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99ers Demand Letter FINAL

99ers Demand Letter FINAL

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Published by Sam Calvin
This document can either be downloaded and printed as a pdf- in which case write YOUR name on the upper right and the SENATOR'S name above the body of the letter.
This document can either be downloaded and printed as a pdf- in which case write YOUR name on the upper right and the SENATOR'S name above the body of the letter.

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Published by: Sam Calvin on Nov 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 _____________________  _____________________  _____________________ The Honorable_____________  _________________________  _________________________ Dated:____________________ Dear _____________________:As your constituents, we are very concerned that the legislative agenda for the upcoming "Lame Duck"session of Congress does not include passage of S.3706, which provides an additional 20 weeks of unemployment insurance (UI), for the 99ers and all exhaustees; people like us and the approximately 3.3million unemployed
currently cut off from UI. 99ers are Americans who were laid off during the firstdays of the Great Recession and have exhausted all our UI and
no longer receive
a check. Many of ushave been without any income for months. Despite our best efforts and willingness to work - at any job -as the weeks have turned into months, we realize there are no jobs for us in the current economy, and fear that our elected leaders have forgotten us. We want a job, not a check, but S.3706 will provide a vital band-aid for us and the millions more who will join our beleaguered and forgotten ranks on November 30th, when funding for 
current recipients
UI expires.The 2010 mid-terms have come and gone. According to exit polls, neither party should read too muchinto their "repudiation" or their" mandate." The only clear conclusion is that Americans are concernedabout jobs and the economy, and they want
to do
about it,
! Members of both parties have pledged to find "common ground". There is no better place to start than with S3706, whichwould extend UI to
Americans who are currently unemployed and otherwise eligible for UI.Democrats, Republicans, and economists all agree on the importance of unemployment insurance. TheCBO has rated “increasing aid to the uninsured” as one of the most effective ways to stimulate theeconomy, with a 60% return on every dollar invested.
 Conversely, the CBO rates tax breaks as one of the least effective economic stimulants. Moreover, extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiestAmericans would cost an estimated $700 billion, before deficit financing.
S.3706 would cost a fractionof that. In addition, UI saves people from poverty;
in 2009, 3.3 million Americans were kept out of poverty because of a UI check 
 It's time to stop the arguing, get on with the compromising, and passS.3706 and extend current UI legislation!While this debate has raged in Washington, about spending, tax cuts, and mortgaging our children andgrandchildren's future with a ballooning debt, the millions of 99ers, exhaustees and unemployedAmericans aren't "mortgaging" our children's future; we are being forced to destroy it. We are drainingcollege funds, 401ks, and retirement savings just to maintain a roof over our families' heads and food onour tables. We have downsized, sold our valued possessions, sold computers, furniture, anything we can,to survive. Many of us have lost our homes, destroyed our credit, and, most heartbreaking of all, seen our children taken into the foster care system, simply because we are now so poor. Some of us are lucky
EPI study: http://epi.3cdn.net/3c3b354ccf472d1659_kdm6b9kde.pdf 
Congressional Budget Office, Presentation to the Forecasters Club: The Economic Outlookand Options for Fiscal Policy, October 27, 2010
Center for American Progress estimatehttp://www.americanprogress.org/issues/2010/07/let_cuts_expire.html
National Employment Law Project Reporthttp://nelp.3cdn.net/0e404890d4fcffaec3_ycm6bnaye.pdf 

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