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The size of the Universe in the view of the Church Cosmology

The size of the Universe in the view of the Church Cosmology

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Published by Dan Constantin
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu
Article by fr. Dan Bădulescu

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: Dan Constantin on Nov 08, 2010
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The size of the universe in the viewof the church cosmology
. Dan Bădulescu
 The lately excitement of the politically correct globalist roller leveling presents a series of  paradoxical "dialogues" between the incompatible elements which are excluded as water and fire, lightand darkness, truth and falsehood.Such dialogue is the that of "science and religion" in which is presented an unprecedentedharmony and concord between the two "disciplines"(?) that perfectly complement each other as bothdesirable and sustainable neither more nor by less than by God Himself, Who in this purpose "gaveman the mind to discover ... etc., etc. ..." We have reported in the past such outlandish initiatives, whichseem to have lost the momentum and youth enthusiasm from a few years ago.
But look, new articles appear nowadays which having, let’s say, pious intentions to glorify God,
give believers without blinking, or be a little thought, a number of assertions made in the fabulouscontemporary cosmology, a pot of heresies and blasphemies built on the old and new kabalisticcosmology, the brunian (G. Bruno's), Copernican heliocentrism, relativism and the big-bang(expanding universe), from where we get an enormous size of the universe measured in billions of light years. We can assumewithout hesitation that the authors of these articles think earnestly also about an age of 16 billion years, days =geological periods and everything connected to theevolutionary timeline. Compared to this, we dared, askingforgiveness due us, to give a reply on in the hope that it will nothurt and offended those concerned, but that attitude will be perceived as a Christian and a faith confession of an Orthodox priest who had vowed to respect the tradition of the Church andto preach (as much as possibly) intact and unchangeable truth,as this was revealed by God in the Holy Scripture (theProphets, the Holy Apostles), and expounded by the ChurchFathers.Our starting point of the chronology of the cosmos is the Church one, scriptural and patristic(Traditional) according to which we are in year 
7516 from creation of the world 
. We can now go intothe details of this timeline due to the stewardship of the article.This being so, an universe which is
as old as 7516 years
can not possibly have the tremendoussize of 13 to 16 billion light years. For if we multiply 300,000 km / s with 60 (light-minutes) then 24(day-light), with 365 (light-year) and finally this amount by 13 to 16 billion, we get numbers thatsurpass any measure, i.e. essentially an overwhelming picture of an universe as vast and infinite, inwhich the poor earth is a tiny point lost in a poor solar system that is in a galaxy, which finally starts tocount somewhat in this "iconomy" of phantasmagoria of human cosmology.
 2But beware! not somehow believe that the universe could even be the size of 7500 light years.For behold, the stars, i.e. the heavenly bodies in the end of the 8
, were sawed from the veryfirst moment! The light
did not need billions nor even thousands of years to reach Earth
, but only
, as do say the Scripture and the Fathers:"The air was lighted up, or rather made the light circulate mixed with its substance, and,
distributing its splendour rapidly in every direction
, so dispersed itself to its extreme limits. Up itsprang to the very aether and heaven.
 In an instant 
it lighted up the whole extent of the world, the North and the South, the East and the West. For the aether also is such a subtle substance and sotransparent
that it needs not the space of a moment for light to pass through it 
. Just as it carries our sight instantaneously to the object of vision,
so without the least interval,
with a rapidity that thought cannot conceive
, it receives these rays of light in its uttermost limits."(St. Basil the Great
) And then the whole mythology of light-years
has to be thrown away
without some hesitationand compassion, being also a lie that is based on heliocentrism, evolutionism and Darwinism, i.e. somany heresies and blasphemies against God, His creation and revelation.Let's see what this tells us about the allegations of so-called cutting-edge theories of the BigBang, which involves an ever-expanding universe, which currently has the daunting size shown above:"When I consider Thy
, the works of Thy fingers,
the moon and the stars, which Thouhast ordained.
" (Psalm 8:3)"His going forth is
