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Approved_ccjov3 Joint Operations Concept

Approved_ccjov3 Joint Operations Concept

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Published by darkgent

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Published by: darkgent on Nov 08, 2010
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Capstone Concept forJoint Operations
Version 3.015 January 2009
Distribution Statement AApproved for public release; distribution is unlimited.
CCJO v3.0ii
CCJO v3.0iii
Capstone Concept for Joint Operations 
describes in broad terms my visionfor how the joint force circa 2016-2028 will operate in response to a widevariety of security challenges. It proposes that future joint force commanders will combine and subsequently adapt some combination of four basiccategories of military activity -- combat, security, engagement, and relief andreconstruction -- in accordance with the unique requirements of eachoperational situation. The concept is informed by current strategic guidance,but because it looks to the future, it is intended to be adaptable, as it must be,to changes in that guidance. This concept’s primary purpose is to guide force development andexperimentation by: (1) establishing a common framework for militaryprofessionals for thinking about future joint operations, (2) visualizing future joint operations for policymakers and others with an interest in theemployment of military force, (3) establishing a conceptual foundation forsubordinate joint and Service concepts, and (4) motivating and guiding thestudy, experimentation and evaluation of joint concepts and capabilities. The Armed Forces of the United States comprise the Active and Reservecomponents and civilian personnel of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps,and Coast Guard. Each Service possesses its own unique traditions andcompetencies, which contribute to the versatility, flexibility and effectiveness of the joint force. Together we support and defend our Nation, its people, itsfriends, and its interests worldwide. We always seek to operate with partners,and lead where appropriate, but we will be prepared to act unilaterally whennecessary to protect our vital national interests. We respond to crisis anddisaster to alleviate human suffering and promote peace. When necessary, we will confront and defeat those who threaten our national security. Inconjunction with other U.S. government agencies, we are engaged instrengthening and expanding relationships with international partners on aday-to-day basis. These partnerships contribute to creating and maintaining astable environment while concurrently deterring potential adversaries. Today’s U.S. Armed Forces are, I believe, the most capable in ourNation’s history, and these capabilities provide important strategic advantages with respect to nearly any situation or potential adversary. U.S. forces canconduct operations on a scale that very few others can approach. Their abilityto project and sustain military power over global distances is unmatched. U.S. joint intelligence capabilities, a key factor in the success of practically any kindof military operation, are the best in the world.

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