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Family Constellation -The Impact of Past History Upon Perception of Soul

Family Constellation -The Impact of Past History Upon Perception of Soul

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Published by Kay Needham
An essay outlining the impact of past upon everyday perception of everyone everywhere.
An essay outlining the impact of past upon everyday perception of everyone everywhere.

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Published by: Kay Needham on Nov 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Soul movement is a mysterious shifting of energies that can happen on a deepconscious and unconscious level of being. To perceive or recognise these subtle shiftsand changes of inner energy states, one needs to grow awareness of being. Thewikipedia dictionary describes “being” as:1.the state or fact of existing,2.essential nature; self 3.a point of view gradually coming into being, laws in existence for centuries4.a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or functionindependently.The inner language of being is somewhat foreign to the left brain logicalunderstandings of mind that are orientated towards doing. How do we discern a factfrom a fiction? How do we recognize the essential nature of the being or beings of others? How do we see, sense or grasp a point of view that gradually comes into being? How do we do that? The answer is we cannot, we DO NOT, we can onlyremain aware, alert, with inner senses activated and engaged in the present moment.To see conscious being is an art dependent upon awareness. It is the ultimate creativestate of perceiving via inaction; to see what exists behind all action. Somethinghappens via being. What is this something that moves and motivates action within thetimeless existence of being? Something develops flowers, reveals itself, opens,moves and changes us. I suspect this is what Hellinger refers to as “movements of thespirit mind.”This essay attempts to outline how we as participants and facilitators in F.C., mayincrease our awareness and ability to perceive spirit mind movements; within theknowing fields that surround us, and in life in general. There are many ways toincrease the inner sensitivity needed to sense soul movement and observe the effectsof phenomenology in these fields. In particular this essay focuses upon “insight” and“inner-sense” and the instinctive and intuitive pathways available to develop thiswithin the human being. It also takes a look at obstacles and morphogenicenvironmental elements of past history that prevent perception, and our ability to seeand sense in the knowing field.SUBCONSCIOUS SUPPRESSION OF INNER SENSORY PATHWAYSInsight and inner-sense describe the ability to sense not only that which is outside theself, but that which resides and moves within. The first recognition of growinginsight is the realization that “I” am not only the body, nor am “I” the mind; I amALSO awareness. Sounds relatively simple in its application, however that ALSOremains mostly hidden within the morphogenic fields of history; including political,religious, cultural and educational groups world wide. That ALSO, also representsthe 5% conscious tip of the iceberg that pokes out from the 95% subconscious mindsof all living in those historic fields called past. How does that resonate? “I amawareness AND I am 95% unaware of whom or what I am!” “I am awareness andanchored to 5% present and 95% past history?” A morphogenic history that ensures1
95% of our interior is unknown to us until we dare to look and awareness is able tosee it.Bruce Lipton Ph.D, is presently furthering epigenetic reality, and the genome, withground breaking research acknowledging the influence of history and subconsciousupon present minds.“The conclusions of the “new” biology provide a radical departure from our conventional beliefs of how life works. In contrast to the notion that we are biochemical automations driven by genes, the new insights reveal that it is the mindthat controls the genes, which in turn shape our biology and behaviour. The self-conscious mind, associated with our individual identity and the manifestation of thoughts, is guided by our own personal desires and intentions.While we generally perceive that our self-conscious mind is “controlling” theshow, neuroscience has established the fact that 95% of our behaviour is under thecontrol of the more powerful subconscious mind. As most of our personal andcultural problems arise from the fact that behaviours derived from the subconsciousmind are essentially invisible to us, we rarely observe our automated behaviour.” 1.“The Subconscious mind is simply a “record-playback” mechanism that downloadsexperiences into behavioural tapes.” While the self-conscious mind is associatedwith creativity, the subconscious mind’s function is to engage previously recorded programs.” 2“We have all been shackled with emotional chains wrought by dysfunctional behaviours programmed by the stories of the past.” 3 This 95% is born out of existential exclusion; the refusal or inability to liveTOTALLY. It is made up of all the unfinished or incomplete moments of expressionwe have failed to live “SOULLY” and “WHOLELY”. This 95% is a consequence of separating or excluding, the totality of living in tune with existential laws and ordersof life. It is born out of suppression and repression of natural impulses that respond tolife every moment. The 95% subconscious, unconscious habitat is weighted by theseaccumulated incomplete behaviours of our past.“Sheldrake has created an intriguing concept of fields in biology. He has postulatedthe existence of morphogenic fields that govern the behaviour of species. This type of field possesses very little energy, but it is able to take energy from another source andshape it. The field acts as a geometrical influence, shaping behaviour. Morphogenicfields are built up through the accumulated behaviours of species' members(Sheldrake 1981, 60)." 4What we accumulate is history. What we carry is past. These fields are filled withstatic, non dynamic imprints and images that are weighted with past memories andhistorical references of body and mind. The “non-local”, fabricated organism of thesefields, formed by self coherent past patterning; weigh heavily on present potential for dynamic exchange of life force in the present. Hence they possess little energy, their 2
content is “stretched thin and expended” by constant repetition of patterns. These patterns are like waves in the ocean; each wave appearing unique and separate, andrepresentative of differences (a unit.) These fields are projecting secondary andentangled intention. The content of these morphogenic fields is “non-essential”,secondary energy, in the form of past, that inevitably overshadows the “essential”, primary space, intention and energy of the present, also in the field. The essentialhere is like the ocean and is representative of sameness or oneness (unity.) Is this thethird reality Hellinger refers to in the following? Is looking beyond suppression, pastand morphogenic fields the way into this third reality?UNITY AND DIFFERENCE“The word unity only makes sense when there is difference. Without difference therecan be no unity for unity is that which brings differences together and binds it.”“The cosmos or the earth or nature is all unities forged out of difference.”“The acknowledgement of difference creates this deep unity and it is precisely thedifference, the opposing, intrinsic to this unity, which has the creative effect. Theresult of evening out all the difference and distinction is not unity but a unit. A unithas very little creative energy. It is the opposition with its intrinsic tension that forgessomething new, a third reality.” 5“REMAINING WITH THE ESSENTIAL- Bert Hellinger The whole plant is contained in the shoot. The assembled energy is there. But theshoot is small and only takes up a little space. When a whole tree has developed outof the tiny shoot, this energy is stretched thin and expended.”“That’s why one works from the principle that only the absolute essentials should beset up. Then there is far more energy and force available.” 6If opposition with its intrinsic tension is what forges something new it becomes veryhelpful to look into and understand opposition well. Every great warrior knows thesecret of “knowing thy enemy well”, so much so that you become him! If Morphogenic fields are representative of opposition it is worthwhile taking a closer look at what forms them. History forms them, mind, language and conceptualizingmemory and experience holds them together.CONCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGE V’S PERCEPTUAL KNOWLEDGEIs conceptualizing our only form of “doing”, that interferes with “being”? Could thesemorphogenic fields of concept be representative of projection? Is concept not driven by left brain logical and masculine principles of seeking causes? Could projection bethe after effect of lost and separated past moments, seeking to gain connection or inclusion in the present? Are morphogenic field’s simply holographic fields projectingthe excluded, unseen, incomplete and hidden effects of past moments; that were oncedominated and excluded by the unconscious seeking of causes and the ignoring of effects? If so, the problem is, that because of separation, the cause/ effect link has been broken, the dynamism interrupted and the potential for wholeness destroyed. A3

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