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Let's Learn Together! Part Two

Let's Learn Together! Part Two

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Published by BehnamYou
This is what we have written during those lovely years. Good old days! I hope you enjoy reading it.
This is what we have written during those lovely years. Good old days! I hope you enjoy reading it.

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Published by: BehnamYou on Nov 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Let’s learn
Part 2
(June 2009 till September 2009)
June 2009
behnam June 1st 2009
Dear Friends,
I've missed you terribly. It is difficult for me to open this site at my office. I don't know
why. Also, my computer that I used to use at home stopped working two days ago! I think
it is old and tired(lol).
Dear Maryam, thank you for your long writing. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for some
good advice. Your writing is closed somehow. I mean, there is no topic in it. I don't know
what I should write as an answer. Please make it possible for me to write to you. Please
don't close it. You can do it easily just by asking some questions and making some
comments. Please give me some excuses to write to you Thanks. (lol)
Dear Marina, so many thanks for your great writing. I really enjoyed reading it. I will
answer it in the future. This is just to let you know that I have read it, and I have enjoyed
reading it. Thanksssss(lol).
Dear Nana, I have answered your writing about strong cow! Please try to find it. I don't
know in which page it is. I just know that I prefer to be strong, but not a strong cow! By
the way, strong bull is better, isn't it?(loool)
Dear Andrew, where are you my friend? I hope to read more from you soon.
Dear Cathy, I've missed you and your writings. Please keep on writing and make this
thread a nice place to be in.
Dear Mohsen,thank you for sharing your great thoughts with us. You are always helpful
for me. I hope to hear more from you.
I have to leave. I have no time to name all friends. Please forgive me.
I hope to hear more from you soon.
All the best,
Behnam, 1 June, 2009
nanazhong June 1st 2009
dear Behnam,
Thank you for your so detail answer,i can learn more from it.
I'm so exciting because one of my friend whose i lost touch with two years ago keep touch
with me again.I can't how to explain my feeling?As a result i think about some problems:
1.what's your best friend in your different period,the classmates in your primary school
or middle school,university;the colleague in you job;the friends you know in other way.
2.how many years between you with the friend you know the longest time?
3.Have you regret that you lose touch with one of you friend?
Best regards
JUNE 2,2009
nanazhong June 1st 2009
dear Cathy ,
Thank you for your watermelon.I also ate a watermelon yesterday(i dig it by a spoon).In
my city the price of water melon is so cheap,1.6/kilo.I like the summer because i can eat
many kind of fruit in Guangdong,such as
apple,pear,grape,peach,durian?Mangosteen?litchi,and so on.Is it many kind of fruit in
Beijing you can eat?
Happy children days!
Jan 1,2009
behnam June 2nd 2009
Dear Marina,
How are you my close friend? I hope everything is ok with you. I don't know how I should
thank you for writing that wonderful friendly writing! Thank you very much indeed.
It is time to have a look at your writing again and then write something as an answer.
Actually, what I am writing isn't worth considering as an answer to your lovely writing.
I'll just write something, in order to make you sure that Behnam does care about his