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Social Media In No Decision

Social Media In No Decision

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Published by Chris Sparsott
Social Media In No Decision
Social Media In No Decision

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Published by: Chris Sparsott on Nov 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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14-15 December,2010Shanghai, China
is increasingly becoming one of the most effective and importantmarketing mediums available to modern marketers.For marketers to the education sectorthe use of social media is even more important due to the age of the target demographic,some of the most prolific users of social media.In this workshop you will learn how to mastersocial media and use the internet effectively to drive your marketing strategy home.
ocial media
enefits of attending
Greater knowledge of social mediaapplications in all aspects of business
Understand the underlying socialchanges driving social media adoption
Begin charting your organisation's socialmedia strategy
Understand what makes people want toshare content online
Search engine optimisation–Understandhow to increase page rankings and gainmore exposure
Targeted marketing on particular sitesThe use of targeted marketing onFacebook
What does your website say about you?
Case studies of successful and not sosuccessful social media and internetbased campaigns
ho should attend
Marketing manager/director e-marketing
Community manager
Online marketing manager/director
Digital media strategist
Digital project manager/director
Social media marketingmanager/director
Social media content manager
Digital strategist
Social media strategist
Interactive marketing manager"I loved how everything was explained in words Icould understand. I’m always disappointed whenconsultants speak to me like I’m an idiot, or this issomething I should know…the reason I’ve hiredyou is because I don’t know. Simon is soprofessional but friendly and explains everythingsimply."-Kate,
"Very easy to understand. All questions wereanswered, and social media makes a lot of sensenow!"-Cassey,
Castrol Oil
"It's very hands-on and the practical guidancewas excellent. I'm all fired up to get going withprojects! I realize I knew stuff but didn't see theconnections and the possibilities. Feel like myuniverse has expanded and I'm going away withlots of ideas." -Sue,
Fox Movies
"I liked the interaction best about the course.Learning through doing, and real life examples.Very friendly, lovely instructors."-Kelly,
Telecom NZ
"Day 1 gave a good overview before drilling downto the specifics.“-Nigel,
Tasman Insulation(Pink Batts)
"I liked the engagement you both gave us. Yougot us involved which kept us interested andalert"-Paul,
2degrees mobile
T : 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322E: marketing@innodecision.com www.innodecision.com
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14-15 December,2010Shanghai, China
ur Facilitators
Simon and Marie have presented workshops inAuckland, Wellington and Christchurch (NewZealand) to some of the country’s top corporatesincluding Air New Zealand, Geni,and Telecom NZ,as well as to top educational institutions such as TheUniversity of Auckland and Lincoln University.
has presented at conferences throughout New Zealand as well as Melbourne, Australia, and he wasMaster of Ceremonies atthe recent Connect Now Conference in Sydney, Australia. He also facilitated aworkshop for not-for-profit organizations. Simon has also been invited to speak to marketing students at theUniversity of Otagoas a visiting lecturer.Simon Young grew out of the need to make social media practical,to show people just how much the world is changing, and how to survive -and thrive -right now.SimonYoung discovered social media as a freelance journalist for NZ Marketing Magazine, covering searchmarketing, email marketing and blogging, as well as the overall marketing mix. In 2004 his NZ MarketingMagazine cover story, Logging into Blogging, gave New Zealand businesses a taste for a new era whereanyone can be a creator, consumer or curator of content.
has the rare gift of turning policies and procedures into positive customer experiences. With 17 yearsfrontline customer service experience backing up her training. Marie has helped her students internalizepolicies, guidelines and best practices, and actually care for the customer -a much-needed skill in today'scompetitive business environment. She's found the same skills that work on the phone and behind thecounter also work in social media -where people connect in real time.As well as being a trainer, Marie is also a facilitator, helping people and groups discover their own wisdomby asking the right questions.
ocus on Case Studies
Social media case studies & examples will be shared in the course. Some of the cases andexamples will included :Dell, Coca-cola, Ford Motor, Air New Zealand, Zappos, Harry Potter themepark, Starbucks, A small Kitchen appliance manufacturer, Comcast, Telecom NZ, Tasti-D-Lite,more to come.
hat makes our course special
You will leave our workshop with your specific questions answered, because we interact with eachattendee to understand your goals and objectives.We also support our workshop material with practical examples, including video interviews with some ofthe people behind social media success worldwide.Where possible we also facilitate learning by doing -practicing the arts of social media in a safeenvironment. Even for managers who won’t be doing social media, it’s important for them to understandwhat their staff are doing. Experiencing it is the best way.
T : 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322E: marketing@innodecision.com www.innodecision.com
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ay 1
Session 1: Understanding the Cultural Shift.Everything we do in social media must be done in view of the new culture that is emerging. The individualcustomer now has more control than ever, which means a shift in power from company to consumer. Whatskills does a company need to learn in order to succeed in this new culture? You will learn about:• The age of authenticity. What authenticity means for marketing, product design, public relations andstrategic communications.• The “age of the knob” (vs. the age of the switch). How to stand out when everyone has a voice.• Holistic marketing. The renewed importance of providing a unified, positive experience for the customer.Session 2: The state of the internet.Statistics and stories to show you the real cutting-edge possibilities of social media for marketing, innovationand company transformation. We cover the numbers showing growth in internet use, and particularly China’srapid embrace of social media. But more importantly we also profile the individual businesses, large and small,who are successfully harnessing social media. We’ll revisit how these companies are using specific aspectsof social media throughout the course.• How Ford Motor Company is applying social media to all aspects of its business –and winning in the currentrecession.• How Air New Zealand is standing out in a crowded market, and making small size irrelevant.• How Dell and Coca-Cola bounced back from social media disaster to become thought leaders in the space.Session 3: Social Media Strategy.Social media can be far more than just another way to get a message out to a market. It can betransformational for the business, affecting product design, human resources and recruitment. But first anorganization needs to know what it wants. In this session we explore:• Setting overall goals, deriving measurable objectives, and designing strategies and tactics to achieve thosegoals and objectives.• The importance of emergent strategy and dealing with the unknown in planning.• What can be measured, and what matters.• The importance of setting customer-centric, not just company-centric, goals.Session 4: Identifying your audience on social media.An overview of who is using social media and -more importantly -why they use it. We also look at theimportant issue of personal brand versus company brand. How are successful companies appropriatelyempowering their employees to represent the brand online?• Key social networks and social media activities in China and around the world.• Demographics and psychographics. Who is using social networks, and why?• The impact of personal branding on social media marketing -the example of Zappos.Session 5: What content works on social media?What do people share, and why do they share it? Discover what a social object is, and begin to identify thesocial objects you could create.• Air New Zealand's "nothing to hide "safety video-how an ordinary, everyday message became a viralsensation.• How a B2B software company realized they were in the entertainment business.• Social object theory, and how to put it into practice.• The unpredictability of “viral marketing”, and the need for “remarkable” to be built in to your products ,services and processes.• A guide to “finding the fascinating” in your own business.Session 6: Blogs, blogging and blogger relations.Blogs are the oldest form of social media, but they’re still going strong. Explore the options for yourcompany, from operating a company blog, to reaching out to other influential bloggers.• The three types of company blog.• Popular, free and robust blogging platforms.• Why most blogs fail• Bloggers in China and around the world -a look at the stats• Case study: how a Harry Potter theme park got worldwide coverage by talking to just seven people.
T : 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322E: marketing@innodecision.com www.innodecision.com
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14-15 December,2010Shanghai, China

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