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My First Essay

My First Essay

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Published by Alaba Babajide Baju
I got impatient of writing a book so I paused and wrote this essay straight from my...pen
I got impatient of writing a book so I paused and wrote this essay straight from my...pen

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Published by: Alaba Babajide Baju on Nov 07, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A personal Essay about writing | ALABA BAJU
My First EssayWhenever I try to write I am always trying to producesomething extraordinary. I try to write something that would be a delight
to read for those minutes it will be in a reader’s hands. When it is
dropped, I want to see a smile on a face, and I want it to earn the coveted
title of ‘Very interesting’. I write constantly comparing my writing with
those of international bestsellers on how absorbing it is. I always wish fora million people, who would read my writing and review it immediately.The success stories of writers like J.K Rowling and those books I loved tothe extent that I wished I could control amnesia and forget them, so Icould have the luxury of reading them all over again. Sometimes I wonder
how I would have turned out if I didn’t have a TV stand with a bottom
layer full of books when I was little. I started reading them when I saw mysiblings (I am the last born in a family of four children) doing so. I was
probably bored that I didn’t have someone to play with. Soon I got
interested in it on my own. I would dig through the pile of books hoping
that there would still be one I hadn’t read and it s
eemed to last a fairlylong time. Enid Blyton is not a name I believe I will forget.The thing is, unlike this essay, my whole life is not aboutwriting. I have my engineering studies to face, I really love football and Iam currently trying to unseat Bill Gates on
list. Some people mightlabel me an over-achiever, as now I have created my master of all tradespersonality to fit into, with no instruction manual on how to actuallyachieve it. Well the answer I choose to believe in is God. With GodANYTHING is possible and I really truly believe that. It seems every darkcloud really has a silver lining because that was something I picked out of a really stormy cloud.
Back to my writing. My sister used to write and I always wanted to aswell. She used to write on and off, never really developing a story beforethrowing it away. Through some seemingly ripple effect I started writingsometime later and barely made 3 pages and then stopped altogether.She at one time wrote about 80 pages of a book then all of a sudden,stopped. She was probably my subconscious source of motivationbecause
as she stopped I didn’t pick it up again either. I was about
10 tenthen and though I excelled at essays in class, that was about it. Fast-forward 8 years, and I got a new push. This time my inspiration wassomeone I met and only spoke a few words to. It was a girl I sat besideduring a show, she was holding a book. One of the few words I spoke toher that night was to ask her if I could see the cover of the book in herhands, it was one of those motivational/leadership books (which some
people who knew I liked books found odd, but I figured I didn’t need any)
 from the library. After the show that night I was for some reason
I can’t
remember now, thinking about her. It was probably because she had thatcalm demeanour, with this really beautiful skin and she was a bit pretty. It
t that I had suddenly fallen in love with her, whoever she was, but Iguess she was the type of person that was easy to take a liking to.The next day or so at the library (which was of arespectable size), I somehow ran into the book while looking forsomething else. It was quite a coincidence more so as the book was theonly thing I really remembered about her. I took the book down from theshelf and read it for about three minutes, believing it must be more thana coincidence that I saw the book. I was thinking of how books neverseem to reflect a trace of the person who last held them as I flippedthrough the book to finish and put it down, then I saw three pieces of paper inside. I froze for a second as I remembered she was holding those.I really felt all of a sudden it must be a kind of sign from God to go andfind her. It almost made me break a sweat for a second as I was jokinglycontemplating that earlier. On one of the pieces of paper in the book was

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