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GLBT News Nov 2010 Print Edition

GLBT News Nov 2010 Print Edition

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Published by mxchanak49
The GLBT News is published in a print edition monthly with an electronic version distributed at the print edition is delivered. Additionally, a weekly update is sent electronically to those who subscribe, for free. To subscribe: Write Worley Rodehaver at map@ella.net.

This publication is free to be distributed to all. Michael Chanak is a columnist and regular contributor to the paper.
The GLBT News is published in a print edition monthly with an electronic version distributed at the print edition is delivered. Additionally, a weekly update is sent electronically to those who subscribe, for free. To subscribe: Write Worley Rodehaver at map@ella.net.

This publication is free to be distributed to all. Michael Chanak is a columnist and regular contributor to the paper.

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Published by: mxchanak49 on Nov 08, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Greater Cincinnati
Page 1November, 2010
Serving the Cincinnati LGBT Community since 1996 
Northern Kentucky PRIDE—2010
Youth, have a bullying Problem—Call the Trevor Project, 1-866-4-U-TREVOR
Schafer PhotoSchafer PhotoSchafer PhotoSchafer PhotoSchafer PhotoSchafer PhotoChanak PhotoChanak Photo
Page 2—GLBT N
November, 2010
MAP Publications, 1727 Highland, Cincinnsti, OH 45202, P.O. Box 14971, Cincinnati, OH 45250-0971
“Always be yourself,”
Billy Elliot 
This Newspaper is supported entirely by income fromour Advertisers. Editorials/Opinions are the opinions of the writer or organization and thepublisher assumes responsibility only for Editorials, Opinions or Commentary written by the publisher or editor(s). Views expressed in Organizationalor Independent columns or in Letters to the Editor are those of the organizations or writers.This Newspaper is distributed FREE at Advertisers' locations, through community organizations and other outlets. The publisher assumes noresponsibility for content, accuracy or validity of Advertising.
Vol. 13, No. 11, November, 2010
Contents © GLBT News, 2010
Publisher/Editor—Worley Rodehaver; Associates, Michael Chanak, Karen Halyszan, Joe Wilks
Greater Cincinnati GLBT News
“Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease, only love can do that.”
Martin Luther King
This publication is dedicated to those
t is our goal to record the positive contributions
people make to their community and the localcommunity at large. While AIDS and Hate CRIMES are certainly not positive things, we seek to draw thepositive fromthe negative. We hold up Paul Delph and Matthew Shepard and their families as models of howhuman beings should or could react to each other and how families should support loved ones whose livesare not in the box right wing religious zealots want themin. Delph, a multi-talented Cincinnatian, died of AIDSin 1996. His mother shut down her business to care for him. Shepard died in 1998, victimof a hate Crime andhis mother worked for years to get passed a national Hate Crimes Bill, which is now law.
who have or have died from AIDS or Hate Crimes
is published monthly in Cincinnati, Ohio.
 Editor’s Note:
This is the first time there have been four PRIDE events in Greater Cincinnati in the same year.We invited the chairs of eachevent to “tell their story”about their event. Northside, Northern Kentucky and Kings Island PRIDE chairs chose to participate. Their stories follow.
By Patti Herrmann
Our first NKY PRIDEevent was fantastic... We hada great turn out despite thecold weather.I would like to thank theentire community for all thelove and support over the lastyear and a half of planning forthis event. I had a greatcommittee and wonderfulsponsors. We had more than20 vendors and fantasticentertainers and speakers.I had vendors come up tome at the end of event and saythey thought we were veryorganized and that was greatnews. For our first year I’mpleased with the results andeveryone told me what fun
they had at the Party in the Park.
The media has been fun towork with and The City of Covington has been verysupportive and great to work with this last year. I feel thatwe celebrated our PRIDE andit felt like the entire commu-nity worked together and thatwas extremely important forus all.Next year is up in the air asfar as dates but we might becombining efforts withCincinnati’s PRIDE event.We are having a rap upmeeting at the beginning of November and finish up ourthank you cards and then amuch needed break for theholidays....At the beginning of the year we are off andrunning and the planning willbegin again for next year.From the bottom of myheart I Thank everyone formaking a dream come true inNorthern Kentucky.
