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Rev 1 -Beholding Christ in Revelation

Rev 1 -Beholding Christ in Revelation

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Published by Alvin Cardona

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Published by: Alvin Cardona on Jul 28, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Beholding Christ in Revelation1:1Jesus receives from God to give to us1:1Jesus has angels1:1Jesus has servants1:4Jesus, by John, sends us Grace and Peace1:5Jesus is a Faithful Witness TIHI 3:141:5Jesus is the First Begotten from the Dead1:5Jesus is the Prince of the Kings of the Earth1:5Jesus is the one that loved us1:5Jesus washed us from our sins in His own blood1:6Jesus made us Kings and Priests to His Fathe1:6Jesus is to receive glory and dominion for ever and eve1:7Jesus is coming with clouds1:7Jesus will be seen by every eye, including the eyes of his opponents1:7Jesus will be a cause of mourning for the world1:8, 11Jesus says I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the Ending”1:8Jesus says “I am, I was, I am to come; I am the Almighty1:9Jesus shares his kingdom with those that share his endurance1:9Jesus has a Testimony that caused Johns imprisonment1:10Jesus has a special day1:10Jesus has a voice like a trumpet1:11, 12Jesus cares for his scattered churches1:13Jesus dresses ‘to the foot1:13Jesus dresses like a priest1:13Jesus bears the ephod with stones representing his people1:13Jesus is the Son of Man1:13Jesus is “in the midst” of his church – TIHI 2:11:14Jesus’ head and hair are very white, reminding us of Is. 1:181:14Jesus’ eyes are like a flame of fire – TIHI 2:181:15Jesus’ feet are like still-burning brass – TIHI 2:181:15Jesus’ voice is like the sound of many waters1:16Jesus holds his messengers in a position of honor – TIHI 2:1; 3:11:16Jesus’ mouth issues a sharp two-edged sword1:16Jesus’ face shines like the noon-day summer sun1:17Jesus’ appearance is utterly overwhelming1:17Jesus stoops to touch and lift the overwhelmed1:17Jesus says “Fear Not, I am the First and the Last” – TIHI 2:81:18Jesus says “I live, I died, Behold, I live for evermore.” – TIHI 2:81:18Jesus says “I have the keys of hell and death.” – TIHI 3:7 [‘of David’]1:19Jesus reveals the present and the future1:20Jesus explains the symbols he introduces2:2Jesus recognizes virtues even in those that have lost their first love2:2, 3Jesus super-values work, hard work, for His sake and unfailing endurance2:2Jesus commends the exposing of false pretensions to inspiration2:2Jesus commends church discipline
2:4Sustained love by his people is required and desired by Jesus2:5Jesus offers critically needed warnings to repent2:5Jesus threatens to remove an unrepentant church from its position as his church2:6Jesus hates the deeds of men that deny the Law of God2:6Jesus commends his church for hating those deeds also2:7-etcJesus speaks by the Spirit and says “Listen if you can”. He says this to every age.2:7, 11Jesus promises eternal life to the overcomers2:9-etcJesus knows our works. He reminds
age of this. 2:2, 9, 13, 19; 3:1, 8, 152:9Jesus recognizes when His own are persecuted2:9Jesus recognizes the poverty of his faithful and commends their spiritual wealth2:9Jesus regards false profession as blasphemy2:10Jesus foretells some future suffering, but only to console his people by doing so2:10Jesus explains our suffering as a means of trying our faith2:10Jesus says “Fear not” future suffering; “Be faithful to death” and receive “life.”2:12Jesus can discern even the thoughts and intents of the heart2:12Jesus is able to cut away our false intents and evil thoughts2:12Jesus sends division into the world by means of the enmity in the gospel2:12Jesus uses the Word of God to do the work of fighting the enemy2:13Jesus commends faithfulness in those surrounded by unfaithfulness and evil2:13Jesus has tender regard for his faithful witness martyrs slain by Satan2:14, 2Jesus commends faithfulness before rebuking failures.2:14, 20Jesus rebukes the suffrage of false doctrines that corrupt his people2:14, 20Jesus rebukes the suffrage of false teachers that corrupt his people2:15Jesus rebukes the suffrage of those opposing Law and hates their doctrine2:16, 21Jesus