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The Names of God

The Names of God



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Published by Philip
In Hebrew thought your name represents your character. The Name of YHVH represents His Character and every Name of YHVH spell out some of His attributes and it is good to understand each of His different names so that you can understand Him better.
In Hebrew thought your name represents your character. The Name of YHVH represents His Character and every Name of YHVH spell out some of His attributes and it is good to understand each of His different names so that you can understand Him better.

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Published by: Philip on Jul 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 n Hebrew thought your name represents your character. The Name of YHVH representsHis Character and every Name of YHVH spell out some of His attributes and it is good tounderstand each of His different names so that you can understand Him better. There aremany names used when referring to YHVH. Usually the word "Lord" is used in most Biblesand prayer books. This can be confusing, as the word "Lord" can be used in many ways, andcan refer to humans as well as to God. In actuality YHVH cannot be completely understoodby human beings and we are all on a journey to learn to know Him better.
We give YHVH titles 
such as "Lord", "Father", or "King". We give human characteristics ortraits to YHVH, and refer to YHVH as "Him" as though YHVH is a man. While YHVH is usuallyknown to us a Father, this in some ways limits our true grasp of His essence. Nevertheless, inorder for us to be able to comprehend God we give Him human attributes. This is the best wecan do at this time. YHVH and his Divine Presence, known as the Shechinah, is mostlyhidden to us at this time.
However it is written in Isaiah 6:3: "Holy, Holy, Holy, is YHVH, Master of Legions, the wholeworld is filled with His glory." This means that YHVH's presence is truly everywhere, and it isfor us to realize and see it for ourselves. 
 he personal Four-Letter Name of God is represented bythe letters YHVH in Hebrew. This Name is also referredto as “the Name of Grace”. The correct pronunciation ofthe letter Y in Hebrew is
"Yode". The letter
H ispronounced "Hey", and the letter
V is pronounced "Vav".Therefore the letters are correctly pronounced "Yode Hey Vav Hey".
YHVH means; “I AM that I AM” or “the Ever Existing One” 
, the name given to Moses byYHVH when the people wanted to know in who’s Name he was sent.The King James Version bible pronounced the name "Jehovah." Most bible scholars prefer"Yahweh." The exact pronunciation is in question. Consequently, most English bibles print"
" (all caps) for "Yahweh" and "
" (upper and lowercase) for the word Adonai.
We normally use YHVH in the text because there are different pronunciations for this namebecause no one knows how to pronounce the name correctly. Some believe not to pronouncethe Name of YHVH because of this fact and substitute it with “HaShem” (the Name) or Adonai(Lord or Master).This personal name of YHVH is never really pronounced as it is spelled. There are manyreasons why "The Name" is not used very much today and Jewish people substitute YHVHwith the name HaShem, that means “the Name” or Adonai, that means “Lord or Master”.
The name "Yahweh" is one of the names of YHVH that some people use. It has been ourexperience that Jewish People in general do not use this name. YHVH placed His namenearly 7,000 times in Scripture. I think He wants His Name to be known in all the earth.
His Name found in the Ark of the Covenant 
he Name of YHVH is also seen inside the Ark of the Covenant withthe items put in there while there was still a Temple. In the Arkthere were the two Tablets with the Law, the rod of Aaron and acup of manna. The manna represents the “yod” which also resemblesthe Spirit of YHVH. The Two tablets represents the two “hey’s” and alsothe Word of YHVH and Y’shua. The Rod of Aaron represents the “vav”and also man (6). Looking at all of this it gives us the teaching thatinside the mercy of the Father (mercy seat) is the Word (tablets) and theSpirit (manna) to guide (rod) man so that he can walk according to Hisways. It is amazing to see that in the Name of YHVH and the teachings connected to each ofthe individual letters, gives us understanding of what He is all about, what He has done andwhat He will come to do at His second coming. All of Scripture is about the Messiah; His firscoming and then His second and that’s why He is called the Word of YHVH that becameflesh.
 Adonai is spelled ADNY or "
 Adoni means: firm, Strong, Master and Lord 
. Now that you know the personal Name ofGod, we will explain why most Jewish people use the name Adonai when they pray. Adonai isthe substitute they use instead of YHVH and it means “Lord” or “Master”. The Hebrew wordThe name Adonai refers to God's Attribute of Mercy, and when we pray we are generallyasking for help or for mercy. Because we are human and we make mistakes, we need God'sAttribute of Mercy.
  
 The word Elohim is spelled "
  
Mem". This name refers toGod's Attribute of Justice. It also means "Ruler", "Lawgiver", and "Judge of the World."
Elohim has three distinct meanings; 
Messenger, Judge and King 
and this depict thethree attributes of the Messiah in His engagement with man. He came the First Time as theMessenger, to bring the “Good News” of Repentance and Salvation. He will cone the SecondTime as the Judge where He will come to collect His Bride and reject all those who rejectedHim.The Third Time He will be revealed as the King of kings and this will be after the 1000 yearpeace when the New Jerusalem will come down to the earth and then He will dwell with manforever and rule over humanity as the one and only King.The name Elohim, which is pronounced "Eloheem", isalso used quite a bit in the Bible. This is Hebrewtranslated as “
” in all the English Bibles. Elohimtogether with His angels and His Heavenly CourtSystem represent His Righteousness and Judgement.The Four-Letter Name is a combination of both Justiceand Mercy. Please remember that both of the namesAdonai and Elohim are Holy Names, and some peoplewill not directly pronounce these names either. 
  
consists of a
“Shin” and a
“HaShem” means “the Name”.
Most of the time the name HaShem or Hashem is used torefer to God. We use this instead of pronouncing any of the personal and more holy names.“HaShem” or “the Name” and the Jews use this because they do not want to pronounce HisName as Yahweh. Looking at the Name “Shem”
it consists of a
“Shin” and a
“Mem”, the“shin”
is on the right side (spiritual) and the “Mem” is on the left side (flesh). The teachingregarding ”Shin” is that it represents fire and the “Mem” represents water. The water and firealso shows us the two judgments, one already happened which was the flood at the time ofNoah, and the second Judgment will take place at the Second Coming of the Messiah whereHe will Judge the earth and will purge or cleanse it by fire. Water and fire are also at war witheach other because water puts out fire and fire evaporates water, this shows YHVH’s mercyat the time of Judgment.Looking at the physical placements we see that the “fire” is spiritual and afire always burns upwards. The water is fleshly and always runsdownwards. This also symbolizes the Word and that we have to humbleour selves to receive His Water or His Word which is the essence of Life.Bearing the Name of YHWH means that you are part of the Kingdom andthis related with the statement John made when he said that he baptizeswith water but Y’shua will baptize with the Spirit and with fire. Thisrestores your spiritual side and you will connect to YHVH and you will“connect upwards”. In Joh_3:5 He said that one must be born from waterand the Spirit to be part of the Kingdom. The Spirit relates to the fire and spiritual aspect ofthe Name and the water refers to the bodily baptism by water. We see two eventsrepresented by the name; baptism by water and by fire (Spirit).

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