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14685488 Security Survival and Freedom Are in Question

14685488 Security Survival and Freedom Are in Question

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Published by Chad Lange

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Published by: Chad Lange on Nov 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1. Why are our ‘authorities’ so unconcerned about our security, survival and freedom? 2. The President and the Vice President, during the terms they hold office, cannot be in the same building or even in the same city at the same time. This isto protect America’s path of succession. This is vital at all times, especially when we are involved in a ‘police action’/war. Why is this breach of security being allowed? 3. Why does a certain tiny segment of our population and 80% of our politicians openly degrade America to foreigners and apologize for everything? 4. Whyare politicians allowed to give the appearance of weakness?5. Politicians traveling all over the world is an unnecessary expense and a severe strain on our security. Every year Americans pay dearly for their politicians’security. Where does that money go? 6. 7. 8. Why are our children not being taught self-sufficiency and survival? Why do the ‘authorities’ feel they must ‘take care’ ofus, when they cannot take care of themselves? Why do the ‘authorities’ allow/demandthe poisoning of the municipal water supplies?9. Why are courts forcing people to under go expensive, torturous ‘medical’ treatments that do not work and cause more damage, even death? 10. Why are ‘doctors’ allowedto proscribe poisons, when they have no pharmaceutical training? 11. Why do ‘authorities’ wish to control our gardens and pantries?12. Why do ‘authorities’ continue to force people to immunize their children, when the retardation from vaccines has now reached 1 in 93? 13. 14. 15. Why is Custera hero, now? Why are the ‘authorities’ re-writing history? Why are high school graduates so dumb?16. If the ‘authorities’ want Americans to be dumb and happy, why is marijuana illegal? 17. Why are people punished for victimless crimes and rewarded for victim crimes? 18. If a big business makes many bad decisions, why do Americans have to bail them out of their self-induced trouble? 19. What is the magic number of deaths before an improperly ‘tested’ poison/drug is pulled off the market?
20.How do you feel about your economy?21. Understanding that carpeting can cause respiratory distress, would you remove the carpeting if your child experienced asthma attacks? 22. Understanding thatpublic schooling is worse now, than when you were in school, why do you send your child to school or teach your child from official home study programs? 23. 24. Are you happy? Can government make you happy? 25. What do you think about, being forced to take poisons/drugs, proscribed by a ‘doctor’ that makes you ill? 25. Doctors are the number 1 killer in America, misdiagnosis, mis-prescription, over prescription, prescription interaction, treatment failures, etc. How do you feelabout being forced to obey a doctor? 26. ‘Authorities’ govern through fear. Moving from one exaggerated crisis to another. All of the time, ignoring the true everyday horrors. Are you tired of being lied to and having your chain jerked every few days? 27. 28. Are you tired of nonsense codes, rules and regulations? Are youtired of the ‘good old boy’ system?The Supreme Court upheld our Constitutional requirements for three separate branches of government. It ruled that lawyers, attorneys, etc, are life members of the judicial branch of government and as such cannot serve in any elected or appointed office of any branch, including judicial, of government, local, state or federal. Lawyers get around this by perpetuating a scam, of putting their ‘license’ in ‘suspension’, while still remaining a life member of the judicial branch of government. If you knowingly vote for a lawyer, you have committed a Constitutional breach.

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