from the end of the heaven, and his circuit unto
the ends
of it" (Ps. 19:6)"By the word of the Lord
were the heavens made
." (Ps. 33:6)"Who stretchest out the heavens like a curtain" (Ps. 104:2)Blessed Theodoret of Cyrus interpretation: "It taught them theeasiness of creation: that, as to man is as easy to stretch the skin and makethe tent, so God has stretched all the great vaults of heaven just saying theword."That picture is clear as possible here: the extent of the curtain. Butthis "stretching" of the heavens like a curtain and it happened in aninstant. And the curtain, eh? when its size remains large and is in no waya balloon to inflate all the time.Again, we have not mentioned that the universe is strictly limited,and as we know from actual teaching, limited by the waters above. So nochance for an expanding universe.And if we ask ourselves what was the original purpose of inducing large-scale extravaganza, we shall immediately see their directconnection with heliocentrism and evolution. Let us remember that the starry sky - the 8
- the farthestfrom Earth makes a complete revolution around the earth in daytime.
Here is required the knowledge of the scriptural and patristic astronomy, see in this respect the 
The Chronograph
withrespective chapters.
Light is said to travel straight at the rate of about 195,000 English miles a second; a velocity estimated byobservations on the eclipses of Jupiter's satellites. The modern undulatory theory of light, of which Huyghens (/-1695) is generally regarded as the author, describes light as propagated by the vibrations of the imponderablematter termed Ether or Aether.
 3Or, as the heliocentric system wants to demolishthis argument, the enormous distance expressed instaggering zeros figures will put in front of gulliblehuman (but not sufficiently faithful too) the question:"How is it possible for stars to walk away this super-mega-distance in just 24 hours?
count themovement speed, and see what may be achieved." Facedwith this undisputed "evidence" any "common sense"opposition will fall apart to. But
there is not so at all 
!All the nine heavens are actually turning around theearth
in a single day
, though, do it with different speeds.How is that possible? First, we see that thedistance to the stars is not so huge as there always areindoctrinated. Secondly, the unit light-year is nonsensewhich
 stays and falls
together with the heliocentristsystem.We can not say exactly which is the size of theuniverse expressed in kilometers, but we can say the following: the speed of light is so great that thestars were seen in an
instant flash
(second) on earth! Therefore we totally reject that the scientificnonsense which claim that dew to the "light years" we can see stars (and possibly planets) that... nolonger exists, have disappeared, and now we see only their image that runs through the area untilfurther notice while the n billion light years. We do not accept any loss(explosion) of stars, galaxies, all these statements denying divine providence. But we Orthodox Christians confess: "I believe in one God,the Father 
(Pantocrator)..." that has not created any cosmos outof chaos - another heretical human invention - and leave nothing tochance (hazard), so it also does not allow cosmic catastrophes, not tomention the imaginary dangers of asteroids out of control that coulddestroy in a flash our "planet"!So keep in mind: our universe is the only one "seen", sensitive,and is great as we see it. So let us stop feeling "lost" the gap in theimmensity of space, but to be masters of this "house", or yard if youwant. In it we are the only body with life on it - the earth - and we are theonly sentient beings that are rational. But in no way does this mean that"we are alone in the universe." This unfaithful thought could not arise but in the unbelieving minds of men partially or totally alienated from God and His Mother, the holyangels and saints in heaven, who, even not perceived as sensitive, are much more, even
infinitely more
  present in this universe. Who needs the "aliens" invented by the atheist SF?We are fully aware that by such statements we put us in a position completely opposite of science, namely at least the last 500 years of science, undermining any brotherly dialogue of religionwith it, so dear and politically correct in the last time. But what communion hath light with darkness?What kind of dialogue can have the truth - the divine revelation
with the lie - sciences of the rebelledhuman like his father, Lucifer?We will see how things are when there be recorded protest reactions to these teachings contraryto science. And alas, will not even wonder if they will even come from among some OrthodoxChristians, clergy, monks and believers who will not suffer them quietly disturb their goodunderstanding of the world and its things:

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