Three PRIDEchairs telltheir story
By Dan Wells
Northside PRIDEfest
To all who attended the2010 Northside PRIDEfest,we hope you had a blast!We know it didn’t compareto the festivals that we haveseen in Northside in the lastten years, but It was the bestwe could do at the lastminute.If you came early, you mayhave been able to see EnguardFlag Shows in Hoffner Park,and we know it would havebeen so much better if we hadbooths and activities in thepark, but it did not fit into ourlast minute budget for theevent.The fashion show that took place from noon to three atthe Northside Tavern was areally great time, the musicand models really broughtexcitement to the afternoon,and the Cin City BurlesqueShow that followed was justas entertaining. Thanks to theBands and DJs that came outto entertain us and the venuesthat opened their doors to ourfestival. We know that theTavern took up most of theexcitement during the after-noon, but that evening thestreets were filled with GLBTattendees who were lining thestreets with an evening of PRIDE!The Bronz had a hugesucess with a full club startingvery early in the evening, andthe Northside Tavern kept usbumping all night withDANCE MF! As our GLBTcrowds went back and forthbetween the two we saw whatour Gayborhood had to offerMayday did their first wave80s night, and DJ Geraldplayed a special show at RedPolly. To say the least, wehad an amazing night!We really want to keep thetradition alive and going betterand bigger for next Summer!We are now forming acommittee and throwingparties which will benefit ourfund so that next year we canhave all the things we reallywant, like a big party inHoffner Park—full of booths,music, food and drinks andfun in the sun. Please messageus at
 NorthsidePridefest -@gmail.com
if you want tohelp us out.Our first benefit party washeld on Saturday Sept 25th atthe Northside Tavern. 80s onthe Avenue with DJ Geraldwill bring us back to whenNorthside boasted Jacobs onthe Avenue the bar and clubnow known as Bronz. The80s night at Jacobs wasthrown by DJ Gerald foryears and years, and now wewill relive this experienceagain with 80s on the Avenue
, Page 3, Col. 1
Page 3November, 20l0
Scott E. Knox
General Practice including:
Probate—Wills/Powers of Attorney Disability (Social Security/SSI/DisabilityInsurance) Lesbian/Gay/Transgender Legal IssuesHIV Legal Issues
Honored as one of 
Lawyers Weekly USA’s
Attorneys of the Year for 2002
13 E. Court St., Suite 300, Cincinnati, OH 45202
Tel: 513-241-3800 FAX: 513-241-4032e.mail:
 FREE Initial Consultation
Wooden Nickel Antiques
We buy, sell, auction
Architectural antiques, back bars,Furniture, chandeliers, fireplace mantels,Decorative arts, paintings, lampsPool tables, music boxes, folk art1400-1414 Central ParkwayCincinnati, OH 45202
woodennickel@fuse.net www.woodennickelantiques.net 
—Page, 5, Col. 1
By Rusty Locket
Kings Island PRIDE
It’s the event that you’velook forward to for the last 14years!PRIDE Night at KingsIsland, the Gay & LesbianCommunity Center’s annualfundraiser was held once againand with great success. Wehad nearly 3,500 folksattending and raised about$30,000. Both are nearrecords for the event.You can’t beat it really!Nothing like getting togetherwith 3,500 people and takingin the adventure we call KingsIsland. With short lines, youcan almost be guaranteed aSat November 27th at theNorthside Tavern again!Please come and party withus, it’s free, and it helps raisemoney for next yearsNorthside PRIDEfest!wait of five minutes or less.Which is especially great if you love the ride!The biggest thing thatpeople stubble on is thinkingthat this is a “PRIDE Event”.In reality it’s not. It’s a bigparty of your friends new andold and a fundraiser for theGay & Lesbian CommunityCenter. So you won’t beseeing a parade, won’t beseeing a lot of booths, notlong lines at the alcohol tent.But what you will see is a lotof people having fun!We couldn’t have done itwithout you! You’re the onesthat really make the eventhappen. The board wouldlike to thank its volunteerswho helped out, our entertain-ers and the staff at KingsIsland. Everyone pulledtogether to make this anaward winning year!
Mother Says
By Michael Chanak
I will not write of queerbugs and PRIDE Pigs thismonth!
Praise PRIDE