gives time for repentance before sending the judgments in the Word2:17Jesus offers special knowledge of His character to overcomers2:17Jesus offers unique privileges of eternal growth to the overcomers.2:18Jesus is the Son of God2:19Jesus commends reformation in his people and notes the improved works2:19Jesus associates commendable reformation with love and faith and service2:20Jesus despises the type of authority represented by the life of Jezebel2:22Friendship with world-loving leaders is enmity with Jesus2:23Members that imitate the world-loving leaders will be destroyed by Jesus2:23In the Judgment all will know that Jesus searches motives and reads hearts2:23In the Judgment Jesus will reward all ‘according to their works.2:24-25Jesus commends those that have resisted false doctrines and does not givethem greater burdens than to hold their pure faith to the end2:26-27Jesus promises future civil authority to those that have overcome thetemptation to unite with civil powers here.2:28Jesus promises Himself, through the teaching of His special messengers, to theovercomers3:1Jesus has the ‘seven spirits of God[Isaiah 11:2-3?]3:1Jesus recognizes and exposes to us the hollowness of our pretensions3:2Jesus says Be watchful.3:2Jesus says “Strengthen the remaining things that are ready to die.”3:2Jesus weighs his people and looks for whole-heartedness in our works
3:3Jesus counsels us to remember His past teachings in our personal lives3:3Jesus reprimands us for losing ground and calls us to repent and come back up3:4Jesus promises the little faithful flock that they will walk with Him and that theyare worthy.3:5Jesus promises white raiment to the overcomers3:5Jesus blots the names of the finally defeated ones from the book of life3:5Jesus will plead the case of victors before the Father and angels in the judgment3:7Jesus is Holy3:7Jesus is True3:7Jesus alone manages the doors to the sanctuary3:7-8Jesus sends desperately needed messages at just the right time3:8Jesus admits weak men, faithful to his Word and to his character, to the Most HolyPlace where he is3:8Jesus reminds weak faithful men that no-one can keep them out of that place3:9Jesus will vindicate his faithful by showing his love to them before theioppressors3:9Jesus identifies false professions to Christianity as a ‘lie.3:10Jesus recognizes those that have used their strength to stand firm during times of terrible trial. He will not permit them to be overborne by the final test. He will laythem safely in the grave to save them.3:11Jesus says “Behold! I come quickly!3:11Jesus says “Hold fast what you have” for men will try to dissuade you3:11Jesus warns that our crowns may be taken from us by deceivers3:12Jesus promises the overcomers that they will with him minister, administer, andshare his glory in his glorious place without end3:14Jesus is the Amen3:14Jesus wants us to think of his preeminent role as Creator 3:15Jesus prefers faithfulness to disgust and disgust to ambivalence or indifference3:16Jesus will not stomach ambivalence or indifference for long; there is real danger 3:17Jesus pities self-deluded Laodiceans and tells them the truth3:18Jesus is a heavenly salesman offering the best wares at unbeatable prices3:18Jesus offers love and faith to the destitute. The cost: Paying close attention towhat he says and accepting his Testimony.3:18Jesus offers a lovely character to the unlovely doubters. The cost: Paying closeattention to what he says and accepting his Testimony.3:18Jesus offers the Holy Spirit to the self-deluded. The cost: Paying close attention towhat he says and accepting his Testimony.3:19Jesus loves his own enough to rebuke and chasten them3:19Jesus invites us to respond to his love to zealous labor in repentance3:20Jesus takes the initiative to win those that are paying him no attention3:20Jesus patiently waits for those that pay him no attention…but not forever 3:20Jesus will come in to our experience when we (A) hear his voice to us in hisTestimonies and (B) open our hearts by accepting and repenting3:20Jesus offers special experiences of fellowship to the door-openers3:21Jesus offers a place on his throne to the overcomers in the last age

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