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JUNE 2010 Advocate Newsletter, Bicycle Alliance of Washington

JUNE 2010 Advocate Newsletter, Bicycle Alliance of Washington

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Published by: The Bicycle Alliance of Washington on Nov 09, 2010
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JUNE 2010
Hub & Spoke
Thursday, June 24, 20105:30 p.m.
 Niche Wine & Art 
1013 Main Street, Vancouver
Complimentary appetizersand no-host bar 
RSVP to Louise at206.224.9252 x303 orlouisemc@bicyclealliance.org
LegisLatiVe session Wrap Up
HUb & spoke toUr: next stop VancoUVer
The Bicycle Alliance of Washington, BikeMe! Vancouver and the VancouverBicycle Club are hosting a Hub & Spoke gathering for Vancouver/Clark Countycyclists on Thursday, June 24th at Niche Wine & Art.This outreach event coincides with a Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)meeting and Ralph Wessels, Bicycle Alliance board member and the TIB non-mo-torized board member, will be on hand to answer uestions about TIB funding for bicycle and pedestrian projects. There will also be brief presentations from local
ocials and advocates about current cycling projects and issues.
“I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for Vancouver since 2001 when thenMayor Royce Pollard won the Bicycle Alliance’s Golden Gear Award for cyclingadvocacy,” said ED Barbara Culp. “He instilled a love of riding in the city for
families and children and since that time the city and county have made signi
-cant improvements to the roadway system. I am particularly eager to hear fromlocal advocates, to learn about the Clark County bicycle/pedestrian plan update,and hear what new great strides the City of Vancouver is planning.”The 2010 legislative session was awhirlwind of activity and the BicycleAlliance of Washington walked awaywith a victory! The Alliance and itsmembers (you!) were instrumental inpassing the cell phone and texting bill,
which goes into eect June 10. (See
sidebar for more info on this law.)“The Bicycle Alliance mobilizedcitizen support, provided connectionsto other powerful advocates,and contributed insights thatkept the campaign on a win-ning course,” stated LowellWeiss, the activist whospearheaded the Driven toDistraction campaign. “Thecycling community reallyput this bill over the top and
no group was more eective
in mobilizing cyclists as theBicycle Alliance,” he added.We also weighed in on a bill that willallow golf carts to travel on designatedstreets with speed limits of up to 25miles per hour. The Bicycle Alliance gotthe language amended to prohibit golfcarts from using signed bike lanes.Our Legislative & Statewide Issues
Commiee is meeting in Seale on June12 to review unnished priorities
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Hang Up or Pay Up! 
Eective June 10, 2010, motorists inWashington State can be fned $124or texting or using a handheld cellphone while driving. No cell phoneuse is allowed or 16- and 17-year-old drivers.The Driven to Distraction Task Force,o which the Bicycle Alliance is amember, is working on an educationcampaign to get the message out.The Task Force is reviewing similarcampaigns and research around thecountry to learn about attitudes,behavior, and practices that makepositive change. For instance,several companies have developedsotware that locks a phone i youare traveling 10 miles per hour ormore. Check
or more ino.
m u h 
Tri-Cities Launches BikeCoalition
By Jeff Petersen, President of 3RBC & Bike Alliance Board member
The Tri-Cities region enjoys a conuence o waterwaysthat include the Columbia, Yakima, and Snake Rivers—andaverage 300 days o sunshine per year. These conditionsinspired local bicyclists to orm the 3 Rivers Bicycle Coalition(3RBC) in early 2010.The mission o the 3RBC is to provide a bicycle advocacyand resource organization that promotes improved qualityo lie in and around the Tri-Cities area o WashingtonState. The 3RBC has already received unding rom theColumbia Center Rotary Club or the frst 3-4 “Share theRoad” bicycle routes in Richland. The Richland City Councilapproved receipt o this donation to the City on May4, 2010 and expressed appreciation or the activities othe Coalition and was enthusiastic about extending theroutes to additional “shared” roads. The frst routes werecompleted at the end o May.The coalition’s objective is to help local communitiesbecome bicycle riendly consistent with the League oAmerican Bicyclists (LAB) criteria. Their 2010 priorities