But, in theirstead, praisefor the bles-sing of thePRIDE God-dess - North-side, down-town Cincinnati and NorthernKentucky PRIDE – all behindus, all successful.All three came this year. All,in my opinion, a direct resultof the Gay & Lesbian Com-munity Center’s decision tobless PRIDE and let it seek new life outside of theCenter’s portfolio.The headlines tell the story:largest PRIDE ever indowntown Cincinnati,Northside PRIDE brought 170folks into the Center alone inone day and NKY PRIDEfestivel and welcoming.We are all the better for it.Did some people have theholy trinity of doubts,questions and issues? Oh hell,yes. Were there some roughspots here and there? Of course!Moving PRIDE organizingout of the GLBT Center grewPRIDE, both geographically(
three locations
) and newenergy of ownership: SavePRIDE in Northside (
 DanielWells and Dustin James Miller 
), Gay Chamber/Equi-nox (
George Crawford and  Jerry Schmidt)
, and NorthernKentucky PRIDE (
Patti Herrmann
) and all respectivecommittees.The change caused folks tomake a decision – to dosomething other than the sameold, same oldformulaicPRIDE of 2000-2009. Ioutta to knowthat pattern,Motheradvised Chris Good’s PRIDEcommittee in 2000. After all,in 2000 Cincinnati had no“PRIDE parade” for five-years prior.Yet, for those who aresearch for darker reading of her-story in this piece – Ioffer you two nuggets. First,the Center called it right whenwe argued it was time to takethings to the next level—a tenminute rant by Mother March18, 2009, motion by JohnMaddux, second by Mother,and agreed to by all remainingboard members Bill Abney,Jessica Fogel, TeresaShepherd, Adam Reilly andRusty Lockett.Second, our most visibleGLBT political leadership of the mid 90s should haveinsisted on a visible PRIDEParade continuing post Issue3 loss in 1992.When the usual suspects gettheir awards and certificatesnext round, please considerthese folks for CommunityLeadership Awards, therespective PRIDE committeesand the GLBT Center Boardof 2009 and 2010.I know it won’t happen –because it is too many peopleto thank and teamwork is thereal winner here!Yet these folks actuallyworked through the issues,possessed foresight, had aknowledge of how to buildcommunity, took some heavyrounds of criticism andsometimes scant praise – yetgrew an event tied to theGLBT communities vitality.May the PRIDE Goddessbless us again in 2011 withthe joy of PRIDE.The Transgender Day of Remembrance is held everyNovember to remember andhonor those who weremurdered because of anti-Transgender hatred orprejudice.Cincinnati Vice MayorRoxanne Qualls will be theguest speaker at this year’svigil that will take place onThursday, November 18th at7 p.m. at the Hebrew UnionCollege at 3101 CliftonAvenue in Clifton.The event is co-sponsoredby Crossport and the localHuman Rights CampaignDiversity Committee. Thecollege is accessible towheelchair/scooter users. Areception will immediatelyfollow the event.The Day of Remembrance isheld each November to honorRita Hester whose murderstarted the “RememberingOur Dead” web project and aSan Francisco candlelight vigilin 1999. Rita Hester’s’murder, like most anti-Transgender murder cases hasyet to be solved.The list of deaths availableat
only containsthose deaths known to theTransgender community orhave been reported to themedia.
Qualls to speakat Transgender Service Nov. 18
The Transgender Day of Remembrance is intended toraise public awareness of hatecrimes against Transgenderpeople, an action that currentcorporate media does notperform. The TransgenderDay of Remembrancepublicly mourns and honorsthe lives of Trans-genderpeople who might otherwisebe forgotten.Through the vigil weexpress love and respect inthe face of national indiffer-ence and hatred. The Day of Remembrance gives Trans-gender people and their alliesan opportunity to stepforward and stand in unity,memorializing those who havedied by anti-Transgenderviolence.For more information pleasecontact: Danny Cohn, HRCmarketing chair
C. Edward Green sayshis company, the MayersonAcademy, is a private, non-profit human resource devel-
Green offersanti-bullyingworkshops
opment company.They provideprofessionaldevelopment toschool districts andcolleges. This sum-mer, they hosted anAnti-bullying
Institute in partnership withDISCO and Xavier Univer-sity. Previously, their work was primarily in the area of positive school culture —creating a climate in schoolsthat prevents bullyingbehaviors.However, the reality is thatbullying does exist andschools seek remedial orcurative measures to addressbullying in schools.
, from Page 2 

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