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The Triumph of the King of Crackland

The Triumph of the King of Crackland



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Published by Devon Pitlor
The stability of a new colony is ensured by a former prom king and his court
The stability of a new colony is ensured by a former prom king and his court

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Published by: Devon Pitlor on Nov 05, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Triumph of the King of Crackland
by Devon Pitlor
Prologue:It was a major happening in the court of King Zack and Queen Xenia of Crackland. The multiple rapist and putative serial killer Tavaris Murgal hadbeen caught by the Midnight Riders and was led before the flower-strewnthrone of King Zack by the leather-clad brothers Wade and Wyndal Thorne,who had always led the Midnight Rider pack. Tavaris Murgal was obviouslycrazed and darted his bulging eyes from side to side like a trapped rat,eyeballing the assembly. Zack of Wampaugh glanced at the criminal prostateat his knees and decided, as was his nature, not to show any mercy. He gave asimple signal with a flick of his wrist, and the court executioner ButchMcGreevey who had once been the most frightening bully in high school cameforward hefting a huge cleaving axe in his hands. Butch was powerfully builtand dressed appropriately in executioner's black, although he had notbothered to pull down his ceremonial face mask. As the contented court lookedon, Butch prepared to exact justice for his king and queen. "This will be a first
for me," he muttered, "but it looks like fun." He grabbed the chain thatbound the wrists of the unfortunate Tavaris and dragged him across the woodfloor to a small patio off from the side of the main, knotty-pine paneled throneroom. King Zack and his entourage followed his every move, but Queen Xeniaprofited by the distraction to glance seductively at her page, a lithe young boywho was standing behind a nearby curtain. She gave him a nod which seemedto say "Later in the usual place." Then she turned her eyes sharply upward toanother person half-hidden behind one of the curving bowers of flowers thatstood behind the two thrones. To this older, more ominous person she gaveanother sort of nod, and the eminence vanished into a cloak room behindwithout waiting for the execution. Some of the others in the court drifted outof the throne room as well, but most stayed. The capture and execution of Tavaris Murgal was something that they wanted and needed to see. And theysaw it. Summarily, Butch McGreevey, who had never hesitated to do violence,thrust Murgal to his knees and pinned his neck against a huge stump whichseemed freshly cut from a fallen tree somewhere. The condemned mangroaned and chattered his nonsense nervously. He was obviously insane.Down in one stroke came McGreevey's axe, and the man's head tumbled awayfrom his still quivering body. Blood squirted from the headless neck in severaldirections, forming sticky puddles around the axe block. It spurted until itstopped, fizzling out in volume.
Justice, in the Monarchy of Crackland, had been carried out. The House of Wampaugh was firmly in charge. The public was satisfied. Xenia the queenrose and excused herself. Few noticed that the underaged page followedshortly behind. King Zack busied himself with some other issues ondocuments presented ceremoniously to him by squires, many of whom hadknown him in high school---Wampaugh Preparatory High School inCarverton, New York, one of the finest schools in all of the Hudson RiverValley, but that was another story from a time past. The head and carcass of Tavaris Murgal were dragged away by attendants who also began mopping upthe clotted blood pools.Had King Zack of the House of Wampaugh been in any way curious, however,he might have wondered how a four-time convicted killer from Pennsylvania, aman sentenced to life imprisonment for reasons of insanity, had ever beenreleased and brought to the Kingdom of Crackland and why.But it was not in Zack's nature to be curious. That was why he made a goodking.I. People in high places

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Devon Pitlor liked this
Devon Pitlor liked this
Mike707 added this note
My kind of story. Action. Intrigue. Interesting characters! Gread read.
JeffMR added this note
Story is a mirror of our world. The mediocrity. The real power behind the politicians, kings. It has everything!! Powerful.
MartinDrake added this note
Your longest and possibly most complex story to date. Very original and thought-provoking. I loved it!
Carson89 added this note
Voted tops by reading group!!
Asticot88 added this note
The best one yet. A gripping pseudo-political thriller. Page turner!!
MaryAnnaX added this note
Inner earth tale!! Great. More intense imagination. Loved it.

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