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How to Win Over Any Nigerian Woman and Make Her Beg You to Marry Her

How to Win Over Any Nigerian Woman and Make Her Beg You to Marry Her

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Published by Keysopedia Wired

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Published by: Keysopedia Wired on Nov 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How To Win Over Any Nigerian Woman And Make Her Beg You To Marry Her
Men always dream about being the one who can attract almost any woman and get her to sleep with him. Women do not easily jump into the sack with every random male and you first need to understand what they actually look for in a man before going to bed with him.Once you master everything that a woman needs you can easily drive any woman to get into bed with you.
 Read on to find out some of the most effective ways toget any woman to sleep with you easily.
 This guide is the result of 12 years of my research into the best methods to have more power and choice with theopposite sex. In a nutshell, I put this guide together to help other men do better with women.
I think that ultimately what every man wants is to meet that ONEspecial woman.
 Unfortunately, you may have to meet dozens, if not hundreds, of women before you’ll find “the one”. And if you don’thave the knowledge and experience to deal properly with women in the first place, odds are you’ll blow it when you finally meet that special woman.I’ve seen it…firsthand. When the woman of your dreams DOES come around, you’re going to have to say and do everything right. Truly spectacular women are few and far between, so you’d better be ready. This guide is designed to give you acomprehensive, user-friendly system in order to be ready when that time comes.  About half the contents of this guide are a compilation of my thinking and experience. The other half are compiledfrom the excellent material and ideas from several other websites. 
 You can investigate websites and their material on your own, however with this guide I’ve done all the work for you, and “trimmed the fat” in their systems to give you the bare bones of what works.
 Just as I’ve taken from others, feel free to take what you find herein and adapt it to your own style and needs.
What NigeriansLike You AreSaying AboutThe Book “HowTo Win OverAny Nigerianwoman AndMake Her BegYou To MarryHer: WomenMagnet”
Jimoh H., 38, photographerKwara State
"I started working with Akinloye when I had just come out of a short relationship that left me feeling despondent, wondering what I had done wrong and worried that I would end up alone. With Steve direct and  practical advice, it feels good to be single and free to meet someone great, and I know with the strategies Akinloye has given me, I will!" 
Solomon. C. F, Journalist 36Lagos
"Akinloye's ability to help me identify patterns in my relationships helped me to break those patterns and focus on what I really wanted. Within days of reading 
“women magnet” 
, I had met my wife. This time I didn't take steps to sabotage the relationship, and we were married 8 months later. I still find it hard to believe that a book of such a token amount can have so much impact on my life. I don’t really know how to thank you.” 
Page 1 of 27How To Win Over Any Nigerian Woman And Make Her Beg You To Marry Her11/6/2010http://www.keysopedia.com/ad_books/How_To_Win_Any_Nigerian_Woman.html
 What you’ll find different about my guide is that I don’t just lay out broad principles and expect peopleto be able to apply them. It’s not enough to just tell a guy to “Say something to her to show that hertesting doesn’t affect you”. He needs to see examples of WHAT to say to communicate that it doesn’taffect him. Not only do I provide the “what” to do and say in many situations, but I also often providesome ideas of what to do and say if the situationcontinues further.
 But before we go further, let me share my story withyou.
I want to make you a true ladies’ man, an envy of all other guys who will beg you for your secrets of attracting women.This will happen to you if you follow my advice.Nearly a dozen years ago I was divorced, thrown into the singles world, and totally unprepared for living the singleslife. I was 30 years old at the time and had no idea on how to meet and date beautiful girls. For nearly five years I visited several singles bars in Lagos nearly every week, sometimes three and four times a week. I never met a girl in a bar. I tried, I really tried.
I went up to hundreds of girls during that time and was rejected by nearly all of them.
