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i Woke Up the Next Moring Groggy and ...

i Woke Up the Next Moring Groggy and ...

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Published by Nicole Wiseman
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Published by: Nicole Wiseman on Nov 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Necklace Nutmeg
I woke up the next morning groggy and feeling like I was beingswallowed up by marshmallows. I took a deep breath in and somethingsmelt so perfect, so homey. It was Edward. I looked down and noticed Iwas in a large chocolate brown shirt with a B in white that covered mostof my torso. I also noticed that my jeans were off but my socks werestill on. If I didn’t kick them off in the middle of the night then I mushhave been tired. I started to move around and I could feel the stiffnessin my leg. I looked down and saw the large white bandage with a bit of red on it on my upper thigh but that wasn’t what startled me.I saw a flash of silver and shot my hand up to my neck.
I didn’t remember wearing a necklace.
I threw the covers off of me and got up to look at the mirror that stoodagainst the against wall. I looked and as I got up and saw Edward walktowards me with a tray of orange juice and why smelt to be pancakes."Your awake?" he quickly placed the tray on the bed and came up to hugme. I just lost if. Hot tears escaped my eyes and I wrapped my armsaround his neck, standing on my tippy toes, and my fingers found theirway though his luscious hair, it felt like bamboo and silk. He smelt sweetand like him, he felt warm and safe." Edward I was so scared, I am so sorry, I.. I ... I should have told youabout James. Please don’t be mad at me" He looked down at me and Iwas melting into his eyes like I always did, and let my face rub upagainst his scruff and it seemed to absorb my tears as quickly as theywould fall. He rubbed his hands up and down my back in a tempt tosooth me. It worked. "hey, its ok. You're ok; I hate seeing your cry. Didyou even notice your necklace?" I turned around as he snaked his armsaround my waist. I moved my messy half up hair over my shoulder do Icould see the small silver chain that reached to right underneath thehollow in my throat. Attached to it was a small silver duck. Nothing else.Tears started to well up as I turned around and looked in his eyes. I sawin the background a little blue box and could only snicker. " For a guywho works at Cartier, I have a feeling you like a cretin jewelry store witha little blue box" He looked and me and kissed the tip of my nose. " Ireserve the red box for the special ones, and you Missy, will get you redbox soon" I looked up at him and he lifted me up, carrying me back intobed, not on the same side I was sleeping on before. I took a deep breath
in as he tucked me under the covers and placed pillows behind my backpropping me up. He giggled at me as she shook his head and placed thetray over my lap. He kissed my head and sat next to me under thecovers as he pushed me to eat. I knew he wanted to ask about James.After finishing my orange juice, I started. I looked at him and told himabout the past, about Samantha, about the attack last night, seeing himand Bree at the bridal store. The entire time
He held my hand streaking it with the pad of his thumb and brushing thestray years away with his other hand. I could feel my body becomeexhausted with all of emotions of telling Edward about James. He wouldsay things to assure me that I was in the right and that He cared aboutme no matter what happened between James and myself. But it mademe question my feelings for Edward. I fell asleep in Edwards’s arms ashe rubbed my lower back and placed his hand on the crown of my head.When I woke back up again I looked around and noticed it was dark out.I got up and saw a note on top of the pillow where Edward was just afew hours earlier. There was a pair of large black sweatpants under thenote. I picked up the note as I started to sit up in bed.
In case you get cold. I am in my office, come find me when you wake upEdward 
I put on the sweatpants and put my hair up in a low side ponytail, myhands brushing angst my new necklace, causing a smile to overtake myface. I walked out of the room and in the direction of the office but wascaught of guard by the smell of what seemed to be garlic bread. Sureenough I walked into the kitchen to catch Edward making what looked tobe pasta, homemade tomato sauce and what smelled like garlic bread. Icleared my throat. There were no words exchanged that night, justsmiled and kisses. It was nice to know that I could be so happy withouttalking. Then the phone rang. As he excused himself to get it, I didcheck out his ass in the jeans he was wearing. Any man who can weardark jeans and a white long sleeve v neck shirt and look that good cannot be human, he must be a god. And he was my god of a boyfriend. AsI started to relish in that Edward came up to me with a look of worry onhis face. " Hey its for you" and he needled down and kissed myforehead. I took the phone from him.
" Hey Bella its Renny" 
" Hey sweetie wasup" 
There was a pause, one too long for my liking
" Bella, I need you to promise me you are sitting down" 
Now I was scared
" Bella, James was released from jail" 
"On bail? What do you mean released..." 
"That’s not all, please are sitting down?" 
"Yes... but Renny are you ok? Is anybody hurt" 
"There’s been a fire" 
No. Not again
" Don’t worry we all got out of the bakery but then your neighbor called" 
"Wait Billy called?" 
"Your house, Bella. He was there, he burned down. Billy tackled him tothe ground until the police came. I am so sorry.." 
I dropped the phone and fell out of my seat. All of it, gone, burned up.James knew about the fire when I was younger. I felt my world crumbleall before me. All I could do was sit there on the ground and cry. I feltEdward pick me up and bring me somewhere. All I could imagine was hetaking me to bed. And that he did. I remember shaking as I sobbed intohis shit. I felt my stomach fall into knots. Before I knew it I was runningto the bathroom to expel the delicious dinner Edward had made for menot an hour before. The nasty taste now a stark contrast to the deliciousone as it was going down, was now filling my mouth. I felt cold handsrub the skin under my oversized shirt rubbing circles and swirls in apattern that was lulling me into allowing the nausea to fade away. Iheard tear drops falling into the now empty toilet and I started to dry

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