Bike Advocacy Flourishes in Spokane
Originally published on the Bicycle Alliance blog
Fish Lake Trail ribbon-cutting
The Bicycle Alliance has worked with Spokane citizens ora number o years to help bring biking to the oreront.We helped local cyclists hone their advocacy skills, assistedwith the development o a regional trails plan, organizedcommunity support or the completion o the Fish LakeTrail, and advocated or the adoption o a bicycle masterplan.The advocacy seeds we have sown in Spokane have takenroot and are ourishing. The cycling climate has improvedand the City recently received national recognition rom theLeague o American Bicyclists with a bronze level BicycleFriendly Community designation!Jon Snyder, city councilmember and bike commuter said,“We've come a long way inthe past ew years thanks to apopular groundswell or urbancycling, but there's much moreto do. I think Spokane is one othe nation's best cities or close,accessible, diverse recreationalcycling. When you combine thatwith a great push or bicycletransportation you end up withan outstanding place to live.“include initiating and expanding the Share the Roadsprogram and raising awareness. The leadership is diversewith representatives rom transit, health, law enorcement,transportation, and the cycling community. We are excitedabout the uture o sae bicycling in and around the Tri-Cities and developing a strong relationship with the BicycleAlliance o Washington.More ino on the coalition can be ound at
and on their Facebook page.
Early bird special ends July 27$10 discount to Bike Alliance membersRapsodybikeride.com
Bicycle Alliance of Washington
In July 2009, Secretaryo Transportation PaulaHammond cut the ribbonto celebrate the newlyrebuilt Hood CanalBridge. Cyclists rom allover Kitsap, Jeerson andClallam counties joined thecelebration but their joysoon turned to dismay asthey rode across the bridgeand encountered manysaety hazards.A list o critical “fxes” wasdeveloped by the OlympicRegion Cyclists’ Association(ORCA) and it waspresented in person andvia letters to the OlympicRegion WSDOT. This springGordon Black o ORCA andI traveled to Olympia topresent the needed repairsat the state headquarterso the WSDOT.At that meeting theollowing corrections wereagreed upon as soon aspossible to close out theoriginal bridge constructionproject:1 Fix the longitudinal gapin the grated decking.(2 cyclists have crashedin those.) Foam hasbeen installed but is alsocoming up in places.2 Apply a non-skid coatingon exposed steel joints.Reported to have beencorrected.3 Fix the edges o all hingeplates; fx the rivet headsthat extend above; reducethe vertical ridges at all joints; ix deck drains;improve signage andstriping; and align hingeplates with directiono travel. Reported ascorrected.Unortunately the bridgeSecretary Hammondopened has the same 3’wide steel plates installedacross the bridge deckas the “old” Hood CanalBridge. Those must bereplaced to make thebridge sae or cyclists.That larger “fx” requiresadditional transportationenhancement money toinitiate a new project toreplace the existing steelplates across the bridgegrating with 8’ widedecking. Since that meeting,I have been assured byWSDOT that the money willbe available in July.However, that means thedesign phase starts in latesummer and will probablymiss this year’s constructionseason. That means wewon’t be celebrating thissaety ix until MemorialDay 2011. Stay tuned tothe Bicycle Alliance websiteand blog or updates.
 all aunw b p
Citing a growingneed to tend todiicult amilyhealth issues out-o-state, KristinKinnamon steppeddown as President othe Bicycle AllianceBoard in May. TedInkley has assumedthe role o President.He has over 12 yearso service on theBoard, includinga prior stint asPresident.During her 18-monthtenure as President,Kristin oversaw a transition o the Bikestation to Bike Port,moved sta ofce space adjacent to the Bike Port acility,and welcomed the return o Barbara Culp as ExecutiveDirector. Kristin will remain on the Board and continue toserve on the Executive Committee as 2nd Vice President.The Board and sta thank Kristin or her dedication andleadership, and welcome Ted to his new role as President.
U cu  hH cl b
By Barbara Culp
Ted Inkley, new Board President, spent timecycling in Denmark.Kristin Kinnamon oversawsignifcant transitions during hertenure as Board President.

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