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Ahkam as Salah (Rules of Prayer) by Taqiuddin Nabhani

Ahkam as Salah (Rules of Prayer) by Taqiuddin Nabhani

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Published by Ammar D.

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Published by: Ammar D. on Nov 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ahkam us-Salat
(The Rules of Prayer)
The Rules of Prayer (
Ahkam us-Salat
All praise is to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and peace be upon the seal of theProphets and Messengers, Muhammed (saw), and upon his family and his
I have found the Muslims today worshipping Allah (swt) without clearknowledge and understanding of the Ahkam
Shar‘aiah (Islamic laws), and have
found that they are in need of a book that is easy to study; a book whichgathers the Ahkam
needed for the Muslims‘ worship and whose
Ahkam arebased on the Islamic evidences. For this purpose, I dedic
ate this book, titled ―The
Ahkam us-
Salat‖, to all the Muslims, asking Allah (swt) to make it useful for
 them and to guide them to the correct path.1 Dhul-
Qa‘dah 1377
19 May 1958
Ali RaghibProfessor (Ustadh) in Al-Azhar Al-ShareefCairo
Chapter 1: Chapter of Purification (Taharah) 4
 The mixing of that which is pure (Taahir) with the water 5 The impurities that corrupt water 6 The use of water 6 The leftovers of Animals 7Purity (Taharah) 8 The description of Wudhu 9 Wiping the Khuffain (foot covers) 15 Tayammum (Dry ablution) 17 What nullifies Wudhu 21Major Ritual Ablution (Al-Ghusl) 28Impurities (An-Najasah) 31Removal of Filth 33
Chapter 2: Chapter of Prayer (As-Salat) 35
 The Times Of The Prayer 37 The Conditions For The Validity Of The Prayer 39 The Description Of The Prayer 42Standing, Niyaah and Takbir 42Opening Dua and the Fatiha 45Surah after the Fatiha 47
48Sujood (prostration) 50Sitting Between Prostrations 51
Second Raka‘ah
53 Tashahud 53
 Third and Final Raka‘at 
54 Taslim 56Qunut 57 The Fard of Prayer 58 The Numb
er Of Rak‘ah Of The Prayer
59 The Things Which Invalidate The Prayer 63 What Is Disliked In The Prayer 64 The Times During Which Prayer Is Disliked 65 The Congr
egational (Jama‘ah) Prayer
68Every Muslim Is Qualified For Leadership (Imamah) In The Prayer 74 The Prayer Of Shortening (Qasr) 79 Joining Between Two Prayers 83Praying The Missed Prayer 88 The Prayer Of The Invalid (Maridh) 92 Th
e Friday (Jumu‘ah) Prayer
93 The Prayer Of The Two Eids 100 The Funeral (Janazah) Prayer 101 The Prostration Of Forgetfulness (Sujud As-Sahw) 104 The Prostration Of Recitation 106 The Prostration Of Thanks (Shukr) 111
Chapter 3: Chapter of Fasting (As-Sawm) 113Chapter 4: Chapter of The Supplication (Ad-

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