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Popular Culture Galore Part 7

Popular Culture Galore Part 7



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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Nov 07, 2010
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Popular Culture Part 7
I love to be controversial since that's my job. This work will be more personal for me since itdescribes or details a much fuller picture of my real life. Even now in late 2010, popular culturedevelopments are still flowing in the world. This is the seventh part of the popular culture series. Imight do this series until I pass away, because certainly in our day, it's critically important to
understand about the truth pertaining to the music industry. For numerous years, I’ve been on thisEarth, I’ve still got my faith and I will never quit in my life. For thousands of years, music has beena stirring, powerful force in the realm of humanity. There is a real distinction between music that'slegitimate and can uplift the human race (and music that doesn't uplift the modes of humancivilization). The corporatists knew of the profound value of music, so in many cases theyadvance plus fund nihilistic music all of the time. Some people hear it every day. Yet, the goodnews is more young people even desire a reflection in life. This reflection isn't about embracingunjust hatred, but a forthright love of the truth. History is certainly a great, riveting topic todiscussion.
I guess with
me writing all of these words, you (or the viewer)must be curious about
something. I'm a smart man and I'm an intuitiveman. So, I guess you're
thinking is that since I write about all of theseevents, occurrences, etc. then what
types of music do I listen to? Even myrelatives (living in the Richmond area
and Emporia, Virginia) constantly askme what kind music do I listen to? The answer to that question is a journeyand a display of the history into my family's musical tastes.
 Back in the day, my parents were Baby Bombers, so they've listened to old soul music like theTemptations, Motown artists, Otis Redding, and other people. They also listened to Gospel musicbeing African Americans like Mahalia Jackson (some people call her the greatest gospel singerpound for pound ever), James Cleveland, the Winans family, etc. My father likes Otis Reddingand Gladys Knight. I've haven't even heard of hip hop music until the late 1980's. This was whenhip hop music grew and became extremely popular in America and the world. In that time fromthe 1980's early 1990's, I was exposed to pop, hip hop, R and B, and Gospel music. I heard ofcountry music before in the early 1990's. In that time, I didn't know that much about rock and rollmusic or heavy metal, because of cultural reasons. It was only one of my older brothers thatloved rock and roll and metal. That was taboo back in that day, because of obviously reasons (Inthe ghetto, few people listened to rock or metal). My older brother listened to Van Halen, LedZeppelin, REM (that took alternative music into another level. The interesting thing is that theirleading singer Michael Stripe collaborated with the rapper KRS-One), etc. I didn’t know of theseartists’ real history until years later. Ironically black people invented rock and roll. All of real blackculture and real music have been co-opted by the elite in order to control culture that the eliteoriginally reviled. For example, the elite back then reviled more conscious hip hop music as beingnot real music and then they or the establishment promoted hip hop on their terms today.
Theestablishment seeks to
devalue real culture in order to cause people tohate themselves and
embrace a more militant, selfish materialist mentality.It is an anti-God
mentality to have self-hatred and lust over material wealthinstead of having
love for your fellow human beings irrespective of whatthey are. So, it's fine
to want to preserve our culture and preserve ouridentity with moral
absolutes. Give back to your own community and helppeople. That's real
talk.So, there is nothing wrong with you existing withyour natural features
and your natural thinking (We should never beashamed of what we are or
what we look like which is God-given
He (or myoldest brother) loved the Beatles and had CDs and books about them. I only knew about theBeatles in a real sense until the late 1990's by looking at documentaries and books. I think myolder brother's eclectic interest in music comes from my mother since my mother loves R and B &Gospel music, but also likes opera and classical music (as my mother could get along with peopleamong different races and backgrounds since she is a people person. That is why she can getalong with people among different backgrounds. A lot of people are known for theircommunication skills. It is what it is. This placed an influence on me since she caused me to getalong with people of different backgrounds too. This influenced me and my other brothers as wellsince we have eclectic tastes and can get along with our own people and people of different
ethnicities too). My other brothers mainly listened to R and B music and hip hop. So, I've listenedto hip hop music and R and B music in the 1990's.
There is another story on this issue. I never told this story publicly to you the viewerbefore. I guess in 2012, people want stories. Here is another one. I remember backyears ago looking at the video show called Splash with my brothers. Splash was like amusic video show. It showed videos like Janet Jackson’s “Runaway,” and otherlikeminded songs. I heard an interview KRS-ONE gave on Splash TV about the EastCoast/West Coast feud back in 1996. In 1996, I saw a commercial about promoting analbum from the Roots too. The Roots is a famous rap group that uses eclecticinfluences. Also, there was the Box show that people dialed into their phones in order forvideos to be requested. If you are from Generation X or Generation Y, you know what Iam talking about here. Those days make me nostalgic at times. I do love this presentgeneration because of the technological development and the rapid spreading of thetruth so thoroughly. I saw Splash TV and the Box from 1994 to 2001.
It was in the late 1990's and the 21st century when I've started to question some of the nihilisticand evil lyrics in many genres of music. I've looked at the Internet and looked at DVDs about thisissue like the famous "They Sold Their Soul For Rock and Roll" documentary made by Fight theGood Fight Ministries. Back in the early 21st century, I've learned about the Illuminist or elitestrangle hold on the secular music industry indeed. One easy example is how MTV has a place toshow videos, etc. in a Canadian Masonic Temple. This doesn't mean that I'm a hermit rejectingany form of music. Music is a great part of culture and my own people have made excellentcontributions in the realm of music that ought to be respected. In every generation, there arepeople with gifted talent. People like Leona Lewis, Melanie Fiona, Aretha Franklin, Toni Braxton,Adele, Brandy, Monica, Amerie, Nat King Cole, etc. have that talent.
As for Leona Lewis, shehas a great voice for a young person. Leona is probably one of the greatest singers (withone of the greatest voices) that I’ve heard from the younger generation of people. When Imean younger generation, I mean from 2005 onward not in the 1990’s. A lot of peoplecompare Leona Lewis to Mariah Carey. Yet, when you compare both voices fairly, you willsee that Mariah Carey’s voice (especially in her prime, which is from 1990-2007) is a betterthan Leona Lewis (yet, Lewis is quickly increasing her musical skills). Although, in thespan of 10-20 years, who knows what will happen. This comparison is silly since artistsshould have the right to be themselves. Alexandra Burke is a sister from the UnitedKingdom with a great singing voice as well. She’s very gifted with great talent. Her voice isalso amazing. Jennifer Hudson is a singer with a great voice and is one of the greatestsingers in our generation too.
Everybody knows that Jennifer Hudson can blow.
 I understand that there is nothing wrong with listening to music that uplifts the soul and it's wrongto ally with music that seeks to crush the soul. So now, I do listen to some Gospel and music thatuplifts people, educates people, and instructs people in living the right way.
Music is nevercolor limited since real music can touch anyone of any color. No one of anyrace or background should be intimidated into being limited in what realmusic he or she listens to or comprehends at all
I don’t think less of a manor a woman by how they talk like either. Regardless of how someone talkslike, they still have equal value and worth as any other human being. So,having an unique voice is a gift from God not a cultural hindrance. Weshould promote healing and move forward.
You judge a person on theirdeeds and actions not how they look or talk like at all.
As a brother, I do likechocolate if you get what I’m saying.
I love that connection and mutual respectfrom a sister. Sisters will forever have a special place in my heart and they areQueen.
I am what I am.
Yet, love is love. You have the right to be in love and

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