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Full Week #10 Lesson Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology 2010-2011

Full Week #10 Lesson Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology 2010-2011

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Published by: FFF on Nov 08, 2010
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Full Week Lesson Chemistry /Week # __10___ Quarter #1 Lesson subject to change as neededFerzoLearning Objectives: The student will be able to— 
Chapter #7
Chapter Objectives
Sec 7-1: describe how Avogadro’s number is related to a mole of any substance
Sec 7-1: calculate the mass of a mole of any substance
Sec 7-2: Use molar mass to convert between moles of a substance
Sec 7-2: Use the mole to convert amongmeasurements of mass, volume, andnumber of particles
Sec 7-3: Calculate the percent compositionof a substance from its chemical formula or experimental data
Sec 7-3:
Assessment: (on-going visual and auditory)Text/Materials/ Resources:Section 7-1 and 7-2 From book Wrap-up / Reflections:TestWorksheetsClass participationhttp://clintondale-science-acps.blogspot.com/
1.Computer Lab WebQuest introduction to the mole2.Complete the Quest worksheet.
3.outline 7.1-7.3 due Friday
Tuesday:1.Notes: 7.1 Mole numbers of particles in a moleUse computer lab to instruct on notes fromBlog site :2.Answer questions using computer and helpanswer questions about mole (must develop)Wednesday:Substitute all Day1.Vocabulary Chap 7 (11 words)2.Review Module 7-1
Thursday:1.Notes: Mass of a mole of element2.Notes: Mass of cpd (blog for example problems and notes)
Practice problems of notes above figuring outMass of a mole of an element4.Study for Vocabulary for Friday Quiz
Friday: Quiz Mole1. Outline 7.1-7.3 due Friday2. Quiz concepts of moles and anyvocabulary and any problems. (sampling of all weeks work)
Framework Standards and Benchmarks:(including applied learning skills)
C4.6x Moles
C4.6x Moles
 The mole is the standard unit forcounting atomic and molecularparticles in terms of common massunits.
Calculate the number of moles of anycompound or element giventhe mass of the substance.
Calculate the number of particles of any compoundor element given the mass of the substance.
21 WK 
7.1 review and practiceContinue from last week 
7.1 notes Formula Masses & practice problems No School Snow Day7.2 Notes mass practice problems and particle mole problemsACT Practice TEST(7.1 & or 7.2 Work not done)(
 Not Done Quiz from molar calculationsfrom previous week 
)1. Review and 2. Practice problemsGram molecular mass and gramFormula mass

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