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Aroma News 7th Edition Autumn 2010-1

Aroma News 7th Edition Autumn 2010-1

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Published by icperoma

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Published by: icperoma on Nov 08, 2010
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    P   a   g   e
Edition, Autumn 2010
What a beautiful, long summer we had this year in Bella Italia! As we soak up the remaining rays of sun and recover our scarves and jackets,
we remember the blessings, challenges, joys and sorrows of la stagione d’
 estate. As ICPE missionaries and seminarians, here are our stories:
During the summer we had many guests dropping infor a visit. One of these was Christina Lee fromKorea. She spent a night with us on her way to aretreat in Assisi. We had a wonderful time catching up and sharing dinner together. Grace Low also visited our Rome community, departing only a fewdays ago.In mid-June we were blessed to have Benilda fromthe ICPE missionary community in India stay withour household. She came with the fruit season; every evening weclimbed trees and plucked fruitto give it away to our friends,congregations, and the Sistersof Charity. We had a great time!Throughout the summer wealso had the opportunity tospend time with our neighbors.We enjoyed not only awonderful, authentic Indianmeal cooked by the Indian sisters, but also good company.Time flies! The scholastic year has started again, reminding me of last year when Claire cameto join our household. Though we were excited for her, it was sad to say goodbye as sherecently moved to another place with more accessibility tothe Blessed Sacrament. What a special woman she is,committed to her call to the consecrated life and such aninspiration for us to love Jesus wholeheartedly and aboveall else. Thank you Claire! We will miss you.
Life in Rome is so different from living in any other ICPEMission Center! Our focus as an International Office ismainly to carry out administrative work to support our fellow missionaries and local communities around theworld, regardless of whether they are aware of it or not ;) . Although our community life revolves around this work, we still make it a priority to monthly set aside a day of communal reflection and prayer.
    P   a   g   e
Edition, Autumn 2010
One of our blessings here is living just a stone’s throw away fr 
om the Benedictine Sisters.
They have always provided us with our ‘holy place’. Having this accessibility is like climbing 
a mountain of transfiguration and coming face to face with ourselves and each other in theawesome presence of Christ. Whether journeying through monthly reflection themes,supporting each other in prayer, praying the liturgy of the hours, having a time of praise,worship, and intercession, or basking in the presence of our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament,we have been blessed with the Si
sters’ generosity.
 We have been kept on our toes recently with the quickly-developing Ghana Health Project.This requires us to constantly update the website (learning from Igor how to manage it fromRome) and revamp and create new dossiers for Mario to present to people interested insponsoring or partnering with the Project. We feel privileged to witness firsthand how theLord continues to open different windows of opportunity to lead it forward. We are thankfulfor the world-renowned medical professors and key figures endorsing and supporting theProject.In preparation of the General Consultation in Jakarta, later this month, we are assisting the Executive Council in putting together relevant documents, designing graphics,creating folders, and coordinating music for the event.
 After my first-year theology exams, my three-month summer break of spending time in Italian Parishes for PastoralExperience began. In July-August I stayed in aparish in Varese, experiencing the Ambrosian Rite of theCatholic Church and working as a volunteer in the attached hospital. It was a timefull of blessing and healing, especially through working with the elderly as I had lost my grandmother last Christmas.In September I lived in Vallo Della Lucania. The parish was situated in a village of 800 peoplewith surrounding mountains and rivers. My longtime desire of spending time in this type of setting was fulfilled! The parish priest was young and dynamic, leaving a big impressionon my journey towards the priesthood. I amgrateful to the Lord who made all this possiblefor me. On a trip to Venezia, I had the amazing opportunity to read the Gospel of Mark while
sitting beside his tomb in St. Mark’s Cathedral,
and on September 30, I returned to Rome. I ask  you to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide me inmy studies and to a deeper knowledge of Christand His mystery.

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