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Our Invitation to Grow

Our Invitation to Grow

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Published by: Keesha Michelle Washington on Nov 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Our Invitation to Grow
by Keesha Michelle WashingtonTurn Challenges into Opportunities:Man oh man has things been hopping in my reality! I have been ridingthe waves of all the changes that have been taking place in my personallife and in my spiritual development practice. As I come into alignmentwith the larger part of myself, which is my soul, I am finding that the Lawof Attraction is also supporting me in my efforts to come into thatalignment. Even when I am not aware of the specifics of what it takesfor me to come into alignment with the greater part of me, the law of Attraction does!The Law of Attraction is our faithful, trustworthy servant that not only delivers into our experiences ourvibrational requests; it also creates and maintains a vibrational journal of all of desires, from all of thelifetimes we have experienced, including this lifetime. So our impersonal servant, the Law of Attraction,has stored within it the fuller picture of who we have been, who we are now, and also, all of ourpotential expressions in what we call the future.Some of us have a basic understanding of the Law of Attraction, but because we have not been fullyeducated on just how the Law of Attraction works, and how to work within the mechanism of the Law,we become fearful. We recoil at the thought that we are the creators of our own reality, especiallywhen we find ourselves living an experience that appears to be painful and frustrating. We begin to takeon the victim mentality and allow our ignorance of how to work in conjunction with the Law, block usfrom coming into the understanding of how to turn all current challenging experiences intoopportunities to be our best self. Nope, the victim mentality will keep us in a state of powerlessness,fear, frustration, blame and pain. Our minds will attempt search the endlessly life interactions andchoices we have made in an effort to find that person, place or thing that has created our painfulexperience. Our ego-based efforts needs someone or something to blame, and we will refuse to acceptthe truth that WE on some level, in some lifetime, has called this painful experience into our NOWreality.My Opportunity:My basic personality make up is happy go luck, inclusive and generous. I devote a great majority of mytime in educating myself on philosophical, scientific, psychological and sociological studies. I have thisincredible drive to be of service to humanity, as well as healing my own personal shortcomings. So whenthree colleagues began to question my integrity and authenticity as a spiritual guide, my initial reactionwas much the same as the average unconscious person. Oh, I called them a bunch of mofos,buttheads, haters, you name it, I yelled it. But when I was able to settle down and come into my scaredplace within, I slowly began to put the pieces together. I realized that on some level, and within some

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