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Instruction List

Instruction List

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Published by Cpr Vittal

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Published by: Cpr Vittal on Nov 09, 2010
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Instructions related with PreNI & NI of kanpur 
Work/ActivityOfficer Incharge1One wireman. DSTE/SW/CNB2One wireman. DSTE/SW/CNB3SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.4DSTE/SW/CNB5SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.6On duty SI.DSTE/SW/CNB7Sh. Ram Saran DSTE/SW/CNB8Sh. Prahlad and SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.910MDF team. Seimens staffASTE/IRPMU/CNB,Supervisor Incharge.McML/SeimensStaff.During NI Block working between CNB to GMC,CPBI, CPB will remain working from Old RRI panel for this separate Supply arrangement should be made inOld RRI for signal No. 10, 22 and 33 using a separatetransformer. This supply should be taken from ATsupply.Sh. V.K. Vermaand Sh. AjaySharma.Free signal will be provided for all PF starters andhome signal No.1, 11, 25, 48 & 58 for this also supplyshould be taken from AT supply using a separatetransformer with one Tx Standby. Cable already laidfrom free signal board to MDF needs to be bell testedand inserted on respective terminals in advance. Assoon as NI starts links of free signal are to be madethrough.Sh. V.K. Vermaand Sh. AjaySharma. On dutySI at Old RRIFor providing free signals on 8 Old signals (Sig. No1,20, 23, 48, 15, 51, 40, 49, 42) which are beingretained additional 2 aspect unit is to be provided onelbow. Four conductors are to be tested from Old RRIto these signals and same to be terminated on bothadditional 2 asepct unit and MDF of Old RRI for thesesignals free signal board case to be kept jointed withsignal cables so that when Tx is powered thesesignals are lit immediately. 100% Testing should bedone for free signals in advance.Sh. P.S. Patil andSh. J.N. Gupta.On duty SI at OldRRI.One Fitter andTwo Wireman.110VDC outdoor point supply to be disconnected fromOld RRI as soon as NI starts by taking out fuses of rectifier. This rectifier to be marked in advance. Twohours before NI battery of 110VDC to be disconnectedso that point is working on rectifier only. .On duty SI at OldRRI.All Patch cables to be removed from MDF of new RRIas soon as NI starts excep cable for TPRs required tokeep Block working between CNB to GMC/CPBI/CPBworking. Patch cable of L-xing No. 82, 83 also not tobe removed. Terminal Numbers of all these TPRs tobe noted down and special tags to be provided onpatch cable at new RRI & old RRI.Sh. V.K. Mishra,Sh. BishramYadav, MDDFsupervisors.During NI 60V internal supply and 60 V externalsupply are to be kept alive in Old RRI.Details instruction sheet showing terminal numbers of NI working gears on MDF in Old RRI not to bedisturbed.Cross marks to be provided on all new signals and allreleased signals during NI. For this McML should keep30 Cross marks ready in advance.All patch cables except these which are necessary tobe removed from MDF panel in new RRI and links tobe connected as soon as NI starts. For this MDF panelto be divided in 5 zones.Sh. BishramYadav & Sh. GaniSh. GauriShankar.One wiremaneach per zone.ASTE/IRPMU/CNB,SSTE/IRPMU/CNB,110 V fuse of all point groups tobe kept disconnectedin advance in new RRI before NI. The fuse to beinserted before testing of concerned points enroute tobe tested and same to be removed after testing.Details of each point group and fuse numbers are tobe kept ready.
11DSTE/SW/CNB1213Siemens.ASTE/IRPMU/CNB14152 wiremanSSTE/IRPMU/CNB.16Sh. U.K. AwasthiASTE/IRPMU/CNB17Sh. U.K. AwasthiASTE/IRPMU/CNB18Sh. U.K. AwasthiASTE/IRPMU/CNB19Repairing of DG set in new RRI to be done before NI. Sh. V.K. Mishra ASTE/IRPMU/CNB20Sh. Jaiswal,SSTE/IRPMU/CNB2122Sh. Jaiswal,ASTE/IRPMU/CNB23Sh. U.K. AwasthiDSTE/SW/CNB.24Sh. PrahladSSTE/IRPMU/CNB.25Sh. PrahladSSTE/IRPMU/CNB26SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.27SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.28Sh. PrahladSSTE/IRPMU/CNB.29SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.All cables of points being laid during Pre-Ni to betested before block and detailed planning to be madeto complete the point work in assigned blockSh. P.S. Patil andSh. J.N. Gupta.2 wireman,2helper Testing of all gears on 3rd 4th & 5th line to be donefrom new RRI panel on 6 to 8th Septenmber duringsurrendering of 3rd, 4th & 5th line.Sh. V.K. Verma,Sh. Ajay Sharma,& outdoor supervisors.ASTE/IRPMU/CNB,ASTE/IRPMU/JHS,SSTE/IRPMU/CNB,DSTE/SW/CNB.Simulation panel at new RRI to be disconnected on5/9/09. All indoor testing tobe completed beforedisconenction of simulation panel.Sh. V.K. Vermaand Sh. AjaySharma.Checking of lamps and glasses of all aspects of newsignals to be done in advance. Arrangement asdiscussed should be