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Birthdays and the Book of Life

Birthdays and the Book of Life

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Published by mikejeshurun9210
Who can really celebrate their Birthday? What does the 'Book of Life' have to do with Birthday celebrations? What does the Bible say about Birthday celebrations.
Who can really celebrate their Birthday? What does the 'Book of Life' have to do with Birthday celebrations? What does the Bible say about Birthday celebrations.

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Published by: mikejeshurun9210 on Nov 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Celebrating Birthdays and ‘The Book of Life’
Mike Jeshurun
What does celebrating birthdays have to do with the Book of Life? Read on.Firstly, should a Christian celebrate Birthdays? What saith the Scripture?There is no law which
a Christian from celebrating Birthdays. But then if all that happened unto the Old Testament Jews are for 
: and are writtenfor 
admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come. [1Cor 10:11] andif the Most High has commanded us
not to learn the way of the heathen
, for thecustoms of the people are vain. [Jer 10:2,3] then we cannot justify Birthdaycelebrations from Scripture.Only three recorded birthday celebrations in Scripture and two are marked withmurder and the third with revelry ending in destruction!The first account is in Genesis. Pharaoh, the Egyptian king, celebrated his birthday by executing his chief baker [Gen. 40:1-23]. In the second account, the NewTestament figure Herod the tetrarch reluctantly ordered the beheading of John theBaptist [Matt. 14:3-11]. The final account is found in the book of Job. The Biblesays that Job’s seven sons “went and feasted in their houses,
every one his day
;and sent and called for their three sisters to eat and to drink with them” [Job 1:4].These parties were obviously not centered around any kind of celebration related toGOD, or Job would not have worried that his children may have sinned duringthese celebration feasts. He was not exactly sure what was going on in their minds, but the very celebration of their birthdays triggered great concern in him [1:5].Apparently, during the birthday party of Job’s oldest son, God allowed Satan to killall ten of Job’s children through what appears to be a tornado [vs. 6-13, 18-19]And as far as the Lord Jesus’ Birthday goes, I have no need to tell you that thewhole thing comes from Paganism and was later popularized by the Great Whore[the Papacy]. Show me a Reformed preacher who renounces Christmas and preaches against it and I’ll show you a preacher who refuses to be a man-pleaser![Gal 1:10]
Instead of celebrating their Birthdays, we find many prophets
cursing the day inwhich they were born
let the day perish wherein I was born
, and the night in which it was said, 'Thereis a man child conceived'" (Job 3:3).
cursed be the day wherein I was born
: let not the day wherein my mother bareme be blessed. Cursed be the man who brought tidings to my father, saying, A manchild is born unto thee; making him very glad. And let that man be as the citieswhich the LORD overthrew”! [Jer 20:14-16]
In fact The Jews in Christ's day knew God's law forbids celebrating birthdays.Josephus, the Jewish historian of the first century, declares: "Nay, indeed, the lawdoes not permit us to make festivals at the births of our children . . ." (AgainstApion, book II, §26)The only people on the face of the earth who can rejoice in their birth are the Electof God. I.e. the vessels of mercy, which He hath afore prepared unto glory! [Rom9:23]. Of the rest you might say what the Master said concerning Judas – “it had been good for that man
if he had not been born
”! [Mt 26:24]This is the
of the Doctrine of God’s AbsoluteSovereignty! That the children not yet being born, neither having done any good or evil; God loved the one and ordained him to life and the other to damnation! Neither of them had any part nor say in the matter!So the million dollar question is not whether your name is written in the ‘Book of life’ but whether it is written in the ‘
Book of Life’! “Is there a difference”you ask? Yes there is! And a very big one at that!In fact most Arminian objectors of the doctrine of eternal security often ask “Donot the words of our Lord in Rev 3:5 imply the possibility of our names being blotted out of the Book of Life?” We answer certainly not! When we study theBible carefully we discover that God maintains many books and among these are
two books of life
. One from the
vantage point and the other from thevantage point of the N
ew Creation
. The former is the Book of Life containing allthe names of every one whom God created and brought into the world. This is the book that is in view in Exodus 32: 31-33. And again this is the book in view whenDavid said “Thine eyes did see my substance yet being unperfect and in Thy book all my members were written, which in continuance were fashioned, when as yetthere was none of them.” Ps 139: 16.

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Mystic Sojourner liked this
mikejeshurun9210 added this note
Thanks Shirly! it is Sisters like you who appreciate the truth who make my life worth living! Thanks again and God bless!
Ambrose Shirly added this note
I am very grateful to have had all three of my acting pastors over the last twenty years, teach against and reject the pagan holidays and dates....and God used them as mighty instruments to reveal these hidden truths to me, starting right after my regeneration with Xmas and Easter.
Ambrose Shirly added this note
Thank you Michael for such an excellent piece, I have finally quit birthdays for over a year now and that was the last of all the pagan celebrations over the course of fifteen plus years. It feels so good to be free from that bondage and yet of all of the pagan dates and days, the birthday thing has been the hardest because I had always been such a birthday person and loved to remember birthdates.
mikejeshurun9210 liked this
mikejeshurun9210 liked this
mikejeshurun9210 liked this

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