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Just Friends...

Just Friends...

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Published by sunnibunni770

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Published by: sunnibunni770 on Nov 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Are you sure you don’t want to go,Alex?” Mom asked me again.I rolled my eyes and read my book as Ishifted in my green bed.“I’m sure, mom. I’ll be fine. I can last aweek without you.” I shrugged.“Yeah! Mom, she can handle herself!”my older sister Brenda yelled as she packed her stuff.Mom patted my leg and frowned.“Okay, I left money downstairs. I putemergency numbers on the fridge andmake sure you lock the doors before yougo to sleep.” She warned.
“Yes, mother.” I said sarcastically withanother roll of my eyes.She grumbled something under her  breath then walked away. I heard themall leave out the door and our mini vandrive away.I sighed.I was glad they were gone. I put downmy book and went downstairs to look inthe fridge.Today was the beginning of SpringBreak.Of course my family wanted to go tofreaking Disneyland but I denied.
 Not that I don’t love my family, it’s justthat I don’t like them.
That’s okay...right?
I left a post on my Facebook.
 Bored out of my mind! I know everyoneis gone, but I need HELP!
I walked to the bathroom and ran a handthru my light brown hair that had a hintof golden blonde. I had black streaksgoing thru the bang and the rest of myhair.I wouldn’t call myself the hottest girlalive, but I was pretty good-looking.My chocolate brown eyes appraised mycurvy, but slim form.

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