an alternative site to participate in CTE?Physical Education, Athletics and Intramurals
Which physical education courses should be offered?
What kinds of spaces should be provided for these courses?
Should students be allowed to participate in athletics at an academy? If not,should they be allowed to go to an alternative site to participate in athletics?

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