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Gone in 60 Seconds script

Gone in 60 Seconds script



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Published by Tafadzwa

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Published by: Tafadzwa on Jul 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Scott Rosenberg
"I wonder," Toad said to himself presently, "I wonderif this sort of car starts easily?"Next moment, hardly knowing how it came about, hefound that he had hold of the handle and was turningit. As the familiar sound broke forth, the oldpassion seized on Toad and completely mastered him,body and soul ... He increased his pace, and as thecar devoured the street, he was only consciousthat he was Toad once more, Toad at his best andhighest. And he sped he knew not whither, fulfillinghis instincts, living his hour, reckless of whatmight come to him... "-- Kenneth Grahame, "THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS""All the redemption I can offer, girl, is beneath this dirtyhood... "-- Bruce Springsteen, "THUNDER ROAD"
The streets are empty. Low fog skims the sidewalks below a gray stewof a sky. It's slightly fuzzy, slightly surreal. The vast Port of LosAngeles is visible in the b.g... No cars parked here ... No carsexcept -
Silver with deep grill, its sculptured side panels ending in airscoops ... All cock and balls, it stands alone in the lonely coolbefore dawn ... An old-school totem to speed and style... And thenSOMEONE approaches...Through the mists of morning ... In leather coat and jack boots ...He's early 30s, with the vaguely whimsical confidence of a shimmer
that refuses to fade ...This is RANDALL RAINES, whom they call MEMPHIS - though know one'squite sure why ... But they do know he's the auto-boost in SouthernCalifornia ...Memphis approaches the Mustang with a gathering awe ... Like a desertcrash survivor coming upon an oasis ... He walks around it ...Admiring it ... Adoring it ...But then a FIREBIRD pulls up alongside him. Its driver -ATLEY JACKSON, early 30s, handsome, jocular leans out for:
You gonna steal her or kneel down toher and pray -- ?Memphis looks at him, still enthralled...ATLEY JACKSON (cont'd)I know, I know ... It's Eleanor ...Just take her, slick. - -And Atley drives off slowly, Memphis looks this way and that ...No one about ... He removes a SLIM JIM from a deep pocket in hiscoat... He slims the door panel ... Pops the button ... opens thedoor ...Watch him work. Quick as shit. A SCREWDRIVER appears anotherpocket ... He pops the BUTTERFLY to the IGNITIONA RATCHET appears... He strips the mechanism... Now a GIZMO - a,smallsocket-like device - is pressed into theignition ... A twist of the wrist ... And the 320-bhp 289 V8 rumbleslike a jackhammer. The whole thing took 20 seconds.He takes a cassette TAPE from another pocket ... Slaps it into thedeck. Bruce Springsteen's "Ramrod" wails from the coaxials.And Memphis floors it... And off they tear...The look on his face suggests a supreme satisfaction ... A grandre-awakening of long-dormant pleasure centers ... A speed Jones,fixed and fumy ...He slots in behind Atley Jackson's Firebird ... And slotting inbehind Memphis, in a Z-28, is DONNY ASTRICKY, mid-30s ...On they go ... The fore and aft car providing escort...Except that, from seemingly out of nowhere --
appears behind them...And Donny instantly goes into diversionary tactic ... He racesthrough a STOP SIGN ... And the cruiser's bubbles flash on ... And
Donny is pulled-over ... Atley and Memphis drive on in theirrespective vehicles...The UNIFORM COP gets out of his car, goes to Donny.
Problem, Officer?
Yes. You're under arrest -- ?
For running a stop sign?
For Grand Theft Auto -And off of Donny's look --We go to Memphis in the Shelby... As FOUR CRUISERS comes speedingtoward him, sirens wailing...QUICK SHOTS of Memphis racing the Shelby through the early morningharbor town streets ... Sirens peel ... Memphis turns up the music... Pins the gas ... The chase is on ...Memphis maneuvers the Mustang with a dazzling aplomb... Memphisgutterballing the car, skating the shoulder, the cops in heavypursuit ...And now he's picked up another CRUISER... He passes Atley Jackson,heading in the opposite direction... Atley has picked-up a pair ofcruisers himself ...Memphis on a straightaway now, speeds up, feels the boost. But upahead, a ROADBLOCK has formed... How'd they get that deployed sofast? And behind him, the unmarks blaze ...Guns his bitch... Straight at the roadblock .. Three CRUISERS anda PORTABLE WOODEN BARRICADE... Memphis pins her ... ZOOOOOM! Dead-onto the roadblock ...And, at the last moment, as the COPS dive out of the way, Memphisbangs the gear shift into neutral -- yanks the parking brake --And the Mustang spins on the straight -- Screeching spin ... AndMemphis takes the HARD LEFT ...And he's managed to outrun them... Finding himself above LowerGrand... Looking down ...He can see the secondary pursuit down below ... Atley beingchased... IN THE DISTANCE - Atley is LAUNCHED FROM THE SHOULDER,the Firebird rolling down a drainage culvert ...Landing with a sickening thud on its back. Memphis is horrified.

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