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Published by Andy Brown
This is an idea I roughed out for a sci-fi series (mini-series really) that I drafted a few years back.
This is an idea I roughed out for a sci-fi series (mini-series really) that I drafted a few years back.

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Published by: Andy Brown on Nov 06, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1AnnivarCreated by: Andy BrownWritten between 12/15/07 and 1/14/08CastAnnivar: Princess of PrimhavenGarivar: King of Primhaven
Jerrie: Annivar’s maidservant
Wren: Annivar’s Fool
 LeStacia: Queen of Bourbonham
Wyman: LeStacia’s tax collector
 Calliard: Prince of Bourbonham
Deston: LeStacia’s Sorcerer
 Ithorn: Bandit who kidnaps AnnivarSkarl: General of Arms for LeStacia
Horace: Ithorn’s second
-in-commandGlossen: Mastermind behind plots against Primhaven and BourbonhamLutzig: Member of 
Ithorn’s camp
Brawr: Skarl’s second
Prentiss: Member of Ithorn’s camp
 Vicar: Brought in to wed Annivar and CalliardSettings:Kingdom of PrimhavenKingdom of BourbonhamTerrean Forest
Annivar, Part One: Unexpected Journey
Our tale takes place in the peaceful Kingdom of Primhaven. In the lavish throne room of the castle,Princess Annivar and her trusted companion and fool, Wren, amuse themselves.Annivar: Wren, do it again! I love that trick you do with your balls!Wren: Of course, Princess.(Wren juggles three glowing orbs in the air.)Annivar: Pretty. How will I survive without you when I embark on my studies in Winterhaven?Wren: You mean the King isn't going to pay for me to study alongside you? What kind of Fool am I ifI have no wit?Annivar: Oh, Wren, that would be too perfect. But someone must stay behind and entertainFather. He'll be lonely without me.Wren: Alas, the King is not so easily amused when I play with my balls as you are.(Jerrie, Annivar's maidservant and attendant, enters the throne room.)Jerrie: Princess, there you are! I've been looking all over for you. Your riding instructor informedme that you did not appear for your lesson this morning.Annivar: Jerrie, I mastered riding at an early age. What is there left for Wendell to teach me?Wren: Kama Sutra?Jerrie: As long as your father remains King, you will follow the schedule he sets for you. Riding at10. Archery after lunch. And tea at 2.Wren: Is the King training a lady or a warrior?(King Garivar enters from a secret entrance and stands behind Wren.)Garivar: He certainly isn't training a fool, Fool!Wren: My apologies, your majesty.Annivar: Father, be nice to Wren.
Garivar: And good day to you, too, daughter.Annivar: Good day, Father. (Annivar gives her father a big hug and curtsies.)Garivar: Jerrie, are my daughter's trunks packed for her journey?Jerrie: Yes, your Highness.Garivar: Good, good. We shall depart for Bourbonham at sunset!Annivar: But, Father, my studies are in Winterhaven.Wren: There's nothing in Bourbonham except bandits and that awful Queen LeStacia.Garivar: Precisely, Fool. There has been a change in plans, Annivar. We have an audience withQueen LeStacia on the morrow.Annivar: Oh, Father, not that!DUH DUH DUH!!!!!!Will Wendell teach Princess Annivar the Kama Sutra? Why is King Garivar taking his daughter tomeet Queen LeStacia? Will Wren have a job when his mistress leaves the castle?Find out next ti
me on……
Annivar, Part Two: Disturbing Currents
While King Garivar and Princess Annivar make preparations to depart Primhaven, a very differentscene takes place in the dark and oppressive castle of Bourbonham. Queen LeStacia holds court inher throne room.Wyman: Your majesty, I bring the daily collections from your people.LeStacia: Was there any defiance this time, Lord Wyman?Wyman: None, Highness. I believe the Wicker Street Bloodlettings was a sufficient demonstrationof what happens to those who defy your will.LeStacia: The Wicker Street Bloodlettings? Is that what they're calling it?

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