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Lexington Detective Lies to Grand Jury Case Regarding Police Officer s Death

Lexington Detective Lies to Grand Jury Case Regarding Police Officer s Death

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Published by: Christopher Alan Hignite on Nov 09, 2010
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Christopher Hignite
Lexington detective lies to grand jury in case regardingpolice officer's death.
November 7th, 2010 3:40 am ET
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I wrote an article in July titled,'Does Glen RahanDoneghy's life matter?'. In that article I discussedlocal prosecutorial racism, propaganda in favor ofpolice, prosecutorial misconduct and police corruptionas some of the reasons Doneghy may not get a fairtrial. Recent events in the case have made that article just shy of prophetic. The case involves a driver thatstruck a police officer who was tragically killed.Lexington detective David Richards testified to thegrand jury and at an earlier preliminary hearingproviding false information. He falsely claimed that awitness at the scene claimed that Doneghy's vehiclewas the only one on the street at the time. He alsoclaimed that this witness saw Doneghy's vehicledeviate from it's course of travel and then struckofficer Durman.Doneghy's attorneys, Kate Dunn, Sally Wasielewski,and Gayle Slaughter attempted to talk to anywitnesses to prepare their case. AssistantCommonwealth's Attorney, Lori Boling, falselyclaimed that there were no witnesses, thus, denyingthem their right to interview the witness. I'vepersonally seen this type of mis-direction andprosecutorial misconduct time and time again in myowncases.The witness, Ronnie Hood, however claims that whilesitting on his porch his bushes obstructed his view.
Does Glenn Rahan Doneghy's lifematter?
Photo: Lexington Herald Leader 
Lexington Ky mayor claimed thatpeople who live lives that go relativelyunnoticed don't matter much. Policeofficers do matter. It is no wonder localDetective David Richardson lied to thegrand jury to bring a murder charge inthis case.
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Mr. Hood claims that he did not know about theaccident until after he heard a loud noise.Additionally, Mr. Hood's home is several doors downthe street from where the accident took place.Our founding fathers understood a number of thingsabout criminal accusations. It’s difficult if notimpossible to prove a negative. It’s better to free aguilty man than to punish an innocent one.Government cannot be trusted or supported if itdoesn’t respect the rights of the accused. Finally,they gave us a Constitution to protect our rights andprovide confidence to the court system.Because it is nearly impossible to prove a negativethe accused is never required to prove hisinnocence. To do so would require the accused toprove he did not do something. The burden of proofrests with the prosecution who must prove guiltbeyond a reasonable doubt.Commonwealth Attorney, Ray Larson, states on hiswebsiteand on WLAP radio and internet sites that hebelieves 99% of accused are guilty. This guilty untilproven innocent mindset has permeated our criminal justice system all the way down to the beat cops. It isbecause of this that prosecutors hide witnesses andevidence and overzealous police officers lie to grand juries. They believe that the accused is guilty anywayso what does it hurt to lie or hide evidence if it speedsup the process of conviction. What we wind up withare thousands of falsely accused being imprisoned bya system gone awry.Ray Larson also makes no secret of his personalfeelings about minority criminals on his website or inhis lengthy rants on the radio. While portraying whitecollar criminals as tragic situations of wrong decisionshe resorts to name calling and slander when referringto cases involving working class crime and especiallyminorities. White collar criminals are wished a betterfuture after learning a minor lesson, usually without jail time. However, Larson tends to claim thatminorities fit into the once a 'thug' always a 'thug'category and they will always re-offend, he states.Doneghy is a poor black man and officer Durman wasa middle-class father and husband and member of
Why do I agitate? Why do I ask theuncomfortable questions?
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local mega-church, Southland Christian Church. Hewas also caucasian. Believe it or not, in 2010 goingon 2011, that still matters in Kentucky. Very rarely, 10times in the last 25 years, has someone beenprosecuted for vehicular homicide in Fayette County.However, this case involved a police officer and ablack man with a criminal record lacking the moneyfor Johnny Cochran.Had this tragedy involved a middle-class white manofficers wouldn't have beaten him during the arrest.Had this tragedy involved a middle-class white mandetective David Richards wouldn't have felt itnecessary to lie to the grand jury in order to get amurder indictment. Had this tragedy involved amiddle-class white man Assistant CommonwealthAttorney, Lori Boling, wouldn't have felt it necessaryto lie to the defense attorneys to prevent them frominterviewing the witness. The truth is... Lexington,Kentucky is still in the
and race still plays a rolein the courtroom.I personally hear someone use the "N" word, judgesomeone for dating a minority or witness some othersort of racism at least once most days. Whilecampaigning for city council this past Spring I broughtan acquaintace with me to canvass neighborhoods.My message tended to get better reception inminority neighborhoods. I brought him along. When Iarrived at the location, he panicked. You see, it wasin a predominantly black neighborhood. He refused towalk door to door and stayed near the vehicle callinghis friends and family to let them know what street hewas on. He began by saying, "You'll never believewhere I'm at." "I'll give you a hint, it's really darkhere.". That, my friends, is and example of whyblacks still outnumber whites 500% in our jails andprisons in post civil rights America, especially in theSouth.We also suffer from a sense of white collarentitlement. Lexington mayor famously proclaimedafter this incident while speaking at Broadway BaptistChurch that some people live lives and nobodynotices. Those peoples lives, he claimed, don't mattermuch. He was referring to Doneghy and a woman Ihad brought up that was most likely murdered bypolice but never investigated. He continued to state
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