made to keep all aspects of newsignals closed during testing. For this necessarymaterial to be purchased from local market.Sh. Prahlad &Sh V.K. JhaDSTE/SW/CNB,ASTE/IRPMU/JHS.Testing of block working cable and block workingcircuit between CNB and 'C' panel on 3rd, 4th & 5thline to be tested before 28/8/09.Sh. Prahlad,Sh. V.K. Verma,Sh. Rajesh SinghInstallation and testing of Earth leakage detector to becompleted before by 31/8/09.Seimens toLiasonInstallation wiring and testing of inverters in new RRIto be compelted before 28/8/09.Seimens toLiasonAll power equipments including battery sets to be keptready in all respect during NI.Wiring for power supply monitoring of East Cabin inDATA logger of new RRI tobe completed by 26/8/09.1 carpenter & 1wiremanDetails of alteration to be made in outdoor TPRs for suiting Old RRI with insertion / dismantling of points inyard during Pre-NI to be prepared and same tobementioned in instructiion sheet of concerned zone induring NI.Sh. PrahladSh. V.K. Mishra,Sh. V.K. JhaDSTE/SW/CNB,ASTE/IRPMU/JHSDATA logger software upgradation and charger repairing to be completed by 31/8/09.Seimens toLiason withEfftronicsProviding AT supply for building lighting in new RRIbuilding to be completed before NI. For this laisoningwith SEE/C to be done.Date of all pending signal foundation to be finalisedand arrangement like fast drying cement to be madewell in advance so that targets can be met.1 maison with 2helper, Sh.Ranga RaoAll pending items in outdoor like Stop board, calling onsignal and route indicator etc. to be provided before31/8/09.2 fitter, Sh.Ranga Rao.Shifting of location boxes & signals which are comingunder infringement to be planned and done inadvance.Sh. Prahlad andSh. RangaraoNew tail cable connection for sig. 49& 51 and fixing of route on signal 15 and sig 26 to be completed by31/8/09Sh. Prahlad andSh. RangaraoWriting , numbering of new signals as well as LocationBox to be completed by 31/8/09.2 painter Sh.Ranga Rao.Testing of TPRs for boundary change track circuitsand new track circuits to be compelted by 31/8/09.thisincludes providing new TLJBs where ever TLJB isdamaged.Sh. V.K. Jha andSh. BishramYadav.2 wireman, Sh.Ranga Rao
30DSTE/SW/CNB31All Outdoor Officers.32Sh. Ram Saran ASTE/IRPMU/CNB33Siemens.Panel Officers.34DSTE/SW/CNB35All zone Officers.36SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.37 ASTE/IRPMU/CNB.38ASTE/IRPMU/CNB.39Sh. R K Shukla,40Sh Ramsharan41KESCODSTE/SW/CNB.42Sh. PrahladDSTE/SW/CNB.43SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.44Any other activity leftover should be conveyed in advance by supervisors and officers in advance.(NIRAJ YADAV )DY.CSTE/Proj/IRPMU/CNB.Copy to:-1All officer incharge for information & necessary action.2CSTE/IRPMU for kind informatioin please.3CAO/IRPMU for kind information pelase.4CSTE/NCR for kind inforamtion please.Super imposed wiring of point machines133a,151b,152a,b,121a,b,122a,b during pre NI.Sh. P.S. Patil andSh. J.N. Gupta.At the time of closure of NI all cross marks to beremoved from new signals and put on old signals.Sufficient man power to be deployed to reduce delay.All Outdoor supervisorsMcML to ensuresufficent staff.Shed Notice to be prepared with new OHE mastnumbers in advance.All trains to be kept outside yard before clossure of NIand first train from each direction to be received onlyafter checking point correspondance from outdoor byoperating 2 times from the panel.PanelSupervisors.In Joint inspection of Goomtee, it is to insure that230V supply and socket to be provided by ElectricDepartment for charging of Mobile phones. For thisadditional chargers may be purchased. Two socketsfor VHF set charging also need to be provided.Sh. V.K. Mishra &Sh. R K ShuklaWork on all boundry change track circuit to becompleted during First hours of NI.All zonesupervisors.Joint signal sighting inspection to be done by SI, LI, TIbefore commissioning by going in the yard.Sh. V.K Mishra,Sh. Prahlad.Keep Safety certificate signed in advance by XEN &SEE/CN/CNB. .One gang of OHE, S&T and Engg. Each should beround the clock available at new RRI kanpur after commissioning. This should be advised to Dy. CE/Cand Dy.CEE/C/ALD.Magneto phone and PA system to be installed andtested well in advance.SSTE/IRPMU/CNB.DSTE/SW/CNB.Attendance of staff during NI to be kept at new RRI.Staff should be given instruction to report Half an hour in advance.Sr. DEE/G to be advised to keep laison with for commercial supply so that no power failure of localsupply happens during NI.Changing height of Sig. 44. & testing it. This signalwill be having 2 asepect only.Keep sufficent amount of signal material like trackfeed charger,battery,resistance,lamps,TLJBs in spareduring NI.Sh. P.S. Patil,Sh. Prahlad andSh. J.N. Gupta.ASC/RPF Should be advised for Petroling on GangaGhat site and visit Yard.

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