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Internship Packet 2010

Internship Packet 2010

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Published by Niki Lynn Davis

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Published by: Niki Lynn Davis on Nov 08, 2010
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SIUC Hospitality and Tourism AdministrationInternship Packet
Internships are a requirement to obtain the HTA degree, and
*be completed prior to thelast semester of classes. Students who have prior industry experience should consult with theiradvisor and Internship Coordinator to determine if that prior experience may apply as the
students’ first internship. In all cases, regardless of the prior internship experience
, a studentmust complete an internship while attending the HTA program.
*Internships MUST be completed prior to your last semester of classes. When you are workingwith your advisor preparing your 4-year-plan make certain that your schedule allows you time prior to your last semester of classes to complete your internships. Students should  contemplate the value of a six-month internship versus completing two-400-hour internships.
Internships may take one of two formats. First are the two-400-hour internships. In this format
internships are completed during two summer sessions of a students’ academ
ic career. The firstinternship should be accomplished during the second summer or end of the Sophomore year andbe a front line position, in the hospitality area of interest to the student. The first internshipexperience will include a minimum of three competencies assigned by the Advisor/InternshipCoordinator. These competencies are developed specifically for the student to work with theirinternship supervisor(s.) The competencies will encompass different sectors of the hospitalityenterprise with the goal of the student successfully performing the competencies and have themvalidated by the attending supervisor.The second internship should be accomplished during the second or third summer or end of theJunior year and
must be supervisory
in nature, in the hospitality area of interest to the student.The second internship experience will include a minimum of three competencies assigned by theAdvisor/Internship Coordinator. The competencies will encompass different sectors of thehospitality enterprise with the goal of the student successfully performing the competencies andhave them validated by the attending supervisor.
The second format is called the six-month internship. These internships are completed fromMay/June through January prior to the first week of classes, or Dec/January through August priorto the first week of classes. These internships would require a student to attend summer schoolfor two summers taking six to nine credit hours in order to graduate in four years. This format of internships must be accomplished during the Senior year, or prior to the last semester of classes.This format of this internship is more detailed in that a student should be seeking an internship
with a company, corporation, or particular enterprise where they want to begin their career. Thismeans the internship is an (MIT) Management in Training, or other structured managementprogram offered by the employer where the student applies. Approval of this internship iscontingent on a structured training program.
 Process for Approval of Internship
The student completes Unit Two: Occupational Check-sheet and prepares a professionalresume these will help students focus on their career area and will be presented to theiradvisor to assist in their counseling.
The student is responsible to discuss with their advisor about arranging their internshipwith an employer. The student should obtain a Job Description and evidence that theemployer understands the employer responsibilities.
The student must discuss with their advisor how that job description at that particularinternship site will provide them with a positive career experience that will add to theirmarketability upon graduation.
The advisor must be satisfied with the
internship selection.
The student will then make a presentation to the Internship Coordinator requesting formalapproval to complete the Internship Agreement.
After the Internship Coordinator has approved the request to complete the InternshipAgreement, the student with the employer will complete the Internship Agreement andpresent the document to the Internship Coordinator for signature. The student shouldmake certain that the employer understands their responsibilities prior to obtaining theirsignature. The Internship Coordinator will then forward a signed, approved copy to boththe employer and the student.
The Internship Agreement must be on file with the Internship Coordinator prior to thefirst day of the internship for credit approval.
This process must be followed for internship(s) credit approval.COMPETENCIES
Competencies are educational/industry assignments that provide students with opportunity toassist, plan, observe, analyze, and participate in management exercises with supervisors fromdifferent departments other than their internship assignment. This adds depth and breadth of knowledge to the internship experience. Competencies could be assigned in Human Resources,Food and Beverage, Marketing, Catering and Banquets, Engineering and Maintenance, or otherareas depending on the individual internship being considered.
Complete the Occupational Check-Sheet, provided below and a polished resume. Byunderstanding more about what you want to do, your advisor is better equipped to assist you inyour selection of an internship. Prepare a draft resume before visiting Career Services in WoodyHall to utilize their services to polish your resume. Bring both your completed OccupationalCheck-Sheet and professional resume to your advisor for discussions about internships. Thisexercise will assist you in focusing on career goals and assist your Advisor in determining yourpreparedness for your internship.
How qualified do you believe you are for your hospitality internship?1. Very well qualified 2. Well qualified. 3. Fairly qualified. 4. Not qualified.Please explain your answer above in a paragraph or two.How many hours are you willing to work per week as an intern? (38-40) 2. (41-45) 3. (46-50) 4. (51-60)For your internship please rank only four positions from those listed below using the scale 1
mostimportant position to 4
somewhat important position.RANK POSITION____ Accounts Payable Clerk ____ Accounts Receivable Clerk ____ Night Auditor____ Payroll Assistant____ Payroll Clerk ____ Bell Staff ____ Cashier____ Concierge____ Customer Service Representative____ Front Office Cashier

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