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Interpreting Vimshottari Dasa

Interpreting Vimshottari Dasa



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Published by Sarajit Poddar

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Published by: Sarajit Poddar on Oct 23, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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© Sarajit Poddar, SJC Singapore
1.A planet shall give the results of the house it owns. For example, if a planet if fifth lord, then itwill give progeny or power in its dasa.2.A planet gives results (either good or bad) as per the functional significations as per the followingguidelines:a.Whichever house the planet is placed b.Whichever house the planet aspectsc.Whichever house lord it is placed withd.Whichever house lord it aspectsDuring the dasa of a planet, the natural significance (naisargika karakatva) gains or suffer based onwhether the placement of the planet is auspicious or inauspicious.The results will be auspicious if i.the planet is placed in Exaltation, Mulatrikona, Own house, or friends houseii.placed with benefics/ friendsiii.aspected by beneficsiv.hemmed between beneficsThe results will be inauspicious if i.the planet is placed in debilitation, enemy signii.placed with maleficsiii.aspected by maleficsiv.hemmed between malefics3.A planet is capable of giving results as per its functional or natural significations either in the dasaor antardasa or smaller periods. The functional significations are based on the lordship, placementand yogas this planet would have in the horoscope. The natural signification is based on what theysignify naturally such as Venus signify marriage and relationship, Jupiter signify progeny etc.4.Normally a planet would not confer the result (either auspicious or inauspicious) in its ownantardasa. They do so in the antardasa of the planet associated with it. By association followingthings are meant.a.Conjunction b.Planet aspecting the dasa lordc.Planet having subha-argala on the dasa lordd.Planet exchanges position (either rasi, nakshatra or navamsa) with the dasa lorde.Any planets who share the same dharma as of the dasa lord. The following planets share thesame dharma as of the dasa lord.i.All saumya grahas (Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and strong Moon (in paksha bala) have the same dharmaii.All papa grahas (Saturn, Mars, Sun, badly associated Mercury and weak Moon)havethe same dharmaiii.Yogakaraka- The other planet involved in the yoga, leaving the yogakaraka under consideration
In all the cases, if the yoga is auspicious, then the auspicious results of the dasa lord is feltand vice-versa
Thus the mahadasa lord gives its results only in the antardasa which is suitable.5.The dasa of the yogakaraka shall have following results in different antardasas:a.Antardasa of a related auspicious planet (yogakaraka or lord of trines), the results will beauspicious b.Antardasa of related yogakaraka, the results will be very auspiciousc.Antardasa of related functional malefic planet (lord of the trisadayas and the eighth), theeffect of the rajayoga would be extremely feebled.Antardasa of a related marakesh, only minor results would be presente.Antardasa of a unrelated auspicious planet, the results would be moderately auspiciousf.Antardasa of unrelated functional malefic planet or marakesh, the results would be extremelyinauspicious- however, some good results of the auspicious dasa lord shall also be felt6.During the antardasa of a functional malefic (planets suffering with kendradhipatya dosa or thelords of the trisadaya or the eighth lord) planet, following results are felt:a.The antardasa of a unrelated functional benefic/ yogakaraka, the results of would beinauspicious b.The antardasa of a related functional benefic, the results would be inauspicious- lesser of theinauspicious dasa lord and more of the auspicious antardasa lordc.The antardasa of the neutral planet shall give inauspicious resultsd.The antardasa of related or unrelated functional malefic would be terrible- more so in the caseof related planete.The antardasa of functional benefic in dasa of a marakesh, the person would not die, howevethe antardasa of an unrelated functional malefic can cause death.f.In the dasa of Kendra lord or Trikona lord, the results of different antardasa would be:g.If Kendra and Trikona lord are associated, the in the dasa of the Kendra lord, Trikona lord’santardasa would be auspicious and vice- versah.If Kendra and the Trikona lords are not related, then in the dasa of Papa Kendra lord, the antaof Subha Trikona lord would be little auspicious, whereas the antar of papa Trikona lordwould be inauspicious.7.In addition, during the dasa of a subha Kendra lord, the antar of a papa Trikona lord would be littleauspicious and the antar of a subha Trikona lord, the results would be predominantly auspicious.8.In the dasa of Papa Trikona lord, the antar of