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The Venus Fixers - Prologue - Fall 2010

The Venus Fixers - Prologue - Fall 2010

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Published by Prologue Magazine
Mercedes Graf recounts the process of putting trained female nurses on hospital ships during the Spanish-American War—and the toll it took on the chosen few nurses themselves.
Mercedes Graf recounts the process of putting trained female nurses on hospital ships during the Spanish-American War—and the toll it took on the chosen few nurses themselves.

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Published by: Prologue Magazine on Nov 09, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In your acknowledgements, you note that the book began as
research into the destruction o the Ovetari Chapel during World 
 War II, but then shited to the story o the monuments ocers. Were there any documents or records that sparked your interest and made you eel this was the direction to go?
i wll  t t y w i m   ltt wtt by 
 amc lt. fck htt to est d W, t cto o 
t submm  t Ptt  Mumt   at a u Wl W ii. i w wk  t r Bk
 Muscpts dso o t fsto lby o Pcto
Uty,  d Wl’ pp. i w  t tu-
t  te ovetr cpe t te tme, d hrtt’ dwrtte etter
b  t  wt t xpl ly  w ut t    Pu. T umt w xty  m, t ut  t tt ty i w tt.But t w t uy  htt’ w tt tuk m t mt. htt,  pt tpt t t tm, w pl wt d
 Wd t beme  mumet er. i redy kew  te extee wt te aed arme  te submm r te Prtet  
Mumt,  at  a,  Maa, but i   x-
pereed rtd t er’ pte dedt t my utry’
t. i bm tu by t m, t bku, pl-t,  ul tbut,  lwly b t lz ttt w t ty tt i wt t tll   bk.
 You made use o several archives in your research: the National Archives in Washington, D.C.; the Archivio di Stato in Florence;
the National Archives in London; and other collections o papers at Yale, Princeton, and the British School in Rome.
Did the British, American, and Italian archives each have theirown culture and attitudes, or would you say that whenever yougo, researchers are the same?
i wt t stoy o t vus fxs  ity ws t o o 
my ft, wk   my ft  w t juy tt l m t tt l,  t w  t .   ,i tk tt y   t w tt plty,  ttplty, plly  t   mll , my m wt t ul t  lb w t m.i w  itl , wt  lt t y ttut publt,  ll my publ wk t t w  itl. Yt
e i derbed te purpe  my reer, i w reeved ruy d ve mpete te t  te amer rve d brr-
 tt i t. i pt wk   t t ntl a cll Pk,   i m t mmut—i mmb wt-,  z tmptu,  bu tt mly  m u t mk t lt uttl bk t tw—t w l: il t lt  t  m,  t w  t t m    tmy wt tu, yt i ul t ll t lp i t y tm.
T nto acs o gt Bt—st c t Pubc
r o w i wk t—w qully ly  wll-
rzed,   bt mre prt. Te tmpere t te Pt lbrry  te imper Wr Mueum  ld, wt t pe tk d t
lbum  l w ptp, but m bk  tm, ltut t  tly t w mpbl. a t itl  w m mplt. W itl tt t tk ppl t t w, ,   ult, i u tt bu-ut ul t t  my wy. But ulty  ty w
the venus fixers
The Efforts to Save Art Treasures From the Ravages of World War II 
by hilary parkinson
   I   l  a  r   i  a   D  a  g  n   i  n   i   B  r  e  y
 a t all m t itly  t gm tt u Wl W ii, t uty’ bul,
upture, pt, d murpt ufered tru bmb rd d buet  wt te it pepe.
Last Supper 
w b b,  Ml’
w bk up. Pt w mut  muum  u  tl—but t  t kp tm  m  t t l, tt, t-ty tmptu.
Te Venus Fixers 
tll t ty  t mumt  w tltu itly wt t all tp,  t tt  ttmpt t pt  mttt l  tu  t.T il d By’ t bk. s w b  Pu, itly. s   jult  tlt wl  nw Yk cty wt  ub, ct By, ppl llt  t nw Yk Plm, t tw l.
Fall 2010

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