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House Slash

House Slash

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Published by Daintybeef

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Published by: Daintybeef on Nov 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The familiar strains of guitar hero drifted through the house mixed with the usual sounds of Christhrashing vigorously at the drum kit, intermingled with grunts of displeasure at the occasionalmissed beat.Oh for goodness sake! he exclaimed after a particularly frantic round of notes, throwing the drumsticks to the ground in disgust.Tough song? Iain poked his head into the lounge from the kitchen and smiled sympathetically.Want me to tutor you a bit? The smile turned into a cheeky grin.Chris turned back to the screen and scowled in disgust at the cheery 32% leering at him mockingly,oblivious to the undertones buried in Iains offer. That would be great mate, cheers. The grin onIains face widened as he moved to join Chris on the chair.Actually, it would be easier I sat on your lap. Chris looked bemused. So I can help you with thedrumming, Iain added hastily.WellOh come on, Im not that heavy! Iain joked, winking impishly at Chris and taking his place on his lap.Chris flinched but didnt push him off, he just reminded himself that Iain liked girls, there was nopoint even thinking about it.Although it was hard not to think about it. Now you were holding your drum sticks all wrong, hereshow you do it Iain neatly polished off the swaying coloured lines of notes, every hit sending ashudder through his body, and in response, a shudder through Chriss. His own drum stick began tostir in response, pushing insistently against the constraining jeans. Chris frantically tried to focus onunsexy things: his physics professor in a tutu, Cthulhu in a thong, Iain naked and playing dragonforceon expert, tongue stuck out in concentration, a pearl of sweat running down his back until itvanished between his pert Too late! He was now standing well and truly to attention and beginningto form dewdrops of sweat all of his very own. His rhythm stick began to pulse with the sway of themusic, and the sensual sway of his hips. Surely Iain would notice? But he just carried on drumming,although from behind Chris couldnt see the Cheshire cat grin that accompanied the quickening paceof the notes.I cant believe you failed on this song! He chuckled mischievously, and Chris would have hung hishead in shame if it wasnt quite so painfully erect. I bet I can even do it with one hand its so easy!True to his word, the left drum stick was discarded leaving only the right to flash across the drums.But that left his hand free to search for quite another instrument to play. Chris stiffened in his seat atthe first touch of Iains questing fingers, he gasped when they found what they were looking for.Now this is how you hold a drum stick Iains voice purred in his ear. The heavy click of the frontdoor broke the moment, sending Iain scurrying back to the kitchen; but not before he had firedanother charged wink at Chris. Later, the wink implied.Hey, is dinner nearly ready? Lewis asked Iain, shucking his coat, before noticing he was hurriedlymopping water off the hob from a neglected saucepan. Oh, have I come in too soon?
Definitely, hissed Iain, exasperated. Could you just watch this a sec while I go help Chris... ButLewis had already moved into the other room, exclaiming Hey, Guitar Hero! and Iains entreatywent unanswered.Chris started, woken from his daze. He looked at Lewis and gulped nervously. Yeah, Iain was justteaching me How to use the drum sticks Lewis gave him a funny look. Pretty easy isnt it? Holdthe shaft, hit things with the head. Chris smiled awkwardly, Yeah, something like that.Well can I join in or is this a private party? Ive been itching to play guitar all day. Lewis settledhimself down on the sofa as Chris battled to recover his thoughts. Surely that didnt just happen? Hewas sure Iain only liked women.Lewis, can I ask you something? Chris asked hesitantly while Lewis picked up the guitar and pickedhis character: Clive Winston of course. Yeah, sure, he replied distractedly as he scrolled down thetrack list.Iains straight, isnt he? Even to his own ears, the question sounded contrived and awkward, butLewis only laughed. Mate, I dont think anyone in this house is completely straight! He continued toweigh up the merits of Eye of the Tiger verses Beat it, not noticing Chriss completely flabbergastedexpression.Um What? Chris ventured cautiously. Lewis decided on Beat It and added it to the song list. Wellafter RABIES last year I dont think any of us can claim to be straight. Chris was further taken aback. Imean, of course he remembered the RABIES orgy but he hadnt thought it had