 A few would dance with me but that’s about all. None would give me their phone number or want to date me. I was completely unhappy and miserable and quite willing to admit defeat.Someone told me about personal ads and how they helped him to meet women. I decided to try too. I gave up the barscene and devoted 100% to the personal ads. I met many girls through the personals and even wrote two manualsabout them. You may have one or both of them. For five years I never went to a bar and stayed with personal ads.But after a period of a time I missed the dancing and music of the bar scene. I knew that many very good-looking girls went to the singles bars. I decided to try again, after all I met many girls through personals and I should have moreconfidence that would help me in the singles bars. I would try the following Friday night.That Friday night I went to a popular club at Ikeja, a place I knew would be filled with sexy looking girls. I was right!There were all kinds of pretty women all over the place. But a strange thing took place. My feet froze to the floor. Icould not gather enough courage to even approach one girl. I was a complete washout in a bar. I stayed nearly all night,holding up the wall and staring at all the beautiful women that were there. I went home completely miserable thatnight.I decided to try again the next night. This time I would ask some of the girls to dance, one or two had to say yes. After acouple drinks I got a little braver and asked ten girls to dance that night. Every one of them said no. I was shocked. I went into the rest room and looked into the mirror. I saw a 42 year-old balding man with a pot belly. The women musthave laughed at me when I asked them to dance. I felt worse than I had ever felt in my entire life and went homedejected and unhappy. After a few days I stopped feeling sorry for myself and knew there had to be a way for average looking guys to meetgood looking girls in bars. I was determined to find out. I owed it to myself and also to the many guys who wrote to mepleading to tell them how to meet the beauties they saw weekly in the bars. 
 How These Men Changed Their Lives
 UCHENNA- "I had terrible luck with Nigerian women. It was terribly hard for meto meet Nigerian women. When I did meet Nigerian women, I couldn't hold theirinterest at all. I would date them once and they would never want to go out with meagain. I was ready to give up on Nigerian girls when Akinloye told me about the "D"technique. I met this sexy looking Nigerian girl at the supermarket. She was one of thecashiers. I just started talking to her one day. I became pretty friendly with her. After talking to her about two weeks I asked her out. To my surprise she agreed. Ididn't want to screw it up so I derided to
the "D" technique that very night. Ipicked her up and she looked absolutely gorgeous. It was going to be hard to follow my plan because I felt like attacking her on the spot. Have you ever seen a Nigeriangirl that looked and smelled so sexy you felt you desired he" so much you'd doanything to make love to her. This is how I felt with Jan that night. I wanted to headright for my apartment. But I restrained myself.  We went out to eat and dancing at a local nightspot. When I danced close to Jan my heart was beating as fast as hell. I felt like I was in another world. Could I really goahead with the "D" technique? As Akinloye will explain in detail a little later the"D" technique is the Dangling technique. Let her dangle he says. Easy for him tosay. When you have a beautiful Nigerian sexy girl willing and eager it’s hard tomake her dangle, but I did it. I did exactly as he said and surprised not only Jan butmyself as well. Jan could nut leave me alone after that. She kept calling me fordates. I guess I was the only Any Nigerian Man who ever used that on her and itmade me a challenge. I dated Jan a lot and she fell in love with me. So did dozens of other Nigerian girls I used the "D" technique on. The word got around and beautiful Nigerian girls were asking my buddies to introduce them to me. My fameis spreading and my buddies are amazed because I am a homely Any Nigerian Man.I owe my success to the "D" technique. Thanks Akinloye." Uchenna used the "D" technique with much success. I will explain it in great detailin a little bit and how and why it works. Let's meet a few more Nigerian Men whoselives have changed since they learned how to handle Nigerian women. 
NB: “You can include my testimonial on your website. I don’t mind because you have helped me rebuild my life” 
Akano K. P., Hotel MGMT. 27Lagos
"Akinloye, I thank you for helping me see value in myself, and that I am worthy of love, acceptance and happiness. I am stronger,wiser and more comfortable in my own skin. With your guidance I now feel in control of my life,successful in what I have accomplished, and I now have a future I look forward to. Thanks so much!" 
Ahmed I. O., Interior Decor 28Lagos
 "I first started reading 
“women magnet” 
, when I was struggling with self esteem issues as a result of an unhealthy relationship. I wasn’t happy and Akinloye helped me to take control and regain ownership of my feelings. It wasn’t an easy  process but 
“women magnet” 
,approached it with a wonderful mix of professionalism, warmth and understanding. I am so thankful for his encouragement and support along the way." 
Wisdom F. U., 32 Lagos
"I came to reading 
“women magnet” 
, when I had trouble moving on from a previous relationship. The skills and strategies in the book helped me to develop not only helped get me back on track, but have been incredibly useful in everyday situations as well. As a result I am more confident in myself and have better relationships with those around me than ever before. Thanks, Akinloye." 
