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BAM the Deer House Program Notes

BAM the Deer House Program Notes

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Published by Panoply Lab

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Published by: Panoply Lab on Nov 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Deer House
Jan Lauwers & Needcompany
BAM 2010 Next Wave Festival is part o 
Diverse Voices at BAM
sponsored by Time Warner Inc.Leadership support or the Next Wave Festival provided by The Ford Foundation.Generous support or 
The Deer House
 provided by the Consulate General o Belgium in New York.Major support or theater at BAM provided by The Shubert Foundation, Inc. and The SHS Foundation.
BAM Harvey TheaterOct 5, 7—9, 2010 at 7:30pmText, direction, and set design by
 Jan Lauwers
Music by
Hans Petter Dahl
Maarten Seghers
(except “Song or the Deer House” written by Jan Lauwers)With
Viviane De Muynck
Grace Ellen Barkey
Hans Petter Dahl
 Anneke Bonnema
Misha Downey
Maarten Seghers
Julien Faure
 Yumiko Funaya
Benoît Gob
Inge Van Bruystegem
Eléonore Valère
 (replacing Tijen Lawton)Choreography by
The Company
Costume design by
Lot Lemm
Lighting by
Ken Hioco
Koen Raes
Sound design by
Dré Schneider
Production manager
Luc Galle
Assistant to the director and surtitles
Elke Janssens
A production with the Salzburger Festspiele. Coproduced by SchauspielhausZurich, PACT Zollverein (Essen) with the collaboration o deSingel (Antwerp),Kaaitheater (Brussels). With the support o the Flemish authorities.Approximaterunning time:two hours, nointermission
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Alan H. Fishman, Chairman o the BoardWilliam I. Campbell, Vice Chairman o the BoardAdam E. Max, Vice Chairman o the BoardKaren Brooks Hopkins, PresidentJoseph V. Melillo, Executive Producerpresents
2010 Next Wave Festival
The Deer House
Luc Galle
Ken Hioco
Assistant technicians
Elke Van Der Kelen
Lise Lendais
Costume assistant
Lieve Meeussen
Lise Lendais
Denise Castermans
Set construction
De Muur
Advice on deer
Dirk Claesen
(Zephyr)English translation
Gregory Ball
French translation
Olivier Taymans
English language coach
Louise Chamberlain
Helen McNamara
French language coach
Anny Czupper
Dramaturgical introduction
Erwin Jans
Maarten Vanden Abeele
   P   h  o   t  o  :   M  a  a  r   t  e  n   V  a  n   d  e  n   A   b  e  e   l  e
The Salzburger Festpiele invited Jan Lauwers tomake a new production,
The Deer House
, orsummer 2008. Together with
Isabella’s room
(2004) and
The Lobster Shop
(2006) this newproduction makes up a trilogy on humannature:
Sad Face | Happy Face
. The trilogy asa whole was perormed or the rst time at theSalzburger Festspiele.ON
Art is actually all about man and human natureand all good art is a sel-portrait o the observer.“One sees what one has learnt.” In good theaterthings happen which cannot happen in video,lm or art. As a medium, theater has the mostdirect link with “human nature” since it is per-ormed by people and or people. It is essential toseek out this human nature so that theater canredene itsel in order to survive. This means it isnecessary to tell new stories.Each o the three parts o 
Sad Face | HappyFace
deals with a dierent way o telling a story.The rst part,
Isabella’s room
is a refection onthe past and is the most linear piece I have everwritten. I needed this linearity because theoccasion or this piece o writing was highlypersonal: the death o my ather.The second part,
The Lobster Shop
, is aboutthe uture and its structure is that o a dreamor nightmare, whichever you wish. In a dream,time, space and place are interchangeable, andin art the beginning is not necessarily the begin-ning and an end is by no means sel-evident.The third part,
The Deer House
, is the present.One can conceive o the present in two ways(here we touch on the essence o theatre): thepresent o the world around us, by which I meanthe world in its broad political and historicalsignicance, and the present o the world weperceive when we look at someone who is doingsomething and knows he is being watched. Themedium o theater and the reality o the actorsat the moment it occurs. Good theater alwaysexamines the reality o the medium itsel.I was prompted to write
The Deer House
by thesometimes tragic peripheral events that takeplace within the close circle o Needcompany.While we were on tour somewhere in France,one o our dancers, Tijen Lawton, received thenews that her brother, the journalist Kerem Law-ton, had been shot dead in Kosovo. His tragicdeath provided the starting point or a play abouta group o theatermakers who are increasinglyaced with the harsh reality o the world theytravel around in. Everything is politics, but artisn’t everything. Art always gets caught betweenthe pages o history: it is utile and has no infu-ence on any events at all, which is where themysterious necessity or it lies.
 Jan Lauwers
Photo: Maarten Vanden Abeele

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