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Vodafone Sustainability Report

Vodafone Sustainability Report

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Published by Maanav Singh

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Published by: Maanav Singh on Nov 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vodafone Group Plc Sustainability Report
For the year ending 31 March 2010
Vodafone Group Plc Sustainability Report for the year ended 31 March 2010
About our reporting
This is Vodafone’s 10th annual Group report detailing the environmental and
social impacts of our business and covers the nancial year ended 31 March 2010.
Previously known as our Corporate Responsibility Report, in 2009/10 we changed the
title to Sustainability Report. We believe this shift in terminology better reects the role
Vodafone can play in promoting a more sustainable societ y (see our approach, page 5). This Report outlines our performance in 2009/10 on each of the environmental andsocial issues most material to our business. It also includes links to our sustainabilitywebsite, where we provide more general information about our approach to each issue,our policies and management processes.See www.vodafone.com/responsibility.
The scope of this Report includes sustainability data and activities from all local markets
managed by Vodafone for the full 2009/10 nancial year, with the exception of Vodafone
Ghana and Vodafone Qatar (for more information see page 61).However, these markets are included in the discussion of issues where they are particularly material and we havealso included separate pullouts on both these markets to outline our progress thereduring 2009/10(see pages 12–13). 
References to Vodafone
All references to ‘Vodafone’, ‘Vodafone Group’, ‘the Group’, ‘the Company’, and ‘we’within this Report refer to Vodafone Group Plc and its local markets.
Our progress against objectives and other aspects of our sustainability performance issubject to independent assurance by KPMG.We aim to provide a balanced account of our performance on the socio-economic,ethical and environmental issues that are most material to Vodafone. We aim toalign our approach to sustainability management and reporting with the principlesof the AA1000 Assurance Standard (2008), namely inclusiveness, materiality andresponsiveness. A full description of our alignment with AA1000 is provided onour  website.
Compliance with GRI guidelines
We have benchmarked our sustainability reporting (including this Sustainability Reportand relevant web pages) against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) sustainabilityreporting guidelines. We assess our application of the GRI reporting framework to be
at level B+. An index of conformance with the guidelines andan explanation of how we
comply with the GRI principles is available on ouwebsite. Key to symbols
LinkCase studyStrategic objectiveShort term target
Our sustainability communications
We report on our performance and management of sustainability issues across a range of formats designed to be accessiblefor various audiences.
Reports our performance in 2009/10and progress against our objectives.Nine of our local marketsproduced their ownSustainability Reportsduring 2009/10, focusingon local and national issueswith details of individuallocal market sustainabilityprogrammes.
About our reporting1 CEO message2About Vodafone3Our approach5Customers15Climate change31Operations40Supply chain54Foundations59Report scope61Assurance63Progress against objectives65KPI summary67
Sustainability reportSustainability websiteLocal market reports
Outlines our approach to each issue and providesmore information on our sustainability management.Visit www.vodafone.com/responsibility.
Areview ofCorporate
Responsibilityfrom VodafoneUK
Please send your feedback on this report tosustainability@vodafone.com
Vodafone Group Plc Sustainability Report for the year ended 31 March 2010
CEO Message
Welcome to Vodafone’s 2010 Sustainability Report
Although the economy is not declining any more in most countries, we still face
signicant challenges to deliver a sustainable society in which business and its
stakeholders can prosper in the long term. The lack of a legally binding internationalagreement on climate change from talks in Copenhagen and the lack of progress onsome of the most pressing issues facing the billions of people in emerging markets,underline the urgent need for a cohesive strategy between public and private sectorthat meets the needs of society as a whole.
I rmly believe that Vodafone and the sector in which we operate have a key role
to play in shaping a more sustainable society. Our capital investment across thebusiness – continued throughout the recession – means fast, reliable, high qualitynetworks are becoming ubiquitous, providing a platform to deliver communicationservices to all segments of society.Sustainability challenges are a key stimulus for innovation within the business: withinVodafone we have established dedicated business units to develop and promote
services that enable more efcient and effective healthcare; access to basic nancial
services through mobile payment solutions (already used by over 12 million people in
sub-Saharan Africa); and machine-to-machine applications that can bring substantial
carbon and energy cost savings. The ‘SMS for Life’ m-health project in Tanzania (page
22) is a good example of the impact technology can have.Many of the benets our services can bring are very visible in emerging economies.
But it is in these markets that we also face some of the biggest challenges in ouroperations due to different working practices and attitudes to risk.Vodafone has maintained a reasonable record on health and safety over the last
decade, but the expansion in emerging markets and the application of the most
rigorous and demanding tracking methodologies have this year highlighted anunacceptable level of fatal accidents, mainly in Ghana, India and Turkey – markets
with a legacy of poor safety practice and infrastructure, and a high rate of road trafc
accidents. In particular, ensuring that our contractors manage health and safetyeffectively – in their own work and that of their sub-contractors – is a key challenge.I intervened personally on a number of occasions to reinforce our stance on theabsolute priority of operating safely and protecting Vodafone employees, contractorsand the general public. This Report illustrates how we are working hard to address
the main problems – for example introducing a Fatality Prevention Plan in Ghana,India and Turkey, focused on six key initiatives – and statistics indicate a marked
improvement in the second half of the year (page 46). I believe strongly that we mustbe transparent in reporting on this area to raise awareness of these issues – in ourindustry and across all sectors – and stimulate a change in attitude to safety also inemerging economies. This is a long-term challenge, but we will not back off.This report tells the story of how we have tried to address both sides of thesustainability agenda this year – managing negative impacts, while pressing forwardto deliver the positive contributions we can make to sustainability.
Vittorio Colao
Vodafone Chief Executive Ofcer
I rmly believe that
Vodafone and the sectorin which we operate havea key role to playin shaping a moresustainable society.
Vittorio Colao,
Vodafone Chief Executive Ofcer

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