subha Kendra lord would be auspicious and antar of  papa Kendra lord would be little auspicious (provided the Trikona lord is not eighth lordsimultaneously)9.In the dasa of Subha Trikona lord, the antar of subha Kendra lord would be auspicious and theantar of the papa Kendra lord can be little auspicious, if it is associated with the Trikona lord. If there is no association between them, then the antar would be predominantly inauspicious.10.The results of Antardasa in Dasas of the Nodes:i.If the nodes are placed in Trikona, then the antar of the Kendra lords confer rajayoga.This is also true during the dasa of Kendra lord and antardasa of the nodes so placed inTrikonaii.Similarly if the nodes are placed in Kendra, the antar of the Trikona lords confer rajayoga. This is also true during the dasa of Trikona lord and antardasa of the nodes so placed in Kendraiii.If the nodes are placed in auspicious houses, then their antardasas in the dasa of ayogakakara or during the antardasa of a yogakaraka in their (nodes) dasa, the results areextremely auspiciousiv.If the nodes are associated with the 8th / 12th house/ lords, then their dasa/ antardasawould be inauspicious
11.According to Phaladeepika, the dasa of a planet becomes inauspicious, if they fall in a particular sequence as mentioned below:i.Saturns dasa happens to be 4th dasaii.Marss dasa happens to be 5th dasaiii.Jupiters dasa happens to be 6th dasa12.Dasa of planets placed in the Rasi Sandhi/ Gandanta is terrible to the house lorded by the planetand the natural significations of the planet. The trouble would pass by in a malefic antar and would be lesser during the benefic antar.13.The dasa of sixth, eighth or twelfth is troublesome. The trouble is lesser if the lord is well placedin exaltation, mulatrikona, own sign or friend’s sign and would be more if badly placed in itsdebilitation sign or enemy’s sign.14.During the dasa of a planet, the native is endowed with the nature and complexion of the dasalord. The fiery planets would give brilliance, the watery planet would make one emotional andcompassionate, the earthy planets make one hard working and the air planet would make the person thoughtful and philosophical. Along with this, the native would partake the guna of thedasa lord. Thus during the Jupiter, Sun and Moon’s dasa the native becomes sattvik, during thedasa of Venus and Mercury, the native becomes Rajasik and during the dasa of Mars and Saturn,the native becomes tamasik. More effect of the guna of planets on the native can be learnt fromBPHS and Saravali.15.The result of a planet going towards its exaltation increases as the dasa progresses and similarly,the dasa of a planet diminishes with progress of the dasa, if the dasa lord is going towards itsdebilitation (one sign behind the sign of debilitation)16.Malefics give their results of its placement in a rasi during the first third part, the results of its placement in a bhava in the middle third and the results of its aspect in the last third of the dasa.Similarly Benefics give their results of their bhava in the beginning third, the result of rasi in themiddle third and the aspects in the last third of the dasa.17.When the dasa and the antar-dasa lords are placed in the 6th/ 8th or 12th from each other, theseshows enmity, physical troubles, troubles from unknown sources etc. If the antar lord is a friend tothe dasa lord or the Lagna lord and well placed in the sign, then the trouble would be lessened. Onthe contrary, if the dasa- antar lords are badly placed and the antar lord is an enemy to the dasalord and/ or the Lagna lord then the antar would be very troublesome.18.During the dasa of a planet, the house where the antar lord is placed the results of that housewould be specifically felt. For example, if someone is running the dasa- antar of Sun- Moon; andMoon is placed in the 5th house from the dasa lord, them the 5th house effect would bespecifically experienced. The good or bad results to be experienced related to that bhava would be based on whether or not the dasa and antar lords are well placed.19.If the dasa lord is capable of give both good and bad results (such as a planet becoming anyogakaraka as well as maraca at the same time) by the virtue of its placement and yoga, then thegood results would be felt during the antar of planets beneficially disposed and the negative resultswould be felt during to the antar of negatively disposed planets.20.During the dasa of a planet, whichever house it transits from the Lagna, the result of that particular house would be specifically felt during such transit.21.The results of the dasa are modified based on the transit of the dasa lords in different signs. If thedasa lord goes to an enemy’s sign or the sign of debilitation or the sign having lesser bindus (lessthan 4) in the dasa lord’s astakavarga, or the sign having lesser bindus in the sarva-astakavarga and

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