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Teabaggers Appear Brainwashed and Robotic

Teabaggers Appear Brainwashed and Robotic

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Published by BobLevin
Teabaggers appear Brainwashed and Robotic
Teabaggers appear Brainwashed and Robotic

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Published by: BobLevin on Nov 04, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Thursday, November 04, 2010
Teabaggers appear "Brainwashed" and Robotic
Average Teabagger IQ of 50 or lower required for membership
by Bob LevinPreviously reasonable people have been bombarded with propaganda to such a degreethat the repeated message acts as a counterintelligence reverse and mind-
control/”brainwashing” tactic to program the human mind, which is a scientific fact.
It would help for a person to understand my experiences and research on the inside of 
the CIA Torture Paradigm shift from physical to “no touch” invisible physical torture. This
is typically recognized through a repeated frequency of occurrences often applied inconjuncture with the fractionalizing methods of ongoing illegal Cointelpro operationsmeant to erode the total fabric of self and a collective humanity.With a prideful ignorance, teabaggers embrace disinformation as fact and ultimate truth.Many are prostituted by an anchored racial hatred at their core that subverts the
common middle ground necessary for meaningful dialog. I’ve attempted to achieve this
on several occasions and have usually been confronted by persons who increasinglybecome loud without offering anything greater than a bumper-sticker slogan.Teabaggers collectively form groupthink mobs of radical conservatives, orchestrated andagitated, by Republican ultra-neoconservative fascist infiltrators who insight violent andcriminal behaviors. Teabaggers are programmed to function as antisocial robotic gangs
of marauding “Manchurian Candidates.” 
Recently teabaggers have been filmed attacking an innocent female citizen holding apolitical sign as one male actor stomped on her neck. In another case, Glenn Beck onFox News was accredited by Byron Williams for inspiring his foiled plans to commit massmurder in San Francisco, CA.Beyond the talking head representatives of the teabag movement, the majority of rankand file teabaggers seem unable to reasonably answer any question that takes themoutside the box of their programmed sound-
bite culture; e.g., “I want my country back.” 
Ask the follow-up question, back to what and they are dumbfounded by a thinkingperson who is unwilling to join their idiocy.Many teabaggers who punish their minds by watching the seditious FOX PropagandaMinistries and especially some previously reasonable older folks, who use to know better,
now appear to have been successfully “brainwashed” beyond any hope of return. Some
have expressed the belief that 911 happened
during Bill Clinton’s administration and that
the economic crash [the second great depression] happened after Obama was in office.

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