anything,theyd all been drunk after all. Everyone had joined in! It suddenly struck Chris what Lewis hadimplied with his statement.So Lewis are you? he left the question hanging, it was just too awkward to ask directly. If hewas, then Chriss mind began to wander. Both of the men he admired? Surely it was too much tohope for.Lewis ceased his idle song browsing to face Chris directly. Am I what Chris? he asked softly, hisvoice layered with sensuality. Chriss eyes widened, the moment lengthened, they both leant intogether, mouth seeking mouth.Oh for goodness sake! Iains voice rang shrill through another broken moment. I warm him up andhes promptly stolen! He stood hands on hips in the doorway, brandishing his whisk. Lewis, yousuck, he pouted.Lewis, his face still close to Chriss, smiled slowly and growled Well, that was my intention Chrisflushed red, frozen in a moment of indecision. Now he was sure he was dreaming.Iains facesmoothed into the familiar saucy smile. Now, is there any reason we cant share? Lewiss eyes ranover Iains body still taut with thwarted lust, weighing up his options. I dont know, after last timeIain rolled his eyes. Look, bringing spherecat into bed with us was what made it special okay? I dontknow why you objected so much. Chris raised an eyebrow; so that was why spherecat had smelledodd last week. He almost regretted throwing it at that fresher now.
Dont I get a say in this guys? Chris had finally recovered his composure and while he couldnt denyhe was enjoying having these two fight over him, hed realised he objected to being treated like apiece of meat. Both Iain and Lewis turned to him, questioningly.What, you want out? Iains smile had slipped a few notches; Lewis was beginning to look sullen.Damnit, now it was all going wrong, hed known this was too good to be true but to have it snatchedaway now... Lewis began to slump back into the sofa, taking with him any chance Chris had of finallyfulfilling all those lonely late night fantasies. Maddened bythe sudden thought of being alone, heacted purely on impulse: he reached for Lewis and they coupled to each others inputs at last,exchanging data passionately. With the aching inevitability of missing the last note on an otherwiseperfect song, they fell together back onto the sofa, bodies entwined like synchronising wavefunctions. Their legs coiled together, circled, oscillated with the rhythm of each others heavingchests.Iain stood at the end of the sofa, trying to look annoyed but consumed with the sight of his twofavourite physicists writhing on his sofa. Well, really he preferred Richard Feynman but sadly he waslong dead. He licked his lips. Well, can I join in or what? Chris didnt even notice Iains plaintiverequest, but Lewis deigned to beckon him into the cuddle pile. Now thats more like it, hemurmured, clambering aboard the already overloaded sofa.As the game difficulty began to approach hard mode,hands began to travel to places new and oftimagined, buttons being pressed in faster and faster succession. In the chaos of arms, legs and drumsticks Guitar Hero went into a frenzy of song scrolling, finally settling on Barracuda after oneparticularly powerful thrust. Another squirm of ecstasy dialled the volume up to 11. The piercingsqueals of the singer mingled with the throatier groans of enthusiastic strumming, creating anunholy cacophony that echoed through the house.Guys, what the hell. I need my beauty sleep Oh what? Alex emerged from his darkened cave, eyesblinking as they adjusted to the light of the lounge. The sight that greeted him as the room came intofocus would have shocked even the most experienced deamonette of the old world: a tangled massof limbs and guitars, drum sticks being used entirely inappropriately, a SetoKaiba thong draped overthe TV screen. Chris feebly tried to prop himself up on his elbow, his face flushed the same colour asthe red note currently dominating the chorus of Barracuda.Alex I can explain he attempted half-heartedly. Iain rolled his eyes and sunk back onto Lewissluxuriant chest fur. The explanation is actually fairly simple. Its the excuses for ruining the sofathatll be more difficult. He poked idly at a damp spherecat and placed him carefully on an equallytarnished cushion. For fucks sake Iain, again?! scowled Lewis, eyeing spherecat distastefully. Iainshrugged nonchalantly and stuck his tongue out, almost provoking another round of face invaders.By the time Iain had been subdued by means of stuffing spherecat securely in his mouth, Alex haddisappeared. Chris, though still lying comfortably replete after all those hammer-ons, couldnt helpbut sigh. Alex as well? It would have been the perfect end to a perfect day.Suddenly, FURRIES! The door to the lounge burst open to reveal a now-unrecognisable Alex as bear,complete with a thick furry pelt created from a much misused purple dressing gown and a mask of aface that only an ursine could love. Barrrrracuda! he howled. Iain introduced palm to face and spatout poor spherecat. Oh, here we go again but he couldnt keep the note of pleasure out of his

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