Chinedu G. A., Spare PartDealer 42 Abia
"I always found your book very supportive of me as someone with  potential. I think the big difference between Akinloye and other people is that he’s  prepared to say what he thinks and for someone like me that is 
Page 2 of 27How To Win Over Any Nigerian Woman And Make Her Beg You To Marry Her11/6/2010http://www.keysopedia.com/ad_books/How_To_Win_Any_Nigerian_Woman.html
- "My biggest problem was what to say to Nigerian girls after I metthem. I could gather up the courage to talk to a Nigerian girl but I could nevercarry on a conversation. I would usually stand there in frozen terror not knowing what to say next. The Nigerian girl would usually lose interest and leave me. I feltthat I would never have any Nigerian women because I just didn't know what tosay to them.  Akinloye told me how important the first 60 seconds were and what to do in thosefirst five minutes. He also explained to me how to warm her up and make herreceptive to my talking. It was a big help. Now I have no trouble talking toNigerian women and I always know what to say." Later on in this manual you will learn everything there is on talking to Nigerian women, how to holdtheir interest etc. It is extremely valuable advice because why the hell meet Nigerian women if youcan't talk to them?SAMUEL - "Until I followed Akinloye's advice on handling Nigerian women I was a complete washout as far
any type of dating or relationships. I looked like a fat Woody Allen and was what you would call a nerd. Beautiful Nigerian women were only a dream to me. Depressionand loneliness were like old friends. I was in my late 20's and never had a Nigerian girlfriend. Ifelt that nothing would help me meet any kind of Nigerian women more less the good lookingones that Akinloye claimed I could meet.  Akinloye told me that he could have beautiful Nigerian sexy girls begging me for dates withintwo weeks. I told him that he was nuts. But since I had nothing to lose I decided to follow hisadvice and see what happened. His advice proved to be a real eye opener. I couldn't believe that it could be so easy meeting anddating Nigerian women. I met three good-looking Nigerian women the very first week Ifollowed his advice. I not only met them, but I dated them and eventually had to tell them tostop calling me because I wanted to go out and meet more Nigerian women. I met and dated between 30 to 40 Nigerian girls in three months following the advice in Akinloye's "womenmagnet". Not one of them dumped me. I had to stop dating 25 of them because I just didn't havetime. It's so easy to hold on to beautiful Nigerian women once you know how. Beautiful Nigerian girls are no longer a problem for me. I have dated some of the most beautifulNigerian girls in the world. I owe it all to "Women Magnet!” Now you are going to learn what Samuel, Abubakar and Uchenna have learned, how to handleNigerian women. Read the rest of the manual over very carefully and I guarantee you when you finishand absorb all the principles you will be ready for some of the most beautiful Nigerian girls in the world to come into your life. 
 Beware! You are about to learn several Unfair  Seductive Techniques. But hey! Who cares? Even theworld is unfair.
Many people who read the rough draft of this book were upset by parts of it. Invariably, I'd hear the same complaint. "These tactics you're teaching probably work really well. We thought the partson power and confidence and on meeting women were great. But some of the actual seduction techniques are downright dishonest and unfair. They really don't give the woman any choice. Why don't you just leave them out of the book? Then no one could possibly have any objections.
exactly what I needed. I'm very thankful to Akinloye for the challenge (my wake-up call) and for the positive support in helping me believe in myself." 
Seun U. T., Banking 32 Lagos
"Akinloye has a genuinely empathic ear and makes accurate observations without judgment in a non-threatening manner. He has contributed greatly to improving my self confidence through his book , helping me be very much in control of my own life and destiny, and above all teaching me to truly trust my gut instinct in decision making." 
Olushola A. K., Drycleaning 36Gombe State
 "Akinloye quickly got to the heart of what had led me to seek help and provided me with immediate exercises to put into  practice all in one book. His combination of sympathetic caring and practical resources was the balance I needed to get real results . and it’s stuck with me. Now, if I feel I’m coming unstuck I think (or my friends ask me) ?What would Akinloye say?? I’d absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking the assistance to move forward.
Ibimiebo D. H., PoultryFarming 32 Lagos
"Reading “women magnet” helped me to realise that the general feelings of unhappiness I was experiencing were all related to a relationship that no longer worked for me. Akinloye was forthright, direct and I came to really enjoy the sessions. It is no exaggeration to say that there were some lessons learnt about relationships that will stay with me for the rest of my life." 
Haruna D. J., Currency Trading32 Lagos
"The book “Women Magnet” had an exceptionally down-to-earth manner, balanced at all times with professional insight, and  gave me some practical tools to steer me through some difficult 
Page 3 of 27How To Win Over Any Nigerian Woman And Make Her Beg You To Marry Her11/6/2010http://www.keysopedia.com/ad_books/How_To_Win_Any_Nigerian_Woman.html

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